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The Question That Underlies Everything

So 2012 is upon us. A year of predicted doom and fulfillment of prophecy, as usual we will have to wait to see what actually transpires before we can look at it as a historical year. That being said, there is some significance to the beginning of this year and the prospects for the rest of it. Between problems at home, international issues, and the ever-present decline of seemingly all economics in general in the United States, there are many potential fires that will need to be put out in the year ahead. With all of that being said, I did not sit down today to write about the worlds specific ills.I wanted to write about something that has been eating at my mind for some time now, probably pushed to the forefront by the constant reflection brought on by the pure depth of the problems facing this country and this world.

People will always read anything written about “the end of the world” and give the usual answer, that being “they’ve said that for hundreds of years and we are still here”, and generally that is a true statement. What always gets me though is that when one considers things for a second, you have to realize it is logical to think that eventually, the steady civilization we have is bound to collapse, as many in history have collapsed before us. Technology does not make us immune to the ebbs and flows of a civilization of people, and as more and more issues pile up, even if they are slowly being dealt with, it puts pressure on the basic stability of everything and it seems to me that we are adding major problems at a rate like never before. This brings me to the question I spoke of in the title of this blog, that being ” Has the fracture of human nature gone so far that the collapse of the current form of governments and societies as we know them is almost inevitable, caused by the effect that failure of nature has had on the behavior of each person in a society that is supposed to be united?”

I realize that is long-winded, so feel free to shorten it up without losing the meaning, but I feel the question is valid. The reason this has come to mind is probably because there is an election coming and like any citizen, voter or not, I am curious to see what direction our country will be heading next. At the same time though, I have a hard time thinking that it will matter either way, as far as who gets elected. Now probably, at this point, I have lost most of my readers due to my defeatist attitude but I just don’t know any other way to perceive things. No matter what way i look at politics, religion, society and basically every other aspect of the world I always come back to the same question. It eats at me, at my mind, because I just can’t understand how so many of us have fallen so far away from the trees of our youth. I mean, when we were kids there were certain universal things we all learned. Respect other people, treat others as you wish to be treated, don’t lie, don’t steal etc. Somewhere along the growth process though, these beliefs have been washed away, destroyed by a way of life created to drive each person to be better than the next. A way of life where status is valued more than character, money is valued more than morality, and power is more important than accomplishments.

I realize these things aren’t going to change anymore and in the end, this is what probably makes me dumb. I let all this bug me everyday, tear at me and because of this I am a weak man. Like a child, I just cannot believe that the world is as harsh as it is. I long to believe all those things I believed when I was ten years old. I haven’t been able to let go of that “innocence” view and that is my biggest weakness. I just wanted to admit that so people realized that I try to look at myself as harshly as I look at the world.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope that there are children growing up this very minute who will hold onto those values they learned in their youth so tightly that it will all but guarantee a change in the priorities of us as a whole……..I’m just scared there isn’t…..


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