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Why I Blog..

I notice that there are countless blogs online these days. Everybody trying as hard as they can to stand out, to have their blog be the biggest, the most viewed, whatever. I can understand their drive, who doesn’t want to be successful in what they do? I guess it depends on your definition of success but whatever. Now, me personally, I blog for a different reason. I like people’s input but I would write my blog even if I was the only one who reads it. I write for my mind. I write because I’m sad, because I’m happy, because I understand the world, because I don’t know what the hell is wrong with everyone. I write because I’m confident in my thoughts, but scared to tell people what I really think, because I want everyone to get along and because I want wrath brought down on those I hate. I blog about the world because I love it and society because I hate it. I want my child to have hope, my friends to have health and my enemies to have pain. I write because I hate my medication, but like feeling more stable. I like sharing my dreams but hiding my nightmares, having no goals but obsess over my obsessions. I idolize Plato and embody the Joker. I envy the jesters and rue the kings. I seek the truth but know not which one to believe. I am one, yet my doppelgänger speaks to me each moment…these are the reasons I blog…


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