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North Korea, The Death Of Kim Jong IL And The Future

Well I suppose I can remember my birthday this year as coinciding with the death of the reclusive North Korean leader and to be honest, one would think this would be a good thing for the brainwashed and almost imprisoned people of the impoverished nation. North Korea is a unique and unusual place. Despite the fact that they have one of the five largest standing armies in the world, they are also a massively oppressed people. Starvation runs rampant and the people’s situation is seriously right out of some futuristic science fiction movies. The people are completely cut off from the outside world and much like a person who has never left their bedroom, they truly have no idea what is going on outside their borders and in most cases, have been indoctrinated to believe things in the world are very different from the way they truly are.

You see, because of the “iron curtain” so to speak, the people of North Korea truly think that their country is not only at the top of the list of great nations but that they are also fighting a war against “evil” outside sources in a noble fashion. Their news stations constantly not only twist the truth but actually make it up as they go. I’m going to provide a few quotes from-http://www.kcna.co.jp, which is the North Korean Central News Agency, a scary source of completely fabricated news that seems like the truth to people who have no other access to the outside world. Check out a few headlines and quotes from the site to give you a sense of how sheltered and hermit-like of an existence these poor people live in then we will continue my thoughts on their future.

Minju Joson Labels US World’s Worst Human Rights Abuser
Pyongyang, May 10 (KCNA) — Some days ago an unidentified armed criminal fired a gun at random in Philadelphia City, Pennsylvania State, killing two people and seriously wounding eight others. Similar shocking incident took place in Oakland, California State.
Minju Joson Tuesday observes in a signed commentary in this regard: Many people are falling victim to gun-related crimes, a daily occurrence in the U.S. This reality clearly indicates what awful phase the human rights abuses have reached in the U.S.

All kinds of crimes including violence are rife in the U.S. which styles itself “a model of human rights”. Consequently, people’s lives are exposed to constant threat.

The U.S. beset with such serious human rights problems makes no scruple of abusing human rights in other countries, too.


Now we aren’t perfect but it is proven fact that prisoners of a country where they are starving in mass are the victims of much worse human rights violations than we ever are. This is one of a few examples I’ll provide that show how strange of a situation it is there because the people reading this mostly believe it due to their lack of access to the outside world. Notice how the story is vague, lacking facts, and is generally just a writing of propaganda.

S. Korean Warmongers Stage Joint Landing Exercises
Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) — Three services of the south Korean puppet armed forces and marine corps kicked off madcap joint landing exercises in the waters off Phohang, North Kyongsang Province on May 16, according to the south Korean Yonhap News.
Involved in the exercises which will last till May 22 were 15 warships including destroyers, petrol ships and submarines, at least 20 armored cars for landing operations and various type aircraft.

The puppet warmongers are busy staging exercises for a war against the DPRK in the sky and land and on seas, asserting that the objective of the exercises is to increase the capacity for landing operations, command and control and enhance the coordination of units participating in them.

Again notice how every single story that mentions South Korea refers to their armed services and government as “puppet”. This is part of the propaganda driven belief in North Korea that they are fighting the rest of the world for “freedom” and against oppression against them. Again, we know the outside world is far from perfect but it is a concrete fact that the people of North Korea live under a dictatorship with virtually no freedoms despite their brainwashing of their own people.

Top Prize of WIPO Awarded to Inventions
Pyongyang, March 16 (KCNA) — The World Intellectual Property Organization decided to award its top inventor prizes to new inventions of the DPRK.
They are “Manufacturing technique of composites for keeping freshness of the immortal flower Kimjongilia”, “Establishment of new iron-making system” and “Construction method of concrete dam by prefabricated structural elements”. They won gold medals at the 11th National Invention and New Technology Exhibition that was held in the DPRK last year.

The organization appreciates new propositions universally recognized to be significant and valuable for economic growth and scientific and technical development and their inventors.

The WIPO top prizes awarded to the DPRK this time are another pride of its scientific world.

Again, what the hell are they talking about??? I could go on and on but I digress…

So anyway, what the real concern beyond the obvious brainwashing and oppression going on here is, is that the now nuclear armed dictatorship is no longer under the old leadership. While published reports are saying his son will be taking over, there is serious concern about a military takeover of sorts and with a nuclear arsenal, that would be a serious threat to the entire region.

Even more concerning is how close about 28,000 U.S. troops are located to this problem being stationed in South Korea. With the withdrawal from Iraq and the escalating tensions with Iran, we Americans can only hope that either the current or next administration does not allow this to become another situation that the U.S. either butts into or is dragged into.




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