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The Politics Of Racism

Hey gang. I thought I would start my return to the online world with a blog concerning what is a very big topic, at least in the United States, that being the GOP nomination race. We are only a couple of states into the primaries but we have already seen the glaring issues that plague our country rear their ugly heads. To the naked eye, it may appear to just be the usual mudslinging but upon closer examination, people should be outraged by some of what has taken place thus far. Let us take a closer look….

First off, we have seen racism play a major role right out in the open and, predictably, the media and everyone else hasn’t said a word about it. I have to say that if I had political aspirations in my life, I would really feel behind the eight ball if I was a minority. Think about the following scenario and you will have a good understanding of what I mean. Herman Cain got off to a good start early in the primary. He appeared to be an outsider with some different ideas and in the beginning it seemed as if he would be in it for the long haul. Then, almost predictably, he was accused of sexual harassment with accusers literally coming out of the woodwork. Now some people out there will feel that this was a justifiable reason for his campaign to be brought to a screeching halt, but before you feel that way consider the following. Newt Gingrich, in the last debate, started off by lashing out at CNN and the rest of the media for what he called “trash reporting” in response to a question being asked of him about his past marital indiscretions. His rant concerning this topic has given momentum to his campaign and it stuns me that no one has a problem with this. His marital violations are well documented, but as a wealthy, well-known, white man they are considered his “private life” and therefore off-limits if questioned. Again, his campaign has seen a positive upswing from him declaring exactly that. Well, this is where I get confused….an African American candidate gets run out of the primaries by accusations of extramarital behavior but the white candidate gains support by telling people the exact same type of actions are none of the public’s business??

Wow, if that isn’t an example of how racism is alive and well in today’s United States I do not know what is. I could go on and on but because the state of race relations is so bad in this country, and even worse when you consider how it has gone from open racism to a state of no one talking about it and acting like it isn’t happening. I will simply provide a few more examples and hope that it gets people to at least think about how foolish we truly are by thinking the color of a person’s skin has anything to do with what goes on in their head.

Wow Mr. Santorum, aren’t you the “most conservative Christian” in the race?? That sure sounds like a very Christian statement.


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