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The Truth About The Lies About Conspiracy.

I admit, I am a conspiracy buff. I have always found them interesting simply because they are usually fantastical and complex in their supposed structure. Secret organizations, alien plots, wonders of science too classified for the general public, these all tend to be apt descriptions for many of the conspiracy theories we read and hear about virtually every day. I want to take a moment today to drive home a few points that I feel almost can not be argued when considering the possibility of truth in some of these theories. In this post, I have no intention of telling you that you should or should not believe any of the theories in question. Instead, I am hoping to convince you that, while many of these theories will ultimately be found to be false, odds would dictate that either at least a few of them are true and if they aren’t, then conspiracy theories in general can be considered some sort of mass mental illness phenomenon.

You see, the way I look at it is that there are sooo many theories out there, so many countless unexplained or suspicious situations, that there has to be at least one or two that have more to them than just some simple explanation. On top of that, I feel it must be considered that our leaders have a very long, very proven history of being dishonest with the general public and because of their track record, it’s hard for me to believe we should take them at their word every time one of these situations arises. It is really that simple. If there was only one theory out there we could easily chalk it up to somebody being paranoid or having another agenda but when there are dozens and dozens and dozens of them, I just find it hard to believe that every single one of them is the work of some paranoid person every single time. If they are, then our country has a much bigger mental health issue than previously considered. Let’s look at some of the theories out there and I’ll comment and hopefully you will too as I always value my few readers opinions…(if my readers are real and not actually government-run robots designed to watch me all day….sorry I couldn’t resist..)

1) 9/11 being a hoax-this is a current conspiracy that provokes heated debate after heated debate. Everything from the attack being used to justify American occupation of the Middle East to the attack being perpetrated as a “false flag” terror attack used to rob American citizens of their civil rights. I, personally, have always thought the whole attack was more a case of negligence by the intelligence community, but there are some out there who would bet their souls there is more to it than that. I will say there are a few odd facts connected to the whole scenario, including the lack of a plane wreckage at the Pentagon, to the mass sell off of airline industry related stocks by people connected to the government only days before the attack. Personally, I find the lack of a wreckage at the Pentagon the strangest because even though the government has stated in burned up in the explosion, I have researched literally hundreds of plane wrecks in the last 30 years and except for ones that sunk in the ocean, there is almost always a significant piece of wreckage that remains. This doesn’t prove conspiracy but it is an odd circumstance.

2)Aliens crashed in New Mexico- In 1947 something crashed in the desert of New Mexico. The Army stated, rather explicitly,that they had recovered a “flying disc” from a nearby ranch. They quickly changed their tune though and provided evidence of a weather balloon, but the conspiracy theory was born. Now, I’m not saying this proves anything, and I’ve never lived in a town where a balloon crashed,but am I the only one who finds it odd that the army was the first organization to respond to a balloon crashing?? They usually aren’t the first responders to a plane crash but they’re all over those balloons?? These are the types of gaping chasms of logic missing that will always force people to question whether the government, proven liars let’s be honest, is being straightforward. Add on the fact that they then decided to build a massively secret base right there and you have the ingredients for a conspiracy theory.

3) The Moon landing was staged or faked-We have all heard this one. A collection of shadows, claims of inconsistent photographs and government denials have led to many people to believe we never actually went there but I believe these people are focusing on the wrong facts. To me, the biggest question surrounding the moon landing is simply the fact that currently our government is planning a return trip in 2020. Are you telling me that, with 1969 technology we were able to repeatedly land on the moon but in 2012 we are still 8 years away from being able to do it again? That and the fact we’ve been blowing up space shuttles here and there with modern-day technology just trying to get into orbit, which can’t be anywhere near as difficult as landing on the moon. You would think, based on technological progression in pretty much every single category, that if we could do it repeatedly in 1969 then it should be a cakewalk with today’s advanced technology.

There are many, many more out there but I’ve had enough fun for now. I hope if you took the time to read this that you realize I am not saying any of these theories are true, only that there are gaps in logic and reason so wide that a fifth grader could understand it. What that means to me is that either some of these theories out there, not necessarily the three I listed, are true and that if every single one of them are truly false, then mental illness has become an epidemic of historical proportions….have a nice day…



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