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Occupy Protests, Missing millions and other news.

The above photo from the current Occupy protests featured a flag that really hits home to the base of the issue these people have with our country. As implied by that creative version of the American flag, our country is being bought by corporate influence. There is far too much involvement by the government in the economy and vice versa and I believe that we will only continue to see an uptick in the amount of these types of protests in the future.Pay attention.

The above guinea pigs remind me of our leadership. Recently it has been brought to the attention of the media and the public that the government literally has trillions of dollars completely unaccounted for. Missing. Trillions of dollars. The Pentagon has responded to questions about this money with the brilliant explanation of “we don’t know” what happened to the money. They followed that up by wonderfully stating that they “don’t know” who the money was given too. Wow….when facts like that are so commonplace, you can expect future protests to dwarf what’s happening now.




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