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Child Abuse/I Need Voices

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Sadly I need to ask help from my friends and family. A relative of my sisters, gained through marriage,  is a 15-year-old girl about to be forced to return to the home of a stepfather,who has been arrested for beating both her and her mother, despite the fact that she is legitimately scared of him hurting her again. The mother is an alcoholic who wasn’t even present for the first 5-10 years of er child’s life. She has a relative that she knows well she wants to move in with, but the mother wants her home. Back to an environment of drinking and abuse that’s she’s scared to go to. Back to a place where, as a person almost old enough to drive, she has no say in whether she is too scared to live with a man who isn’t even her father or not.


This girl is not 5 years old. She is intelligent but has no chance in the environment she is in.Please, if you have a few minutes, shoot an email off to the address at the end of this post  and let them know how messed up and wrong this situation is.I’ll give more information if there is anything to be gained by doing so. Thanks guys!!




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