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Insider Trading In Congress.

Insider trading is the trading of a corporations stock or other securities (e.g. bonds or stock options) by individuals with potential access to non-public information about the company.This is a topic that seriously needs to be addressed in our government because members of our Congress are doing it on a regular basis with no fear of penalty. This is scary for numerous reasons. First off, insider trading is illegal but due to the effects some of these large companies performance have on the economy, members of Congress are regularly briefed about potential problems before the public is. When you factor in that some of those who are briefed hold stocks in the very companies they have privileged information too, you have a clear case of insider trading and any district attorney who is allowing this to take place within his or her jurisdiction should be immediately terminated for not doing their job. Furthermore, the days of allowing people to commit felonies and not be charged because they are wealthy, or elected officials, needs to end now.

Secondly, recent events have seen taxpayer dollars used to stabilize companies that were said to be “too big to fail”. If the decision to bail these companies out are being made by members of Congress who stand to lose money if these companies do fail, then we have elected officials using your money to help their investments, which is a clear case of conflict of interest as well as insider trading. Again, when did it become ok to just openly commit felonies if you’re an elected official??

On a third and final note, as many struggle to pay bills and as all of us are frustrated with what corporations are doing to this once great nation, take a look at some of the companies Congress is invested in and some of the dollar amounts. It is truly embarrassing. Also, please keep in mind, no one is saying you can’t own stock but if you choose to be an elected official, then you lose the right to privileged information about those companies.

Take a look at some of the top companies Congress is invested in. They are a literal who’s who of the companies raping this country and Congress is getting rich walking across your backs as they do it.

1.EXXON MOBIL-Getting rich off of ridiculous gas prices.

Members invested: 42
Maximum total value of holdings: $11.09 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $2.74 million
Top Congressional Investors:
John Carter (R.-Texas) – $1 million to $5 million
F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R.-Wis.) – $551,185 to $1.05 million
Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) – $500,002 to $1 million
2.AT&T- Major telecommunications company so tied into the government that it is obvious our communications are monitored.
Top Congressional Investors:
John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $1.52 million to $2.07 million
F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R.-Wis.) – $105,877 to $255,876
Richard L Hanna (R.-N.Y.) – $100,001 to $250,000
3.Wells Fargo- A bank, need I say more?
Members invested: 45
Maximum total value of holdings: $4.28 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $1.71 million
Top Congressional Investors:
John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $351,003 to $765,000
Sander Levin (D.-Mich.) – $250,001 to $500,000
David Vitter (R.-La.) – $126,007 to $365,000
4.Intel- Leading computer related manufacturer. Trust me, they read all your emails with corporate friends like this.
Members invested: 47
Maximum total value of holdings: $3.21 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $1.28 million
Top Congressional Investors:
John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $602,005 to $1.28 million
Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) – $200,002 to $500,000
Jane Harman (D.-Calif.) – $130,003 to $350,000

5.Pfizer-Leading pharmacutical company. Great company to be invested in with soaring healthcare costs.                                                                                                                                                          Members invested: 51                                                                                                                                                 Maximum total value of holdings: $4.61 million                                                                                             Minimum total value of holdings: $2.04 million                                                                                                   Top Congressional Investors:                                                                                                                                                   John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $752,004 to $1.53 million                                                                                                             F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R.-Wis.) – $507,005 to $1 million                                                                                Kurt Schrader (D.-Ore.) – $265,002 to $550,000

6.Cisco Systems-More telecommunications. More violation of your right to have private conversations by the FBI, CIA, etc…..and Congress gets rich off it.                                                Members invested: 56
Maximum total value of holdings: $3.24 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $1.27 million
Top Congressional Investors:
John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $602,005 to $1.28 million
Richard L Hanna (R.-N.Y.) – $100,000 to $250,000
Jane Harman (D.-Calif.) – $100,000 to $200,000

7.Microsoft-Again, major computer corporation. Nice to invest in when the government uses all their products and knows about new ones.                                                                           Members invested: 56                                                                                                                                                   Maximum total value of holdings: $6.43 million                                                                                  Minimum total value of holdings: $3.22 million                                                                                                    Top Congressional Investors:                                                                                                                                                   John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $1.77 million to $2.55 million                                                                                         Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) – $515,003 to $1.05 million                                                                                              Jane Harman (D.-Calif.) – $130,003 to $350,000

8.Bank Of America-Another bank bailed out with OUR money so Congress can get rich.Ridiculous.

Members invested: 57
Maximum total value of holdings: $5.41 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $2.83 million
Top Congressional Investors:
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R.-N.J.) – $1.02 million to $1.08 million
John M. Spratt Jr. (D.-S.C.) – $500,001 to $1 million
Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.) – $500,001 to $1 million
9.Proctor&Gamble-Huge company that makes, well they make freaking everything.
Members invested: 62
Maximum total value of holdings: $39.42 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $8.72 million
Top Congressional Investors:
Rodney Frelinghuysen (R.-N.J.) – $7.07 million to $35.15 million
Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) – $200,002 to $500,000
James B. Renacci (R.-Ohio) – $180,485 to$222,482
10.General Electric-Huge company, huge part of the economy.
Members invested: 75
Maximum total value of holdings: $11.41 million
Minimum total value of holdings: $3.58 million
Top Congressional Investors:
Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.) – $1 million to $5 million
John Kerry (D.-Mass.) – $616,004 to $1.315 million
Michael McCaul (R.-Texas) – $400,003 to $850,000
A few quick points after looking at this list. John Kerry is a criminal because as large a part as he plays in the government and the amount of information he obviously has access to he is clearly taking part in insider trading. The rest of them are just as bad but I found it shocking how heavily invested Kerry alone is….Just very sad.









Proof That Humans Are Stupid And Doomed.

Yes, I know that is not the most flattering title to a post but bear with me. I was sitting here considering the topic of logic and logical thinking and I have to come to realize human beings are arguably no longer the smartest creature living on this planet. Think about it, animals don’t harm themselves, demean themselves, argue over material things, base their opinion of other creatures on the color of their skin, they don’t lie, they don’t discriminate, and they don’t hate each other based on belief. Humans do all those things so when you look at it that way, who is smarter? Humans, because we can create technology and the such,or animals, who act in accordance with the natural ways of life? Here’s some amazingly stupid human facts…

Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. All this while 70% of the Earths surface is covered in water.

Last year, the United States spent more dollars on national defense, 660 billion, than there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy, approximately 400 billion.

During World War I, civilians made up fewer than 5 percent of all casualties. Today, 75 percent or more of those killed or wounded in wars are non-combatants.

Every politician in the current presidential race has promised to fix the economy, foreign policy, the tax burden, the struggles of the middle class. The funny thing is that these are the exact same issues that have been facing the country in the last ten elections and, if that is the case, what the hell have our last ten presidents been doing? What problems have they solved?

The World Hunger organization estimates that close to one billion people are currently considered “undernourished” or “hungry”. That means that, as a race, we are unable to feed one seventh of the world population. This occurs at the same time that we, as a race, have a satellite passing out of the solar system (Voyager 1), as we are able to clone human beings, and as technology has reached levels only seen in science fiction movies. Yet we can’t feed one out of seven people.

The average worth of a congressman in this country is $913,000. The average worth of the average citizen is approximately $50,000. So as our leaders are paid more than ten times what the average person they represent makes, they continue to flounder about the same, unsolved problems that have plagued this country for 40 years.

We, in this country, embrace a style of government in which we elect leaders to represent us, yet once elected these same leaders have no restraints that force them to govern based on the will of the people, and they can overrule the very people who elected them regardless of the people’s opinion.

We, as a race, have invented nuclear bombs(that kill by the millions and cause constant tension between countries), abortion(which regardless of which side of the issue you are on, is an invention that does nothing but snuff out lives before they have a chance to start), chemical weapons(designed to horribly and painfully kill other human beings), but worse than all of that, we are the beings that created propaganda(designed to make millions of so-called intelligent human beings believe things that aren’t true as long as they are told it enough times)


Professional basketball players make 125 times what our teachers, police and firemen make in a give year, individually.

Our government, after preaching patriotism in support of our unjust wars, allowed the bodies of countless U.S. troops to be dumped in garbage landfills…..our sons and daughters…

The United States produces 89% of all online pornography videos. The pornography industry makes 13 billion dollars per year and pornographic websites are the fourth most viewed type of site online.

This final one is an opinion only and does not represent anyone’s views but my own. The lust for freedom has surpassed morality.It is more important that you have the right to do something than it is to question whether it is something you should do.


GOP Update….LOL

So I thought I would take a glance at the current events surrounding the GOP nomination race so we could all have a chuckle at what is obvious to anyone with a brain who has been keeping track of things.

First off, we have Newt Gingrich. Newt has been trying shed the label of being a Washington insider, which can be difficult when you have been a Washington insider for like 40 years. As he continues to try to basically change the facts of his life, it doesn’t seem like it is working, and the more time that passes the less likely it appears that he can win the nomination, much less defeat Obama. You see, here is the thing that a guy like Newt, for all his intelligence, doesn’t get about the changed political climate of both this country and the world. The internet, social media and the popularity of scandal in today’s world has reached epidemic proportions. As a result of this, the lower and middle classes of society are more informed and empowered than ever before. When you combine this with the fact that the corruption and unethical behavior in this country is more exposed than ever before, you wind up with a populous that is getting harder and harder to bullshit, and even when one has success in doing so, the amount of rage that follows any exposure of scandalous behavior spreads like a plague, not only across the airwaves but also the digital world. Peoples voices are louder than ever before, so if you’re gonna involve yourself in shady activity, you better make sure it isn’t documented. Guys like Newt think the world is still at the point where you can just deny, deny, deny and get past facts but that isn’t the case anymore. Anything you’ve done is out there and no amount of showmanship is going to make it go away. Case in point, Newt’s constant attempt to make himself look like an” outsider”. C’mon man, you have been working in the higher levels of the government since the Reagan administration, and no amount of fancy speeches and soundbites is going to change what he has been documented to have done.

Now I was going to wrap up my thought on Newt but having just glanced at the current news reports, I have a thing or two to add. We are now seeing reports that it was Newt, not his ex-wife, that requested their original divorce in 1980. It is also being revealed that Newt was already dating a 28-year-old intern at the time of his filing of the divorce paper, in the summer of 1980, and that he married that intern 6 months after his divorce. 16 years later, he divorced that same intern while having an affair with his current wife Calista.

All this is really none of my business, but when you are trying to take over as the leader of arguably the most powerful nation on the planet, your integrity is fair game and the more we learn about Newt, the more his integrity, both personally and professionally, seems to be as fleeting as the wind.Listen to some of the numbers in this clip….this man has no shame over screwing the citizens.

Let us look at Mitt Romney next. Personally, I think Mitt has actually been doing ok lately. Unfortunately, his positive run in the last month is more a reflection of Newt screwing up than Romneys own campaign success. I could go into some of the reasons Mitt’s campaign, at least to me, is a lost cause but I’ll keep it simple. Romney is a walking haircut, a soundbite driven organism, and as the caucus race moves along he seems to just be a drifting version of this. It has become kind of a moot point to attack his flip-flopping or constant lies defended by semantics because I just do not think anyone takes him seriously enough for him to actually defeat Obama. Think about it, there are many people in the public eye who get constant attention, who are talked about all the time, but is this attention a reflection of their substance or their entertainment value? In Romney s case, I’m thinking its entertainment.

Ok, now let us take a look at Ron Paul. Paul can’t really be legitimately attacked because unlike the previous two clowns I’ve written about he doesn’t constantly lie and change positions. That being said, you can count on the good ol’ American media to manufacture a reason if they cannot find one about someone not in their whorehouse and Paul has been no exception. A newsletter that bore Paul’s name from years ago that preached white supremacy has been the media’s latest attempt to smear the only candidate in this race who is not obviously corrupt and more of the same. CNN ran a story the other day about Paul “storming off” of an interview with Gloria Borger (who is a shameful journalist doing all she can to encourage racial tension, showing what a racist she is in the process). They portrayed Paul removing his mic and leaving the interview after a question about said newsletter. Sadly though, they failed to mention that he left after 8 MINUTES of questions, so it was pretty obvious this was a hatchet job by another scumbag media source.

The funny thing though, the thing these media idiots just do not seem to be able to understand, is that every time they misrepresent Paul and use lowlife tactics to try to smear him all it does it give more legitimacy to his candidacy. They are scared of him and their cowardice shines through every time they try to either lie about him or mis-characterize him through semantics.

good speech.

I would continue to add candidates and commentary here but let’s be honest here…..the rest of the candidates suck, plain and simple.

Rick Perry? I think we all know that he is, for lack of a better word, a moron. The only surprising thing about him is his ability to remember his name.

What? What the hell is this guy talking about? I mean before he was before he was talking about what happened after before happened.Hahahaha


Michelle Bachman?- Batshit, crazy, religious extremist with no depth to her campaign or any ideas beyond insulting Obama. Ohya, also a few of her top campaign strategists resigned….all is not well

Ok, wow…

Rick Santorum? Actually seems like a halfway intelligent guy but seems to rigid in his views to have any electability.

Everybody else running either has no exposure or has just been pushed so far to the back that it is inconceivable that they will garner any more attention for the candidacy than I will. I’m sorry to be dismissive but that is the truth of our jacked up political system.






North Korea, The Death Of Kim Jong IL And The Future

Well I suppose I can remember my birthday this year as coinciding with the death of the reclusive North Korean leader and to be honest, one would think this would be a good thing for the brainwashed and almost imprisoned people of the impoverished nation. North Korea is a unique and unusual place. Despite the fact that they have one of the five largest standing armies in the world, they are also a massively oppressed people. Starvation runs rampant and the people’s situation is seriously right out of some futuristic science fiction movies. The people are completely cut off from the outside world and much like a person who has never left their bedroom, they truly have no idea what is going on outside their borders and in most cases, have been indoctrinated to believe things in the world are very different from the way they truly are.

You see, because of the “iron curtain” so to speak, the people of North Korea truly think that their country is not only at the top of the list of great nations but that they are also fighting a war against “evil” outside sources in a noble fashion. Their news stations constantly not only twist the truth but actually make it up as they go. I’m going to provide a few quotes from-http://www.kcna.co.jp, which is the North Korean Central News Agency, a scary source of completely fabricated news that seems like the truth to people who have no other access to the outside world. Check out a few headlines and quotes from the site to give you a sense of how sheltered and hermit-like of an existence these poor people live in then we will continue my thoughts on their future.

Minju Joson Labels US World’s Worst Human Rights Abuser
Pyongyang, May 10 (KCNA) — Some days ago an unidentified armed criminal fired a gun at random in Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania State, killing two people and seriously wounding eight others. Similar shocking incident took place in Oakland, California State.
Minju Joson Tuesday observes in a signed commentary in this regard: Many people are falling victim to gun-related crimes, a daily occurrence in the U.S. This reality clearly indicates what awful phase the human rights abuses have reached in the U.S.

All kinds of crimes including violence are rife in the U.S. which styles itself “a model of human rights”. Consequently, people’s lives are exposed to constant threat.

The U.S. beset with such serious human rights problems makes no scruple of abusing human rights in other countries, too.


Now we aren’t perfect but it is proven fact that prisoners of a country where they are starving in mass are the victims of much worse human rights violations than we ever are. This is one of a few examples I’ll provide that show how strange of a situation it is there because the people reading this mostly believe it due to their lack of access to the outside world. Notice how the story is vague, lacking facts, and is generally just a writing of propaganda.

S. Korean Warmongers Stage Joint Landing Exercises
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) — Three services of the south Korean puppet armed forces and marine corps kicked off madcap joint landing exercises in the waters off Phohang, North Kyongsang Province on May 16, according to the south Korean Yonhap News.
Involved in the exercises which will last till May 22 were 15 warships including destroyers, petrol ships and submarines, at least 20 armored cars for landing operations and various type aircraft.

The puppet warmongers are busy staging exercises for a war against the DPRK in the sky and land and on seas, asserting that the objective of the exercises is to increase the capacity for landing operations, command and control and enhance the coordination of units participating in them.

Again notice how every single story that mentions South Korea refers to their armed services and government as “puppet”. This is part of the propaganda driven belief in North Korea that they are fighting the rest of the world for “freedom” and against oppression against them. Again, we know the outside world is far from perfect but it is a concrete fact that the people of North Korea live under a dictatorship with virtually no freedoms despite their brainwashing of their own people.

Top Prize of WIPO Awarded to Inventions
Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA) — The World Intellectual Property Organization decided to award its top inventor prizes to new inventions of the DPRK.
They are “Manufacturing technique of composites for keeping freshness of the immortal flower Kimjongilia”, “Establishment of new iron-making system” and “Construction method of concrete dam by prefabricated structural elements”. They won gold medals at the 11th National Invention and New Technology Exhibition that was held in the DPRK last year.

The organization appreciates new propositions universally recognized to be significant and valuable for economic growth and scientific and technical development and their inventors.

The WIPO top prizes awarded to the DPRK this time are another pride of its scientific world.

Again, what the hell are they talking about??? I could go on and on but I digress…

So anyway, what the real concern beyond the obvious brainwashing and oppression going on here is, is that the now nuclear armed dictatorship is no longer under the old leadership. While published reports are saying his son will be taking over, there is serious concern about a military takeover of sorts and with a nuclear arsenal, that would be a serious threat to the entire region.

Even more concerning is how close about 28,000 U.S. troops are located to this problem being stationed in South Korea. With the withdrawal from Iraq and the escalating tensions with Iran, we Americans can only hope that either the current or next administration does not allow this to become another situation that the U.S. either butts into or is dragged into.



My Birthday Post!!

Hi everybody! Today is my 38th birthday and as my father, a great man, always said at each of his birthdays “another year closer to death!” That being said I thought I would take a day off my disgust over the coming disasters of our society and post some entertaining clips I enjoy laughing at….Ill be back to something meaningful tomorrow.

Ya that sounds about right Eh??

hahahaa…Megatron should go talk to Obama

sorry for the subtitles…

best comedian ever!! for some reason it ends at 3 minutes…oops



hahaha…im horrible….


Ok that’s enough stupidity for now.Thanks for reading!!







So Let’s Look At Some GOP Fact

Well folks the GOP race has been heated and interesting this year, but to really understand the candidates we have to look past the soundbites, the ads and take a look at each of them in video that cannot be denied, and that shows facts about each candidate, so i give you some truth about each candidate.


Wait…moderate and progressive?? What happened to conservative? This is one of many, many, many videos out there that shows Romney is the guy in the race who is pretty much going to say whatever he thinks he should to get elected. The guy is a walking haircut, little more. Here is another video, showing Romney IN HIS OWN WORDS, showing his lack of consistency as a candidate.

Man, this is too easy. It’s one thing to learn and change your mind but geez, on every subject? How will the voters know what you’ll think 3 years from now if elected??


Newt’s story is a little different from Romney’s. While Romney changes position like a flag in the wind, Gingrich basically does little to hide the fact that he is a typical elitist. This is the man who has been divorced twice, which would not be a big deal, except for the fact that he was an adulterer the first two times. I mean if his vows to God and his spouse meant nothing then how much would he care about his vows to the American people,most who he has never met. On top of that, he has stated that he was not a lobbyist for Freddie Mac, despite being paid 1.6 million dollars by them before they pretty much helped wreck the economy he now claims he can save. Sorry Newt, giving them advice that helped them screw the taxpayer and the economy is in the same category of lobbying, no matter what semantics you use.

On top of that this is a man who, while speaker of the House, was reprimanded and fined $300,000 dollars for his ethical violations. Would any of you pay a fine that large if you were innocent??

Sorry Newt, only the uninformed and those who would profit from your elitist attitude and historical record do not see the truth of the type of man you are.


Now I do not endorse any current politician, nor do I agree with every stance that Paul takes. I do not want this article to appear to be one of clear support for Paul but he definitely is near the top with ideas and a record far more grounded in common sense and reason than most of his competitors. If you would like further evidence of this, you need only look at the  skewed media coverage and perception put forth by those sources to see that they feel threatened by his honesty.

As seen in this video, Neo-con Bill O’Reilly actually tells his viewers that Ron Paul winning HIS poll cannot be recognized because too many people voted for him?? WHAT?? Deception and bias like this is a clear sign in our society of fear and lies that the person being discriminated against must be doing something right if people like O’Reilly, who are SO wrong, try to hide it.

Think about it.

Now the three candidates I just went over I believe would be considered the top three candidates but let us also look at a few of the others running a little behind the pack.


Now this is going to sound mean, but if there is any candidate who is truly insane, by definition of the word, I would have to say Bachman gets the gold medal.

Wow…I wish I had something deep to say about this woman but I think Wow sums it up best.

Oooook…..Need I say more?


Let’s be honest, none of us ever thought we would see a dumber version of George W. Bush but yet Perry has proven us wrong. Too be honest it would have been more fair to include some of the candidates who really have no chance at this point but Perry is just too damn entertaining to leave out.

Seriously? You are going to wipe a huge government agency and you cannot even remember its name?? Fabulous!!

hahahahaa….I couldn’t resist. Thanks for reading….





The List of The Soulless

I’ve always believed that as human beings, a race of creatures that mainly think of themselves as advanced and evolved, that we should be holding ourselves to a higher standard during our existence. Sadly,this is not the case. Instead, we have seen those of us in the public eye often take a condescending tone of arrogance based on their financial success and power attained. Those who are wealthy or powerful often define themselves by the size of their bank accounts or their number of viewers instead of looking at morality or ethics as a guide to what makes a human being a true leader or person of wisdom. I believe there are a large number of people in the public eye perpetrating large-scale scams and lies, brainwashing and propaganda, and to me these people have sold their souls for a dollar and some fans. This is my list…feel free to add or disagree..

1.Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and pretty much all their “journalists” and commentators–Fox has become easily the most transparent and obvious of all the extremely bias “news” sources that permeate our airwaves. Only pandering to the political right, Fox has proven time and time again that they are willing to lie, misrepresent and doctor the truth, whether it be through spoken lies, characterization of positions that are obviously untrue or even the presentation of video and audio that has been altered to fit their needs. This is business as usual at Fox and only when they are caught red-handed doing so do they offer fake, disingenuous apologies meant to convince their mindless, brainless viewers that their despicable, shameful actions are honest mistakes and that they have any real credibility. Here’s a video examples.

hahah…nice job guys……way to just blatantly lie and think that if you say you aren’t enough times and people will believe it….shameful

I’ll be adding more but please watch the video

The Iraq Withdrawl And Future Prospects..

Well according to most media reports, we will be fully “withdrawn” from Iraq by the end of the year, ending an almost decade long occupation. Depending on the source of information there were 4,484 United States casualties. 4,484 mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and citizens. We were repeatedly told by both our former President, George W. Bush and also our current one, Barack Obama, that we had a legitimate mission there, a mission of freedom and democracy that would change Iraq forever and ensure their personal freedom, but looking at the recent developments there during our withdrawal, one has to wonder whether we carelessly threw away the lives of four thousand Americans for nothing.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is asking for Iraqi lawmakers to withdraw their confidence from his own deputy after the deputy, named Saleh al-Mutlaq, made comments earlier this week over the American withdrawal that have caused controversy. He was quoted as saying “There will be a day whereby the Americans will realize that they were deceived by al-Maliki … and they will regret that”. Al-Malaki’s request for the withdrawal of confidence followed word in the country that Iraqiya, a powerful political bloc in Iraq, will not be participating in the country’s parliament and that move is being seen as a threat to what is already a very fragile sharing of power post-American withdrawal.

Al-Mutlaq has been quoted as saying that America and more specifically, Washington, has left Iraq with a “dictator” who is ignoring a power sharing agreement designed to stop any rekindling of the tensions and bloodshed between Iraq’s Shiite majority and minority Sunni populations.

Another quote from al-Mutlaq, quoted to CNN was “America left Iraq with almost no infrastructure. The political process is going in a very wrong direction, going toward a dictatorship,” he said. “People are not going to accept that, and most likely they are going to ask for the division of the country. And this is going to be a disaster. Dividing the country isn’t going to be smooth, because dividing the country is going to be a war before that and a war after that.”

So basically what we are seeing is the strong possibility that after almost a decade of war that cost the lives of not only over 4,000 Americans, but literally tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, that Iraq is going to fall right back into THE EXACT SAME SITUATION  it was in when Saddam Hussein ruled and oppressed the people, especially the ones who did not share his religious affiliation.

Now I’m sorry for the language but ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? After all the death, the suffering, the pain caused to people all over the world, the trillions of dollars spent as our country languishes in debt that threatens our way of life that Iraq is going to be shown, historically speaking, to HAVE BEEN A COMPLETE FUCKING WASTE OF TIME??? The level of outrage that should be coming from both sides of the political fence is beyond measure but I suppose, based on our leaders track record, that they realistically probably could care less and that speaks volumes to how soul-less they truly are.

So now, thanks to our forced intervention on the government of a sovereign nation, an intervention that was never willingly asked for, we have made the Middle East even more volatile, if that is possible. We the people should certainly expect that Iran will continue to interfere and that the interference will almost certainly led to escalated tensions, even worse than they are now, between our country and Iran. It should scare many parents in this country whose children are in the military that any conflict with Iran, a conflict our government almost seems to want, will be far more costly than Iraq ever was, both in the human toll and the financial one. Additionally, countries such as Syria, Russia and even China could be dragged into a situation that, despite whatever propaganda the morally corrupt media fires at us, we are the biggest cause of.

How many people, mostly innocent ones even if they were brought up in a culture that we sometimes do not understand, have to die senselessly before we begin to hold our country and it’s actions to some level of morality? It’s just sickening.



The Establishments Fear Of Ron Paul

A few years ago, after eight years of George W. Bush, after eight years marked by a horrific terrorist attack, corporate corruption that continues to damage the economy to this day and the beginning of wars that seemingly have produced nothing but further tensions in the Middle East and the world, we were promised change. The election of our first African-American president was supposed to usher in an era of “change” but as we all know now, that hasn’t exactly happened. The void left by this unfulfilled promise has raised tensions in this country to the highest levels many of us have seen in our lifetimes. We have felt the anger of the masses over the collapse of financial institutions, corrupt corporate ties of our leadership, and a media so bias that the vast majority of us look at them as clowns pushing agendas. Now another election is upon us and we’ve all spent the last few months listening to the “best” of the GOP tell us why we need to evict Obama and hand our country back over to the political party that started the mess Obama has done nothing to clean up.

This might seem like a horrifying concept to many, it certainly does to me, but there is a ray of hope and the fear mongering of the machine should be taken as evidence that the ray I speak of, Ron Paul, has a chance. This race for the GOP nomination has been one of the saddest in memory for me to watch and it has nothing to do with the candidates. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of them are horrible, elitist, corporate whores(ya I said it) and we should be very scared about any of them running the country, but the behavior of the media following this story should be scaring us all quite a bit more. Ron Paul is a legitimate candidate with a large and passionate following, a following that is composed of American citizens. The same citizens that our media sources are supposed to be reporting accurate news to, but instead we have seen a marked effort, led by bias “reporters”, to discredit and discriminate against his candidacy. We have seen polls, such as the ones run by embarrassing organizations like Fox News, that are either rigged to not allow the candidates of their choosing to lose, or that are labeled as “for entertainment purposes” whenever the people they are against legitimately win in a pathetic and transparent effort to give their brainwashed viewers the impression that candidates such as Paul are doing worse nationally than they actually are.

This shameful act has been perpetrated repeatedly and can be easily proven by simply using the one resource that these bias sources cannot corrupt, cannot buy and cannot control, that being the internet. While the internet is full of idiocy it is also full of truth, lets look at a few examples…


Another example. This has happened repeatedly, Fox doctoring or misrepresenting videos or photos and only after being caught calling it an honest mistake…seems these “honest” mistakes only happen to the people Fox opposes.

That one is possibly the most shameful…..the Iowa caucus does not matter if Paul wins it? Seriously?? Then why would it matter if Romney or Gingrich did??? Here’s one more of literally hundreds of examples online…

That was the scariest one. First off Bill O’Reilly, commentator and egoist sociopath says that the poll is skewed because “Ron Paul voters flooded the poll”. What??Isn’t that what a poll is?? Then he goes on to chastise those very supporters and says that “Of course we have to disregard those candidates”. Really?? Wow…..Bill O’Reilly you are truly an embarrassing and disgusting human being…..