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What Is The Consequence When War Doesn’t Work?

I jumped online today and the first thing I saw was a story about yet another bombing in Iraq, this time targeting a Shiite funeral procession. This continues to be business as usual in Iraq and after spending a decade there with our military, losing the lives of thousands of American troops, and life there is arguably no better than it was when Saddam Hussein was in power. Anybody who would dare try to say we improved things there should first consider the following numbers, then try to tell me with a straight face that we made things better.



  • From 2003-the end of 2011 there were between 105,000 and 114,000 documented civilian deaths in Iraq related to the instability after the removal of Saddam and the occupation by America and their allies.


  • In the month of January this year, there were 365 documented civilian deaths, great way to start 2012


  • 14,712 (apx.13%) of all documented civilian deaths were reported as being directly caused by the US-led coalition



  • At least 1003 suicide bombings caused civilian casualties in Iraq from 2003 to 2010.



After examining these numbers, which vary slightly from source to source, I just find it staggering that anyone could look back and support our invasion of Iraq. We have left the country, arguably at the beginning of what could be a period in their history that will rival the sadness of the Hussein regime. On top of the continued instability, we have left the country ripe to be infected with terrorist influence and also open to interference from Iran, a country we clearly have in our sights for their nuclear program. The last thing we want is a terror state,but our actions have taken Iraq from a dictatorship to what is becoming a total quagmire and as time passes and the instability gets worse, I think we are going to see that the terror actions we so despise are going to have an easier and easier time embedding themselves in a country so disorganized and divided that it’s instability will act as a fog for those who are against us to hide in.

The worst part of this war is that there is no justice. There is no justice for our brave, fallen men and women of the military. There will not be a positive memory of them as liberators. The very people they went to war to help still despise us as much as ever. The nobility shown by our troops in their effort to risk their lives for what they thought would be freedom is ending instead as an unarguable waste of time. Afghanistan continues and I think those of us with a free mind clearly see that Iran is next unless they “get into line”.

I always thought a war happened for one of two reasons. Either because a country is defending itself from attack or an effort to conquer another territory. These wars have created a new category of reason for war. An attempt, a failed one in this case, to install a form of government on people who never wanted it in the first place. When this happens and there isn’t success you wind up with a situation where you go from a bad set of leaders to no leaders at all and everyone there struggling to fill the vacuum of power. The result just can’t be good.
































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