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Fact Checking The GOP Debate/What???

Ok so last night, after about a half hour of lunacy I had to turn off the GOP debate. Not because I necessarily support the Democrats over the GOP but because this race has become such a lying clown-show where the facts are constantly wrong that it is actually nauseating to think one of these men is going to be one of the two finalists for the President of The United States. I mean geez…if these men want to lead the most powerful country on the Earth shouldn’t they be held to a standard of at least telling the truth sometimes?? The following fact checking did not originate with me, it is all over the internet but I thought I’d discuss a few of the entertaining moments.


Romney started the idiocy by trying to make Obama look militarily soft by claiming that he has allowed the Navy to become smaller “than any time since 1917.” While it is true we had more ships in 1917 than we do now, today’s figure is actually larger than all of the last four years of the Bush administration. So Mitt, you weren’t even close on that one….On top of that wouldn’t you figure as ships are armed with more power technologically, we would logically need fewer to do the same job? I think we’re a little bit ahead of the 1917 war technology these days aren’t we?

Romney claimed Obama has “no plans” for NASA. In truth it was George Bush who put the plan in motion to retire the shuttle program and it’s end in 2010 cost Florida residents quite a few jobs. Obama does have a NASA plan in action including the development of a heavy-lift launch vehicle designed to be able to get outside the Earth’s atmosphere with the goals of landing on an asteroid by 2025 and on Mars sometime in the 2030’s. Strike two Mitt…you would think these guys would realize that we all have internet nowadays and can look up the facts behind these statements. I hope Obama is defeated by someone in the next election but it’s hard to imagine any of these guys have a chance when they spend a debate just making things up.

Romney continued his attacks on the federal health care law, saying that the country has $15 trillion in debt and President Obama “adds another trillion on top for Obamacare and for his stimulus plan that didn’t create private-sector jobs.”But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will reduce yearly deficits — by $119 billion over the 2012-2019 period — not add to them. Again these numbers and information comes from a variety of online sources such as FactCheck.org, I’m just passing the info on.

Romney claimed Gingrich had resigned “in disgrace” after the House (including most Republicans) voted to reprimand him and penalize him $300,000 on January 17, 1997. In fact, as Gingrich later correctly noted, he didn’t announce his resignation until nearly two years later, on Nov. 5, 1998. His ouster was prompted by a poor showing in the 1998 elections, in which the GOP lost five House seats.(factcheck.org)

Gingrich wrongly claimed “that, when I was speaker, we had four consecutive balanced budgets.” Only two of the four occurred while Gingrich was speaker.


I don’t want people to think I’m being biased so here’s a look at some upcoming Obama statements.


President Obama’s first 2012 campaign ad misleads on ethics, “clean-energy” jobs and U.S. dependence on oil imports.

  • The spot uses outdated quotes from groups that said his record on ethics is “unprecedented” and that he “kept a promise to toughen ethics rules.” One of those same groups said later that he “has let down millions of Americans who accepted his word,” and another rated his promise as “broken.”
  • The 30-second TV spot also trumpets a claim of “2.7 million jobs” in “America’s clean-energy industry.” That mostly counts jobs put in place long before Obama took office.
  • Finally, it boasts that U.S. dependence on foreign oil has declined to below 50 percent, as a net share of total demand, for the first time in more than a decade. That’s true, and increasing U.S. oil production is a factor (despite Republican criticisms that Obama is anti-drilling). But economists say the chief factor is reduced oil consumption, brought on by the recent economic recession.


I want to restate that the majority of this information comes from FactCheck.org as well as other independent online sources and is not my information but I felt it was worthwhile enough to spread the information. If you would like further information I would suggest reading FactCheck.org as well as other fact checking sites.


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