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The “what’s wrong with the world” list

We are all victims of the media driven world we have created. You would think people would have to be significant in their actions or goals to be a regular staple on our televisions but in truth, as we all know, that is not the case. Stupidity, corruption and just plain ignorance will also gain someone notoriety in today’s world. Let’s look at a few of them together.

Lindsay Lohan-Man it must be nice to have the celebrity version of laws, that being you can violate the same law and your probation 13 times before you get in trouble, applied to all of us. Seriously, does this girl have to mass murder 50 people to actually get penalized for it?

Bill O’reilly/Sean Hannity/Rachael Maddow/Keith Olberman-Obviously these are just a few of the talking heads of our supposed “free” media. All four of these clowns regularly distort facts, doctor photos and misquote those who oppose them politically including when they attack each other. Whenever they are caught doing unethical reporting, they simply claim it was “an honest mistake” when we all know there isn’t an honest bone in any of their bodies. I particularly like when recently Bill O’Reilly held a poll on his website about which GOP candidate you would vote for. When Herman Cain and Ron Paul won the poll, he responded by pulling the poll, claiming their supporters flooded the poll(isn’t that what happens when someone wins a poll?), and saying it was for “entertainment purposes only!WOW

The United States Government-Where do I begin? Recently the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve, assigned to investigate and monitor the dealings of the Fed, was asked why their balance sheets had increased by over a trillion dollars in the last year and her response? “I don’t know”. That question was followed up with “Do you know who that trillion dollars went to?” Her response? ” I don’t know”. Fabulous, a trillion taxpayer dollars and no one knows where they went or who they went to. Again…wow

Nicholas Cage- The actor my brother hates(lol) recently had to file bankruptcy, surprising considering he’s been making movies for well over a decade. He is also suing his manager claiming he was defrauded of millions of dollars. Ya Nick, it was your managers fault that you felt the need to buy a CASTLE IN SCOTLAND….LOL

Nicole “snooki” Polizzi- Do I even have to explain???

The rest of the cast of Jersey Shore -See above^

Obama-Change!!! Yes we could use some.

Banks-If you can pay a 20 million dollar bonus to your CEO, explain to me why you’re receiving tax dollars??

Unstable Arab countries -So wait, you’re mad at the United States so your solution is to set off bombs all over YOUR country and kill YOUR people?Ummm…ok

Congress-Why doesn’t anyone have an issue with congress being in charge of passing laws that regulate and benefit the companies they all own stock in? Does anyone really think they’re going to say “I think we should pass this law that will make us lose money on our stocks?”

United States media- Why don’t they just change Fox to “The Republican Channel” and MSNBC to “The Democrat Channel” and CNN to “The we don’t want to get involved channel”?

Nuclear Arsenal- Countries like the U.S., Russia, China, etc. all have over a thousand nuclear bombs that they’ve paid millions to manufacture? Why?? If everyone shoots off, say 100, what will be left to blow up?

Medical Advancement- So wait, we have advanced farther into medical knowledge than any time in history and as a result we have MORE diseases tha ever before??What??

Space- So we were able to fly to the Moon with 1969 technology and 40 years later we’re still 20 years away from being able to go back?

More to come.Shut your face


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