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GOP Update….LOL

So I thought I would take a glance at the current events surrounding the GOP nomination race so we could all have a chuckle at what is obvious to anyone with a brain who has been keeping track of things.

First off, we have Newt Gingrich. Newt has been trying shed the label of being a Washington insider, which can be difficult when you have been a Washington insider for like 40 years. As he continues to try to basically change the facts of his life, it doesn’t seem like it is working, and the more time that passes the less likely it appears that he can win the nomination, much less defeat Obama. You see, here is the thing that a guy like Newt, for all his intelligence, doesn’t get about the changed political climate of both this country and the world. The internet, social media and the popularity of scandal in today’s world has reached epidemic proportions. As a result of this, the lower and middle classes of society are more informed and empowered than ever before. When you combine this with the fact that the corruption and unethical behavior in this country is more exposed than ever before, you wind up with a populous that is getting harder and harder to bullshit, and even when one has success in doing so, the amount of rage that follows any exposure of scandalous behavior spreads like a plague, not only across the airwaves but also the digital world. Peoples voices are louder than ever before, so if you’re gonna involve yourself in shady activity, you better make sure it isn’t documented. Guys like Newt think the world is still at the point where you can just deny, deny, deny and get past facts but that isn’t the case anymore. Anything you’ve done is out there and no amount of showmanship is going to make it go away. Case in point, Newt’s constant attempt to make himself look like an” outsider”. C’mon man, you have been working in the higher levels of the government since the Reagan administration, and no amount of fancy speeches and soundbites is going to change what he has been documented to have done.

Now I was going to wrap up my thought on Newt but having just glanced at the current news reports, I have a thing or two to add. We are now seeing reports that it was Newt, not his ex-wife, that requested their original divorce in 1980. It is also being revealed that Newt was already dating a 28-year-old intern at the time of his filing of the divorce paper, in the summer of 1980, and that he married that intern 6 months after his divorce. 16 years later, he divorced that same intern while having an affair with his current wife Calista.

All this is really none of my business, but when you are trying to take over as the leader of arguably the most powerful nation on the planet, your integrity is fair game and the more we learn about Newt, the more his integrity, both personally and professionally, seems to be as fleeting as the wind.Listen to some of the numbers in this clip….this man has no shame over screwing the citizens.

Let us look at Mitt Romney next. Personally, I think Mitt has actually been doing ok lately. Unfortunately, his positive run in the last month is more a reflection of Newt screwing up than Romneys own campaign success. I could go into some of the reasons Mitt’s campaign, at least to me, is a lost cause but I’ll keep it simple. Romney is a walking haircut, a soundbite driven organism, and as the caucus race moves along he seems to just be a drifting version of this. It has become kind of a moot point to attack his flip-flopping or constant lies defended by semantics because I just do not think anyone takes him seriously enough for him to actually defeat Obama. Think about it, there are many people in the public eye who get constant attention, who are talked about all the time, but is this attention a reflection of their substance or their entertainment value? In Romney s case, I’m thinking its entertainment.

Ok, now let us take a look at Ron Paul. Paul can’t really be legitimately attacked because unlike the previous two clowns I’ve written about he doesn’t constantly lie and change positions. That being said, you can count on the good ol’ American media to manufacture a reason if they cannot find one about someone not in their whorehouse and Paul has been no exception. A newsletter that bore Paul’s name from years ago that preached white supremacy has been the media’s latest attempt to smear the only candidate in this race who is not obviously corrupt and more of the same. CNN ran a story the other day about Paul “storming off” of an interview with Gloria Borger (who is a shameful journalist doing all she can to encourage racial tension, showing what a racist she is in the process). They portrayed Paul removing his mic and leaving the interview after a question about said newsletter. Sadly though, they failed to mention that he left after 8 MINUTES of questions, so it was pretty obvious this was a hatchet job by another scumbag media source.

The funny thing though, the thing these media idiots just do not seem to be able to understand, is that every time they misrepresent Paul and use lowlife tactics to try to smear him all it does it give more legitimacy to his candidacy. They are scared of him and their cowardice shines through every time they try to either lie about him or mis-characterize him through semantics.

good speech.

I would continue to add candidates and commentary here but let’s be honest here…..the rest of the candidates suck, plain and simple.

Rick Perry? I think we all know that he is, for lack of a better word, a moron. The only surprising thing about him is his ability to remember his name.

What? What the hell is this guy talking about? I mean before he was before he was talking about what happened after before happened.Hahahaha


Michelle Bachman?- Batshit, crazy, religious extremist with no depth to her campaign or any ideas beyond insulting Obama. Ohya, also a few of her top campaign strategists resigned….all is not well

Ok, wow…

Rick Santorum? Actually seems like a halfway intelligent guy but seems to rigid in his views to have any electability.

Everybody else running either has no exposure or has just been pushed so far to the back that it is inconceivable that they will garner any more attention for the candidacy than I will. I’m sorry to be dismissive but that is the truth of our jacked up political system.







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