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There have been many theories concerning the year 2012 and whether it will be a bad year, so to speak. I believe I am intelligent enough to realize that these kind of statements have been made many times in history and with that being said, I realize it’s highly unlikely. Then again, is it a given fact that the Earth and the humans above it will always exist? Obviously not. I wanted to comment on some of the theories I’ve heard and also the likelihood that even if they aren’t true, they still have to be considered if science or reason supports it.

The first theory we’re hearing a lot about as the year 2012 nears is that of Nibiru, sometimes referred to as Planet X. Now according to governments and NASA, there is no evidence of any nearby planet beyond Pluto, which is where this theory originated from. About 20 years ago, some astronomers noticed what they thought was an irregularity in the orbits of Pluto and Neptune. This perceived irregularity, they believed, was being caused by a yet undetected planet or object beyond the edge of our solar system. Now to this date, NASA has denied being able to find any evidence of this planet(or other objects) existence, and astronomers as a whole universally accept the fact that Planet X or Nibiru does not exist. That being said, the conspiracy theorists claim that NASA is lying, covering up the impending disaster, and to be honest, while I have my doubts about this theory, I highly doubt that if there was a planet on a collision course with us that the government would make it public knowledge.

The next theory widely discussed is the Mayan calendar ending and predicting the end of the world. In my experience, I’ve found that a large number of people, both who support and deny this theory, haven’t actually looked into what exactly is being said so I will try to sum it up in an understandable way. The Mayans were fairly advanced in their understanding of astronomical cycles, but the were not the only ones with at least some level of understanding in their time period, contrary to popular belief. In the calendar there is an event described as taking place, by some people’s interpretation in 2012, as the Earth sitting on what is referred to as “The Dark Rift”. This is the end of a cycle and the Mayans believed(by some interpretations) that this would be a time of disaster of sorts.

Now this theory has an interesting parallel story behind it. Some astronomers believe(they claim they know) that at the center of the Milky Way galaxy lies a super massive black hole. This black hole is believed to be trillions of miles wide. Like the Earth orbits the sun, the sun bobs and weaves around the center of our galaxy, this black hole. The time when the sun is exactly even with the center of the galaxy, even with this black hole, that is what people refer to when they speak of “galactic  alignment”. Now all that being said, this obviously doesn’t prove any impending disaster. The last time the Sun was aligned as such was 64 million years ago so it’s not like anyone has a reference for the last time it happened, it’s just interesting to consider.

I will continue over the next few days to go over some more of the theories including the Sun’s solar cycles, and the extinction of bees on the planet and the effects it would have. Thanks and cya later.


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