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The Media Encouragement of Racism

I was having a discussion the other day with a friend on Facebook when suddenly racism reared its ugly head and made me realize something. My friend had posted an article explaining how people should realize that why terrorism is a threat, it’s not as big a threat as your media would have you believe. His post was commented on by an individual we have both had dealings with during political discussions on the site. He referred to turning Muslims into “calamari” and also claimed that as many as 20 percent of all Muslims, one out of every five, were plotting to kill Americans.

I was shocked by his statements. I found it even scarier since I know for a fact that the individual, who I will not name, is a 20-year-old who lives in his dad’s basement and obviously has very little real world experience of any kind, especially not enough to claim such a racist accusation towards a whole religion and race of people. His statements did get me thinking though, about how our media, especially those sources obviously bias towards political parties that support removal of our civil liberties and war mongering based on manufactured fear, are basically teaching racism to an entire generation of people obviously too dimwitted and easily influenced to know the difference.

I do believe there are Muslim EXTREMISTS who would like to do harm to the United States, this fact I will not argue. What I will argue is that the religion as a whole, or the Arabic people of this world, all want to kill us. This is just not true and is easily supported by facts. Yes there was a horrific terrorist attack on this country on 9/11. The group that perpetrated that attack though, apparently unknown to may people in this country, is not hugely popular or followed amongst most Muslims. Iran for example, a country regularly vilified on our newscasts, has no affiliation whatsoever with Al Qaeda. Furthermore, the vast majority of terrorist attacks that have taken place worldwide have not killed Americans, they’ve killed MUSLIMS. Do you really think that the part of the Muslim community, the part that is largely just like you and me in the sense that they are regular people just trying to live their lives, supports a group of people who keep blowing THEM up?

The bottom line is most of the animosity felt toward America by Muslims is one of two things; It’s either  frustration over our constant involvement and occupation of their countries and secondly, the hateful, terrorist style agenda is practiced only by a fraction of the Muslim community.

It is truly shameful that so-called “reporters” and “news channels” in this country have waged such a propaganda war against the Middle East that a good-sized portion of our populous thinks all Muslims are walking around every day with bombs under their jackets. A relative of mine, recently during an everyday conversation, made the statement to me that “the Muslims are trying to take over the world.” WHAT?? By doing what? Blowing each other up?This person’s statement shocked me even more because of the fact that they didn’t even consider how racist and bigoted their statement was.

Every American can think what they wish but should always remember that judging a person to be evil, or hateful, just based on their religion or country of origin is ignorant, racist, bigoted and a message to our younger generations that they should hate those who are different from themselves during a time in history when the world needs to pull together more than ever. Truly sad.



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