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Things I Don’t Understand

Our planet and our bodies are 75 percent water, yet we cant figure out how to make sure everyone has clean drinking water.

People don’t treat their pets differently based on their color but we treat other humans different for that reason?

Every time a celebrity gets divorced it’s news, but the death of our war veterans only make the local obituaries?

Religion, the word of God, is said to be all-knowing, yet we as a society know which words to follow and which ones to ignore?

When a bank is robbed, the FBI is all over it, yet when the Federal Reserve can’t account for where or to who 1.2 TRILLION dollars of taxpayer funds went, it’s up to the Fed, the people who lost the money, to investigate?

When we’re young, we are taught lying is bad but the older we get, the more it seems like it doesn’t matter.

There are so many planets in the universe that we can’t even make a number large enough to state it, but we KNOW we are the only life forms out there?

Why did anyone invent nuclear bombs? Or abortion?

You can get the death penalty for murdering someone, but if it’s done because your government ordered it, it’s ok.

We legalize abortion to stop people from being born, then we want science to clone people and organs to keep people alive?

People fight against gay marriage, even as a large percentage of those fighting it are divorced, yet they claim the “sanctity” of marriage is at stake?

The United States was founded based on freedom of religion, but tell that to a Muslim living in the bible belt.

We have a country that is supposed to have a government open to anyone interested in public service, yet almost every politician out there is not the first in their family to hold an office?

What are the odds that the president of the United States would come from only 2 families in a 20 year period when there are 400 million people in the country?

More to come later…cya


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