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Occupy Wall Street/Take the time to read this.

I have heard much about the Occupy movement currently going on. I’ve heard people complain about the rich, complain about corporations, complain that they can’t find a job. In each newscast I’ve seen, they have taken the time to talk to protestors and I’ve heard a variety of complaints depending on the type of person they’ve spoken with.

I wanted to make a few points about this entire movement. First off, just because there are corporations that take advantage of the people doesn’t mean anyone who make a lot of money should be vilified. Though there are people who take advantage of those less financially advantaged than themselves, that doesn’t mean you must be evil in order to be rich. Many millionaires in this country worked hard through both school and their jobs to get where they are. I’m saying this as a person who is definitely not rich, by the way.

My main point is this, no matter how it’s worded, there is something very wrong with the direction this country is going. We have regular corruption in both the corporate world and the political arena. Even worse, it often happens out in the open without any consequences beyond people complaining about it. We pay our athletes, who do nothing but distract us from reality, dozens of times more than we pay our teachers. The police who protect us make literally dozens of times less than actors in movies and television. We have developed a rash of people who have garnered fame and wealth for no reason at all other than the distraction of watching the drama in their “real” life on reality shows. Politicians are widely accepted as professional liars and crooks but we continue to accept it as a society. Prices of just about everything are rapidly increasing as wages stay the same or barely increase. Our legal system literally ignores the law for celebrities and people of wealth, while lower class citizens are regularly jailed for crimes celebrities walk away free from repeatedly(see Lindsey Lohan). Our media sources, widely relied on by people to keep them informed of the world’s events, have become literally mouthpieces of political parties and the fact that they are is not even hidden from the public, they just don’t care. On top of that they regularly misquote their opponents, doctor photographs, and take statements out of context in a pathetic attempt to convince the uninformed of facts that are absolutely not true. Even sadder than that is that the apathetic people of this country eat it up in droves, to distracted by their sex, their televisions and their religion. People who have had nothing to do with the downfall of corporations are forced to contribute their hard-earned tax dollars to save the corporations, even as the CEO’s of these failing companies rake in bonuses numbering tens of millions of dollars. These are the foundation of Occupy Wall St. The people, more informed than ever, at least some of us, ahve had their fill. They want their country back. We’ll see if it makes a difference.


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