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The Establishments Fear Of Ron Paul

A few years ago, after eight years of George W. Bush, after eight years marked by a horrific terrorist attack, corporate corruption that continues to damage the economy to this day and the beginning of wars that seemingly have produced nothing but further tensions in the Middle East and the world, we were promised change. The election of our first African-American president was supposed to usher in an era of “change” but as we all know now, that hasn’t exactly happened. The void left by this unfulfilled promise has raised tensions in this country to the highest levels many of us have seen in our lifetimes. We have felt the anger of the masses over the collapse of financial institutions, corrupt corporate ties of our leadership, and a media so bias that the vast majority of us look at them as clowns pushing agendas. Now another election is upon us and we’ve all spent the last few months listening to the “best” of the GOP tell us why we need to evict Obama and hand our country back over to the political party that started the mess Obama has done nothing to clean up.

This might seem like a horrifying concept to many, it certainly does to me, but there is a ray of hope and the fear mongering of the machine should be taken as evidence that the ray I speak of, Ron Paul, has a chance. This race for the GOP nomination has been one of the saddest in memory for me to watch and it has nothing to do with the candidates. Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of them are horrible, elitist, corporate whores(ya I said it) and we should be very scared about any of them running the country, but the behavior of the media following this story should be scaring us all quite a bit more. Ron Paul is a legitimate candidate with a large and passionate following, a following that is composed of American citizens. The same citizens that our media sources are supposed to be reporting accurate news to, but instead we have seen a marked effort, led by bias “reporters”, to discredit and discriminate against his candidacy. We have seen polls, such as the ones run by embarrassing organizations like Fox News, that are either rigged to not allow the candidates of their choosing to lose, or that are labeled as “for entertainment purposes” whenever the people they are against legitimately win in a pathetic and transparent effort to give their brainwashed viewers the impression that candidates such as Paul are doing worse nationally than they actually are.

This shameful act has been perpetrated repeatedly and can be easily proven by simply using the one resource that these bias sources cannot corrupt, cannot buy and cannot control, that being the internet. While the internet is full of idiocy it is also full of truth, lets look at a few examples…


Another example. This has happened repeatedly, Fox doctoring or misrepresenting videos or photos and only after being caught calling it an honest mistake…seems these “honest” mistakes only happen to the people Fox opposes.

That one is possibly the most shameful…..the Iowa caucus does not matter if Paul wins it? Seriously?? Then why would it matter if Romney or Gingrich did??? Here’s one more of literally hundreds of examples online…

That was the scariest one. First off Bill O’Reilly, commentator and egoist sociopath says that the poll is skewed because “Ron Paul voters flooded the poll”. What??Isn’t that what a poll is?? Then he goes on to chastise those very supporters and says that “Of course we have to disregard those candidates”. Really?? Wow…..Bill O’Reilly you are truly an embarrassing and disgusting human being…..


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