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Goodbye Internet

I realized something today. Maybe it was the blacked out titles of some major webpages, maybe it is just a culmination of the constant information stream being beamed into my head but I suddenly have no more use for the internet. Any of my friends and family that I care to talk to I talk to anyway outside of the online world. I don’t care about politics anymore, it’s all a joke anyway. The news online is nothing but bad. I would venture to say that between pictures, clips,and webpages, that probably 70 percent of the stuff online is a completely pointless waste of time. I love the people I know but I don’t care what they are doing every five minutes just as I’m sure they will survive without knowing what I’m doing every five minutes. My brother-in-law calls me the “Facebook Brett Favre” because I keep deleting my page and then coming back but I just don’t know what I’m coming back to anymore. Half the pages that are “news” sites are either lying or incorrect and no matter what position you have on any topic, there are always plenty of sites to support both sides of any argument. How can that be possible? Is there no fact anymore? Or is every single fact now open to interpretation? Doesn’t matter…the bottom line is that as I am about to become a father I have to put more value on every waking minute in my life and I can no longer waste another minute staring at an electronic screen, covered in words, that in actuality does absolutely nothing for me in my life.I can manage my fantasy football team by logging in from my wife’s computer if I need to and other than that I’d rather be working on my house. Or some other REAL THING in my life.


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