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2012 part two


I wrote a blog a few days ago about a few of the 2012 theories and wanted to follow-up with a few more. The original two I went with were, at least in my opinion, questionable at best, though the Mayan theory does have some interesting and factual science behind it’s backbone. Now, as we all know, there has been numerous impending disasters that had “facts” to support it, so that never cements something as large as Armageddon but the ones with a few facts behind them always deserve at least a little consideration. So, with those two theories behind us let us consider a few more….

The Solar Storm Theory-Our Sun is a powerful entity. Strong enough to keep this planet warm and stable, some people believe it could also be a source of destruction next year. The Sun goes through what is called a “solar cycle” which lasts 11 years, and this is a documented fact, not a theory. During the course of these 11 years, sun spots come and go, but at the peak of the cycle, solar storms typically occur. When they do, the Sun tends to eject massive amounts of energy into space and the particles it spews forth could possibly hit the earths atmosphere at a million miles an hour. Now while we do know for a fact this will happen, it is debatable as far as the intensity of the storms. In a worst case scenario, satellites could crash to Earth, causing massive communication outages as well as water shortages, and the aftermath of those problems could be massive social and economic issues that could go beyond the control of governments. In an even worse scenario, there could be a pole shift. While highly unlikely, if this were to happen there would be a significant chance of the super volcano under Yellowstone park, which is waaay overdue for an eruption, to erupt. If that was to happen it would have an estimated force of ten atomic bombs, most likely blacking out the Sun over this country for months, aside from the massive outages that would follow. Yikes!! Now again, while the results are in question, the event is not. These storms are unpredictable and to be honest, we probably wont know the intensity of them until it happens. All we can do is be prepared.


I only want to add one more, though there are many more which I will allude to at the end. This last one I find very interesting as it is happening now and is completely supported by science and fact. I’m talking about bees, or rather the appearance of the extinction of bees. For the last 15 years or so, bees worldwide have been acting very strangely, actually they’ve basically been flying away to their deaths. Abandoning nests and their queens, who cannot survive without their colony, the bee populations bizarre behavior has led to a rapid decline in their numbers and scientists have no explanation other than theories. Now you might wonder why this is a big deal. Well simply put, both crops and plant life in general would have serious survival issues without the pollinating behavior of the worldwide bee population. These shortages in crop production to lead to a decline in exports from countries that produce basic crops….it may not seem serious but eventually could lead to major issues.

Now again, there are many other theories such as the Nostradamus prediction, Global Warming, and even a theoretical pole shift but again who knows? All these theories have their pros and cons but it’s more likely that life will go on. One thing for sure though, if any of them are correct we probably wont be in any shape to spend time discussing it right??


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