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Thoughts 11/16/11

Another day is upon us and once again my coffee has driven me to get out of bed and peruse the activity of the world that never ceases. There’s been quite a bit of interesting stories lately, both good and bad, so let’s see whats going on today.


New Prime Ministers have been appointed in both Greece and Italy. Whether this actually is for the better will only be known after some time has passed but I do find it troubling that we are seeing such consistent leadership issues outside the United States. Greece and Italy saw their leaders resign under protest, while in Libya…well we all know how Gadhafi resigned so to speak.When you put this together along with the issues in Syria, the protests that took place in Egypt, you find a world stage that appears to be crumbling as far as stability is concerned. Additionally, when you look at our country, where it appears the political forum is as nasty as it’s ever been, one can’t help but wonder what the future holds for our children.

Speaking of our political forum, I have to say the GOP debates have been quite entertaining. Sadly though, that concerns me in itself. I’ve found them so entertaining mainly because of the banter and bickering that has gone on between the candidates and between them and the media. First off, my enjoyment of it is a bad character flaw, as I should be more concerned with the views and beliefs of these people than I am with the viewing value of them fighting. Despite that, I have still been able to perceive what I believe to be an interesting phenomenon that seems to be happening more and more these days. What I mean is that when you watch the candidates and consider your opinion of them, that opinion almost cant help but be also influenced by stories about them, both from supportive media and the sources that look upon them negatively. What this results in is a sort of subconscious label, an aura that makes each candidate seem less like a person and more like a brand. Think about it. Let’s take Mitt Romney for example. Most people who are following the race know who he is but sadly, whenever I think of him I don’t think of a person, I think of an idea.I think Mormon. I think flip flopper. I think Romneycare/Obamacare.Now whether these labels are true or whether other people out there are willing to admit that their brains do the same thing is irrelevant to my point. My point is these people are human beings and its easy to understand why government is so screwed up when we elect people based off their “brand” as opposed to what kind of people they actually are. Consider this, if we elected a person who didn’t know a whole lot about say, foreign policy, but really truly cared about this country and it’s citizens more than any other aspect of his or her job, wouldn’t that caring combined with information and advice that would easily be at their disposal allow them to still make good decisions for the country?? Just a thought.

In other news, I found the suicide of that teenager,  Ashley Billasano, very,very sad. She was the girl who tweeted over a hundred times about sexual abuse she was the victim of  and how little was done about it before she killed herself as a result. Aside from her actual death, the saddest part of this story is the way all the responsible adults involved in the story are flinging around the blame. This girls step-father is in prison for his abuse of her, she wasn’t living with her mother, child services obviously provided her little support, and the police apparently looked at her less like a victim and more like a person of promiscuity.  This was a child, 18 years old or not, who had her whole life ahead of her and it’s sad the adults in her life were such sick children themselves.



So the post office reported an annual loss 5.5 billion dollars. I wonder how long, with all the digital media evolving, it will be before we no longer get paper mail anymore…It may seem crazy but trust me it’s coming. That’s enough for today, tomorrow ill be touching on the Penn State rape case and also some deeper looks at the GOP candidates….cya!!


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