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Human Nature

I have a child on the way. It will be my first and I’m very excited about it, it’s something I never thought I would do but I suppose that is what life is truly about…doing things you never thought you would. Now even though I am filled with joy at the thought of bringing a new life into this world I am also concerned. I’m concerned because I look at the world and the way it has become and I wonder what kind of future my child will have if we as human beings continue to value the things we do. I live in the United States and feel I have a very realistic view of how good I have it here, but at the same time, I tend to believe that even though we probably have the best situation in the world that doesn’t mean we have gotten everything right. The freedom that we have in this country is almost like a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Sure, people should be free but at what point do we become lost because of it? Let me explain….just looking at our country, believed by many to be one of the greatest of all time, one can find downright bizarre behavior by our citizens as a whole. Just think, human beings have certain needs. The most important of those needs is survival and because of that need, we work together in communities and countries, which in essence are really just huge communities. We unify in order to provide security, safety, and survival needs such as food, water, etc. That being said, one would naturally assume that we would value those individuals that provide the basic needs above others that don’t. Yet in a perplexing aspect of society, those that provide some of the most basic services we need in our daily lives are second class when compared to people who provide something that really doesn’t benefit us at all, that being entertainment.

Think about this for a second, Tiger Woods, the professional golfer most of us have heard of, made 75 million dollars from May of 2010 to May of 2011. 75 million dollars. The average firefighter in this country makes about $50,000 a year and at that salary it would take the yearly salary of 1500 firefighters to equal what Tiger Woods makes in a year. 1500 people who bravely run into a building that may be on fire or collapsing, risking their very lives, their very existence, to save the life of people they don’t even know, and it takes 1500 of them pooling their salaries to equal one golfer, one person who plays a game for our entertainment. This is just one example. Here’s another, basketball star Kobe Bryant made 53 million dollars over the same period of time. The average elementary school teacher also makes around $50,000 dollars a year, meaning that it would take 1060 elementary school teachers to equal the salary of this one particular basketball player. 1060 people who we entrust to keep our children safe while we work, who we trust to teach our children to read and write, and yet we compensate, as a society, a man who can throw a ball through a hoop well 1060 times as much financially as we do one teacher.

This goes on in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Actors, athletes, musicians,and various other areas of celebrity profit to extreme levels while the people doing the important jobs, the jobs out society cannot function without, lag far behind in the compensation they receive. I am not saying that those who are profiting the most shouldn’t have the right to do so, in fact they aren’t even responsible for the imbalance, we are, the people. I just find it interesting that with all the economic problems in this country, all the people struggling to get by, we don’t even consider this issue as one that should be discussed. Instead we argue and fight about serious issues. We have a government talking about cutting real programs that provide real help to people in need, yet despite all these facts, we still go in droves to sporting events, movie theaters and rock concerts, shelling out our money recklessly even as we constantly complain about the cost of gas, healthcare, and any number of other things. Just think about it…..it’s beyond bizarre….


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