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The Abortion Debate(Graphic Content Warning,Please Don’t Read If Easily Disturbed)

Tonight, since I’m suffering from a horrible toothache, I was online doing some reading and saw some friends taking part in a heated debate on the always controversial topic of abortion. This topic always brings so many lines of thinking to my brain. Abortion is a topic that has many layers, beyond just for or against it, that are often ignored in the discussion. When I consider the abortion issue my first question is always why someone thought to themselves one day “how can we stop a pregnancy after it has happened?” Good job ace, it’s always nice when humanity finds yet another way to snuff out life. That being said, as much as I seem to have an opinion on just about everything, I do not believe I can think of another topic that I have struggled more to form a concrete opinion on than abortion. I have a lot of trouble deciding on this issues for a few reasons. The first is the fact that I am a man. As a man, it is hard to conceive what it would be like to have another human being growing inside of me. Because of this divide, that being my gender, I find it a struggle to feel justified in telling a woman which way is right on a topic such as this, a topic that I can only truly understand from an outsiders view. Then again there is another side of me involved in that issue, that being the fact that I am an expecting father with my first child. Though she would never do such a thing, I cannot imagine what my reaction would be if my wife came to me and said she wished to intentionally end her pregnancy.

So that is my opening and very generalized statement on abortion but now I am going to provide a few more points which I consider key to the abortion debate. First off, in almost any cross-section of society that you would poll about this issue, I think we would all agree that abortion is ALWAYS looked at as a negative thing. It is always sad, always emotionally draining and basically never looked at as a positive thing, even to those that go through the process themselves. With this being true, it is hard to believe something is right, or just, when 100% of people you ask about it have a completely negative opinion of it. Think about that for a second, have you ever heard anyone speak positively about an abortion or abortion in general? That, at least to me, is a key philosophical point when considering whether abortion is something that should be allowed or supported. Secondly, to this day it seems that the point at which life begins is still a contentious topic of debate. Whether it is at the moments of conception, or not until some time period later, it seems that it is far from a concrete fact when the life of a human begins. With that important fact being one of debate and often opinion, shouldn’t we, as a race, always err on the side of life? What I mean is that if there is a chance that we would be snuffing out life shouldn’t we not do it unless we are sure that life does not exist??

Look at a few of these pictures and tell me that you know for sure when life begins and also, if you are pro-choice, that it doesn’t fill you with sadness or despair to look upon them.


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  1. A. Penny

    I speak with first hand experience regarding this topic. I have gracefully come to the understanding that it is indeed a woman’s own choice what she does with her own body. That being said, she did have the choice to not become a host to an unborn living soul seperate from herself. If this was not such the case she would not be “pregnant with child”. I am a mother of 3 and see that my children share some of the same blood of me, some of the same features as me but are not in any case ME. They are themselves, with their own seperate little souls and ideas. I just hosted them and they grew inside me for a little bit of time, and started growing after I had decided/chose to have sex. Sure, I understand all of those who did not get to decide in some horrible situations, but there are plenty of families that would love a baby, for instance couples that cannot concieve on their own. You would just then be someone who did some good in this world out of somthing that was so bad.

    January 11, 2012 at 7:55 pm

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