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So Let’s Look At Some GOP Fact

Well folks the GOP race has been heated and interesting this year, but to really understand the candidates we have to look past the soundbites, the ads and take a look at each of them in video that cannot be denied, and that shows facts about each candidate, so i give you some truth about each candidate.


Wait…moderate and progressive?? What happened to conservative? This is one of many, many, many videos out there that shows Romney is the guy in the race who is pretty much going to say whatever he thinks he should to get elected. The guy is a walking haircut, little more. Here is another video, showing Romney IN HIS OWN WORDS, showing his lack of consistency as a candidate.

Man, this is too easy. It’s one thing to learn and change your mind but geez, on every subject? How will the voters know what you’ll think 3 years from now if elected??


Newt’s story is a little different from Romney’s. While Romney changes position like a flag in the wind, Gingrich basically does little to hide the fact that he is a typical elitist. This is the man who has been divorced twice, which would not be a big deal, except for the fact that he was an adulterer the first two times. I mean if his vows to God and his spouse meant nothing then how much would he care about his vows to the American people,most who he has never met. On top of that, he has stated that he was not a lobbyist for Freddie Mac, despite being paid 1.6 million dollars by them before they pretty much helped wreck the economy he now claims he can save. Sorry Newt, giving them advice that helped them screw the taxpayer and the economy is in the same category of lobbying, no matter what semantics you use.

On top of that this is a man who, while speaker of the House, was reprimanded and fined $300,000 dollars for his ethical violations. Would any of you pay a fine that large if you were innocent??

Sorry Newt, only the uninformed and those who would profit from your elitist attitude and historical record do not see the truth of the type of man you are.


Now I do not endorse any current politician, nor do I agree with every stance that Paul takes. I do not want this article to appear to be one of clear support for Paul but he definitely is near the top with ideas and a record far more grounded in common sense and reason than most of his competitors. If you would like further evidence of this, you need only look at the  skewed media coverage and perception put forth by those sources to see that they feel threatened by his honesty.

As seen in this video, Neo-con Bill O’Reilly actually tells his viewers that Ron Paul winning HIS poll cannot be recognized because too many people voted for him?? WHAT?? Deception and bias like this is a clear sign in our society of fear and lies that the person being discriminated against must be doing something right if people like O’Reilly, who are SO wrong, try to hide it.

Think about it.

Now the three candidates I just went over I believe would be considered the top three candidates but let us also look at a few of the others running a little behind the pack.


Now this is going to sound mean, but if there is any candidate who is truly insane, by definition of the word, I would have to say Bachman gets the gold medal.

Wow…I wish I had something deep to say about this woman but I think Wow sums it up best.

Oooook…..Need I say more?


Let’s be honest, none of us ever thought we would see a dumber version of George W. Bush but yet Perry has proven us wrong. Too be honest it would have been more fair to include some of the candidates who really have no chance at this point but Perry is just too damn entertaining to leave out.

Seriously? You are going to wipe a huge government agency and you cannot even remember its name?? Fabulous!!

hahahahaa….I couldn’t resist. Thanks for reading….






One response

  1. This is a hilarious list of ridiculousness…LOL…Mitt Romney…who likes him?…NOBODY…but for some reason he seems to keep being the “frontrunner”…The media is a JOKE…Him or Gingrich,its like Ron Paul is going around destroying them in straw poll after straw poll and debate after debate and then you cut to Bret Baier and hes like “Wow Romney really solidified his front runner status tonight,but Gingrich is breathing down his neck”…WTF…its like these guys are on acid and are living in a seperate reality.

    December 19, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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