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The Only Job You Can Suck At And Keep

Yes, you guessed it, I am talking about members of our government, the House of Representatives to be specific. This blog post will be more significant than others for one simple reason. Our country is full of citizens filled with disgust and even hate towards the leadership in this country that is seemingly driving us to the brink of collapse with each passing year. My advice to those people??


Yes you read that right. Now many of my readers are probably wondering why I, a person usually on the side of the people, would act so harshly but let me explain. Despite the fact that our governments ineptitude seemingly knows no bounds, seemingly gets worse every year that passes, we the people re-elect these same institutional failures over and over and over again.

I took the time to look into how many of these people have been in office for an extended period of time and was stunned to learn that the vast majority of them have maintained their position, being re-elected again and again and again despite their unity in failure in our government.Take a look at some of these numbers and wonder to yourself why other people lose their jobs when they suck at them, yet these people….people who have arguably the most important jobs in this country, are able to fail over and over and we reward them by giving them longevity. After we do so, we then bitch about how the government works….are ya seeing the problem here??? Check these facts….

In the House Of Representatives there are over 200 reps. who have held their seat for 10 years or longer!! Can you believe that? As much as people have complained, justifiably, about the rapid decline of this country, these failed leaders have been reelected again and again and again. With that being true its hard to listen to the complaints of the public when we keep putting these morons back in office again and again.


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