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SuperDuperMajor Wastes Of Flesh

In a time when there are so many issues facing us all in their daily lives, it seems to me that one of the most important and often overlooked things in the world are the people playing intricate roles in the application of solutions. Yes these people are often under the microscope of the media and the public, but it seems to me that far too often, the perception of these people is far more recognized than the reality. The following is a list of individuals who I feel society should shun and cast out of the public eye, not because I personally have anything against them, but more because the facts show that their involvement in our issues is completely and unarguably having a negative effect. Keep in mind I am not asking for a legal solution as much as I am asking people to recognize reason and hold these individuals to a standard for the negative influence they have.

1.Ann Coulter– First off, Ms. Coulter is a lawyer, so that is strike one…lol……ok, so all kidding aside Coulter is a person who clearly cares far more about selling books than she does about making a positive contribution to pretty much anything other than her own bank account. From her clearly bias liberal bashing that is often far more rooted in hate than it is in fact, to her playing on stereotypes about Muslims, homosexuals and pretty much anybody who is not white and rich, she is as close to a hatemonger as anybody in the public eye. You need only look to her constant reference to our president as “B. Hussein Obama” to see how she attempts to play on people’s ignorance to forward her agenda by invoking her right to free speech to encourage hate towards a whole race of people. You need only look at the quote following this entry to see her elitist, racist, warmongering attitude shine through and the fact that she has pride in this behavior shows a gap in morality that is much wider than her tight ass. Her commentary contributes nothing but fuel to a racist and bias fire and if she was to suddenly disappear tomorrow I would have to believe that society as a whole would benefit.

2. Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, Bill O’reilly, Bret Baier, Rachael Maddow, Rush Limbaugh– I decided to group these folks together for two reasons. One, they represent some of the most visible people in a group of “media” people who can not be factually classified as anything but spreaders of pure hate . Two, there are so many more I figured I would just use these blowhards to represent the rest of them so feel free to add in a few. Each of these individuals is guilty of taking the trust of their viewers, often people who are easily influenced, and abusing it by lying, misleading and mis-characterizing facts on a regular basis in order to push a personal agenda under the guise of journalism. Yes, many of them will make the statement that they are not actually journalists, but through their statements and actions they give their viewers the impression that they are from one side of their mouth, as they deny being one out of the other side. The most important part of the problem here though is that each of the individuals encourages intolerance and anger towards those that do not agree with them. This hate they teach infects their followers, and in doing so, makes members of society hateful towards each other before they even begin to discuss an issue. In doing so, they perpetuate hate between people and they all profit handsomely in doing so. What’s even worse is that they feel pride in their divisive actions, embracing a life of wealth earned by preaching intolerance. Talking robots that provided the facts of the news would be a serious improvement and each of these people are part of the problem, not the solution.


There is really no limit to how many offensive actions this group of clowns has taken part in but I could dedicate a whole blog to their idiocy and I want to include a few others somewhat outside of the “media” world

3. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, and the rest of the congressional Democrats.-For all of the bad people like to pile on the Republicans, these three freak-shows have done their part to play the other side of the coin to nauseating perfection. All of them are so dedicated to hating the Republican view, they are usually more than willing to ignore the needs of the country as long as they feel like they can spin their actions to make the other party look bad. The fact that many of them have actually been reelected is a shocking example of how little quality the general public demands of their leadership and with leaders like this I would think  most citizens wouldn’t have time to hate leaders of other countries labeled “evil” when we have our own home-grown crop right here.

4. John McCain– Yes, he was a P.O.W. and yes he served his country. Unfortunately, he has spent so much time lining his pockets at the expense of the American public that it grossly outweighs any war related effort he has put in during his life. McCain has been investigated for ethics violations and often seems willing to do anything he can that will allow him to label himself as an “outsider”, even when his actions support nothing but his own ego and agenda. I forget who said it, but recently someone publicly stated that his time as a P.O.W. may have mentally damaged him but it is hard to believe that someone who has put meticulous effort into his own wealth, whether or not it has helped his constituents, is anything but a scheming elitist.

5. The American Public-Now this may seem unfair but think about it. We elect and then re-elect criminals, morons, racists, bigots, and thieves. We judge each other and treat each other poorly based on gender, race, religion, political affiliation. We feel entitled from the time we are children. We value athletes, actors and musicians much more than we value police, teachers and firefighters. We attend debates and speeches and cheer wildly as politicians spew complete lies and we eat it up. We are the country that has made multimillionaires out such geniuses as Lady Gaga, Snooki Polizzi and Larry The Cable Guy( I can’t believe that warrants capitalization). We fight an endless battle over gay marriage as the straight portion of the public gets divorced at a record pace. Now some people who read this will say “if you don’t like it here then why don’t you leave?”, but the thing is, I love it here. That’s why it makes me so sad to see us squandering the greatness and liberty this country was founded on so we can watch reality tv, straight to DVD movies from the same second-rate actors over and over, and listen to music that promotes sex, violence, racism, hatred and disrespect towards women.

In conclusion, this list is but a fraction of the people qualified to be on it but I have a wife and if I keep going I may never stop. Thanks for reading


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