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2012, Conspiracy,And The World Beneath Ours

I love conspiracy theories. Not because they are usually so fantastical but instead because odds are that eventually there will probably be one that will be true. Put this together with the fact that people usually are so quick to dismiss them, that when there is a true one, no one will likely expect it. Today I want to delve into the topic of Project Blue Beam. Now before I start to get into the related information to this topic I want to make a general statement concerning this and other so-called “conspiracies” floating around out there. Many of the supposed plots and conspiracies out there are usually connected to “secret societies” or power brokers operating in secret amongst us. These people and groups exist, whether we believe it or not,  and our skepticism is exactly what allows them to pull the strings that they do while going unnoticed. The media has been bought, it is owned much as a slave would be, and whenever someone attempts to shine the light of day on one of these “plans”, usually that person is crushed by the media’s ridicule and they are completely discredited in the court of public opinion. Only by realizing that the sources of information that provide you with a window into reality are completely controlled and owned by powerful people you’ve never heard of can you begin to realize how truly scary the actions of these evil power players are.

This brings me to Project Blue Beam. The details of this project, alleged to be operated by NASA(an organization that is proven to ave lied to the American people time and time again under the guise of “national security”) make perfect sense if you are willing to look at it with an open mind. That does not mean it is necessarily true but it also means it cannot be discredited just because no one can factually prove it. That statement may seem crazy but the fact is there are many things that are being done that cannot be proven and that doesn’t mean they aren’t true.

This topic began like many do these days, with a journalist named Serge Monast beginning to do research about the New World Order. Now there are many, many people who have been investigating the possibility of the NWO and the pre-programmed sheep have been conditioned to believe it is all a hoax. Let me be the next to tell you it isn’t. There is a proven network of people wielding power worldwide whose behavior clearly shows a support of Satanism that is as committed as the most devout Christians are to their following of Jesus Christ. Every time someone starts to provide details to show how the NWO’s behavior is right out in the open, they are either discredited,or suddenly decide to kill themselves for no apparent reason, or they die of a natural cause even though they were not having any health issues. The diagram I have provided below will give you a sense of the true structure of the NWO and I will be sure to follow this writing with a more detailed explanation but for now I just want you to have a sense of what truly lies beneath the surface of the world you think you know. I do not take credit for the actual creation of this diagram but assure you it is very, very accurate.

Ok back to Project Blue Beam. Mr. Monast began to study this topic in the early 90’s. For the record, Monast died of a heart attack in 1996 the day after spending a night imprisoned in jail. Those close to him believe he was assassinated. What he told of as far as Project Blue Beam was the following; It was believed that those who supported the NWO, many of them admitted Satanists, were planning to implement a plan designed to bring about a New Age religion with the Antichrist himself seated as the head of it. NASA, along with other organizations run from behind the scenes by those at the top of the above pyramid structure would implement this plan using basically a four step process designed to entrance the masses of brainwashed people on this planet into believing that what they were seeing was truly divine.

The first step in this plan was to break down the archaeological history of the major religions. This would be accomplished by creating earthquakes(there is proven technology that is capable of such an act and as we have all seen over the last few years, earthquake frequency seems to be spiking higher and higher) that would present the opportunity for new, previously undiscovered archaeological finds that would discredit the fundamental religious doctrines through their discoveries. As we all know, the people of this planet will believe pretty much anything they are told if told enough times so this step and line of thinking is not beyond comprehension.

The next supposed step in this plan was to produce some type of technological created but visually believable “message” in the sky. Supporters of this theory believed that some sort of laser driven hologram would project an image designed to convey a divine message, one that would unify all religions into following this one line of thinking, a line of thinking created by the Satanists who truly pull the strings for the NWO. You have to remember when studying this topic that these people are as committed to their satanic belief as the most devout christian is to his or her belief in God, so any source that would dismiss people having such a fanatical following of Satan need only look at the level of commitment to Christianity to believe it is possible. Once this divine message was delivered, the sources of information that inform the world, sources controlled by these Satanists aligned with the NWO, would simply brainwash the masses with media  repetition as they are able to on any other topic.

The third step of this process would entail low wave radio frequencies being washed over the populations of the world. This, along with the media bombardment we see every day, would be used to project a “message” of divination so general that most people would truly believe it to be divine. Again, anyone reading this who believes it is not possible is not being realistic, at least in my opinion, to how truly brainwashed the general public is. If you really think that people are truly free thinkers in today’s world then, sadly, you are probably one of the brainwashed…sorry.

The fourth step and final step is actually fairly simple. Using the technology that permeates every aspect of our lives, it involves those in power getting the masses to believe there is an impending disaster that we must all unite to oppose and in our unity, getting everyone to accept the NWO line of thinking. Most technology has more monitoring and controllable equipment in it than people realize and it would be easy for those in power to manipulate it to their advantage.

Now a few things before I finish this up. First off, if you are a Christian and have any education on the belief you base your life on, you will see that this process, and its motivations and goals, are very similar in a symbolic way to what happens in the book of Revelations before the world ends. People’s acceptance of this new divinity could easily be classified as the “mark of the beast” that is to precede the destruction of the world and also to come after the anointment of the antichrist. I am not here to tell you what to believe, only what I, as a man perceive between my research and my visions. If you think I’m crazy, I would advise you to continue believing everything on your corrupted television being presented to you by the morally corrupted people you follow and continue to live your life as you have everyday to this point. The New World Order, it’s structure and it’s goals are something I believe and no amount of information provided to me by people connected to that very order will convince me otherwise…..we’re all on our way out……act accordingly….


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  1. sean

    Well done

    January 23, 2012 at 12:11 am

  2. gatorarms

    this is interesting stuff. glad i read it in between episodes of toddlers in tiaras. ; )

    January 23, 2012 at 1:02 am

  3. Dude your blog is taking off,check me out too.We should start interacting more..Im up and running again at Mindseyepoetic.blogspot.com Good work on the blog yo…But youre still a buster

    January 29, 2012 at 5:07 am

  4. This is definitely the most comprehensive and deep work ive seen of you yet.

    January 29, 2012 at 5:07 am

  5. The diagram is a good illustration

    January 29, 2012 at 5:08 am

    by Sherman H. Skolnick 10/7/01

    Let a candid and vigilant populace consider my pleas and contentions. We ordinary Americans are being led, step by step, down the road to a dictatorship more evil and all-pervasive than that of the late Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party of the German aristocracy.

    The high-level treason that afflicts us cannot be cured or delayed by the alleged “U.S. Government” as now constituted. Within our borders, traitors to the U.S. Constitution and to the Bill of Rights, and to the American common people, cannot be prosecuted. Without the consent of us, the governed, they are in charge, have been in charge, and will remain in charge, to the bitter collapse of our organic law. With complete impunity, they turn over our most profound industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets, to sworn enemies of the United States of America, such as to Red China and Iraq [the Bush Family and Bill Clinton have done that].
    It is a dire reality that my well-meaning country-men must now ponder and understand, or fail to do so at their peril.

    The overthrow of the American Republic began at least at the time of the political assassination of John F. Kennedy. In violation of their own rules and procedures, the U.S. Secret Service, on behalf of the ruling plutocrats, utterly refused, failed, and neglected to protect Kennedy as President. They knowingly took him in an open car around a hair-pin turn into the target sights of paid assassins, firing by military-style triangulation. No Secret Service agent, contrary to their rules, was there on foot, on duty, to examine and monitor the dangerous slowing down of the Presidential vehicle. With flimsy excuses, several reputedly venal and for-sale reporters were right there, available in the murder zone, to be later rewarded for false reports, opening the way for their promotion to highly-lucrative TV network status, such as Dan Rather, later CBS Network anchor face, and Robert MacNeil, later PBS co-anchor and co-owner of his own network program with Jim Lehrer. Rather was standing in the shadows of the triple underpass bridge, a few feet from one of the concealed shooters. Rather was the only one on the planet to be able to verify that JFK had been mortally wounded as the Presidential motorcade passed right under Rather’s view. MacNeil was in the Book Depository Building and was in a position to see Lee Harvey Oswald and give false data. [According to an FBI document of 11/29/63, the Elder Bush, already then in the CIA, was part of an apparent cover up of the assassination of JFK.]

    If they survived, there were numerous eyewitnesses and reliable sources that could have contradicted the false declarations of reporters such as Dan Rather and Robert MacNeil, on behalf of the ruling elite, that a “lone assassin” murdered our President. In the wake of the bloody deed in Dallas, November 22, 1963, some 200 eyewitnesses and sources were themselves murdered, snuffing out their possible testimony, their demise a horror-filled death warrant warning to others available to testify.

    On behalf of the growing American dictatorship of almost near faceless satraps, a five-person tyranny of the U.S. Supreme Court, sitting as if a junta, with serious conflicts of interest, installed George W. Bush as the “occupant” and “resident” of the American White House. This done, contrary to basic case law precedents and in violation of the Bill of Rights, it being a near-midnight-deadline ancient-style edict, “obey our command or be banished from the kingdom”.

    So even if the complicit members of the American aristocracy were somehow to be apprehended, which historically is highly doubtful, they would suffer no punishment. The federal prosecutors are selected on the basis of being blackmailable and with the implicit understanding that they would go against primarily small fish, no one of any great importance. Even if traitors were put in custody, federal grand juries and U.S. District Court trial juries are carefully screened to eliminate independent-minded persons. The American Gestapo, the FBI, constituting part of the nation’s secret political police, in most federal districts, select the pool from which grand jurors are selected, and hand-pick the venire, likewise the pool, from which trial jurors are chosen. In Chicago, for example, the supposedly all-seeing FBI selected a known gangster to sit on a federal grand jury for a number of months, corrupting and perverting the process, and he being supposedly part of investigating fellow mobsters. [The Chicago U.S. District Court case of U.S. versus Robert Girardi, not adequately reported by the monopoly press. A watered down story appeared in the Chicago Tribune, January 21, 1994, “Ex-U.S. Grand Jury Member Indicted In Leaking of Information”.]

    In its simplest explanation, we went to war in 1991 because George Herbert Walker Bush, then President, was disgruntled against his former private business partner, Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman. [Visit our website story for details, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”.] Hussein was installed in the 1970s, in part at the time the Elder Bush was head of America’s secret police. Some ten years after 1991, we went to war again because the former head of the secret police’s son, George W. Bush, is disgruntled against HIS former business partners, the Bin Laden Family and their family member Osama bin Laden, falsely described as being on the outs with his family. Osama was, like Saddam Hussein, created by the American CiA, with the connivance of former Director of Central Intelligence, the Elder Bush, as Vice President and later as President, to engage in a war with the Soviet Union. The Soviets were worn out by this. This led, in part, to the downfall of the Soviet Union and the Moscow government. Also helping destroy the Soviet Union, to make them now a “friend” of the United States, was the CIA-orchestrated attack on the Russian ruble, which undermined the Soviet’s financial validity. [See the book, “Thieves World” by Claire Sterling, Simon & Shuster, New York, 1994. Also, our website story, “Marc Rich and others Fingered By A Letter”.]

    Over the centuries, Afghanistan has been the graveyard of invaders. No prior army ever previously has succeeded against the tunnels, the mountains, the terrain. The American CIA has been instrumental, in the past, in helping the Afghans finance their way of life with growing poppies and being the supplier of upwards of sixty per cent of the heroin to Europe. With a large supply of heroin parked outside Afghanistan, the Afghans are in the works to flood heroin throughout the world AT HALF THE GOING PRICE. The Afghans resisted Unocal and others of the oil cartel, tied to the Bush Family, in putting a natural gas/oil pipeline through Afghanistan to Pakistan and to Red China. The Afghanis, in the view of the cartel, have been demanding too large a per centage as their cut for allowing the pipeline project to proceed. Hence, the oil monopoly needs to overthrow the Kabul government, install their own government, and proceed with the pipeline project. [A situation somewhat similar to the British Counter-Intelligence joint effort with CIA, in 1953, to overthrow the Iran elected government and arbitrarily restore, as a CIA puppet, the Shah to the Peacock Throne. When the Shah became difficult, in 1979 the CIA overthrew him, and installed a British Counter-Intelligence agent, Ayotollah Khomeini, to rule. George Bush worked a treasonous deal in 1980, to delay the release of 52 U.S. hostages, held by Iran, so as to make Jimmy Carter, running for re-election, appear to be a wimp. This benefitted the Reagan/Bush election campaign. The hostages were released at the very moment Reagan/Bush were inaugurated in January, 1981. This treachery by George Herbert Walker Bush was dubbed part of “The October Surprise”.]

    British royalty put the Elder Bush into the oil business. [See, for example, “The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush” by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaiken.] For laundering the proceeds of dope trafficking, oil deals, and weapons smuggling, the Bush Family has a joint account with the Queen of England in her private bank, Coutts Bank London. Through that joint account, hundreds of billions of illicit dollars are washed. [See our website series, “Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush” and the Bush Family’s 25 secret worldwide accounts, together with the secret federal reserve wire transfer records that can be brought up on your screen from our website, showing the hundreds of billions of dollars.]

    For almost 40 years, our group, the Citizen’s Committee to Clean Up the Courts, has successfully time and again fingered corrupt members of the state and federal judiciary. Our firm policy always has been to NEVER divulge eyewitnesses and sources, since the government is incapable of protecting them. As the Chairman/Founder of the group, I take the responsibility of confronting the judges to their face and have suffered the consequences repeatedly over the decades. The corrupt judges have demanded I divulge methods of investigation, witnesses, and sources, and when I refuse, invoking our policy, they have time and again put me, wheelchair and all, in prison, for contempt of court, a nebulous power that seems to be inherent in their black robes of office. Most every such judge, having falsely jailed me, later was sent to jail for bribery. An identified crook on the bench is no longer useful. No decent bagman will further bother to bribe them (a funny contradiction of terms). A crooked judge is thrown away like an old shoe, no longer capable of doing as told.

    I have always tried to be fair even to known corrupt judges. I have made it our policy, that I or a close associate in my presence, asks the targeted judge to confess his crimes. I explain that this will save the taxpayers expense in getting rid of the judge by having to put him or her on trial and after conviction, sending them away. [The biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history, touched off by us, is now the subject of a book, “Illinois Justice” by Kenneth Manaster, published September, 2001, by University of Chicago Press. The cover of the book with my picture on it is on the website, http://www.rense.com Click on my name on the side where it shows columnists.]

    Will George Herbert Walker Bush confess his prior knowledge of the violence occurring on September 11, 2001? Will he admit that HE was running the country from in or near the White House on that tragic day? What provision, if any, of the U.S. Constitution, empowers the Elder Bush to have such a power? Will the Elder Bush confess openly his private business partnership which went sour with Saddam Hussein, being part of an unpublicized lawsuit in Chicago? [See our website series, “The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh”, giving the name and number of the litigation and other details.My exclusive details were in a populist paper, Spotlight, August 19, 1991.]

    Will his son, George W. Bush, confess his private business partnerships with the bin Laden Family, including Osama bin Laden who is not that much on the outs with his family reportedly receiving tens of millions of dollars from them secretly? Will George W. Bush confess that he and HIS family have a huge financial interest with the oil cartel which wants to overthrow the Kabul government so the Afghanistan oil and natural gas pipeline project can proceed? Does the secret political police really know who all the hi-jackers were? Did they not use fake identification? Knowledgeable sources contend the violence of September 11, 2001, was part of a bloody internal struggle within the hierarchy in the United States. That it was done through surrogates that may not have known their handlers and patrons in the American aristocracy.
    More coming. Stay tuned

    January 29, 2012 at 5:18 am

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