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The Real Problems Of The World

In the United States, we are at a period in our history where many feel that our country has serious problems. In a sense we do, but at the same time I often find myself thinking that by saying we have all these problems we as citizens are instead giving the world an example of how we take the greatness of our lives for granted. Yes, we have economic issues, spending issues, educational issues, a practical laundry list of things we need to fix but at the same time, as we are annoyed by these issues, I think we often fail to realize that even with all these problems, our poorest citizens are living like kings compared to the rest of the world. Practically every citizen in this country owns a television, a luxury that the rest of the world will never experience. We have health care available through emergency rooms to anyone. Yes, it often puts a person in debt, but in many parts of the world when they say there is no access to healthcare, they are saying there is actually no place to even go, regardless of cost. In truth, when we speak of the issues here, we are more realistically saying that we are afraid of losing our cushy lives and the threat of that pisses us off, much like a spoiled child losing all the extra toys a poor child never has. I want to take a moment o show what I think are the REAL PROBLEMS facing the world because they have little to do with a persons lack of material things.

Starvation-As the people in this country get angry that they do not have enough extra money they usually use on entertainment they often fail to consider that a large percentage of the world is STARVING TO DEATH. The World Hunger Organization estimates that one of every seven people on this planet are going hungry each day. There are literally dozens of countries where the weekly budget for food for a family of four is less than our families spend on one trip to McDonalds. We eat so well that our country is morbidly obese while children in other parts of the world appear anorexic  and their ribcage is so exposed that they often don’t even appear human. These people do not have such a thing as a restaurant or even a grocery store in most cases, yet we have complaining as Red Lobster, the Olive Garden and Burger King is packed to the hilt almost every night.

Overpopulation-We are running out of space. The world population recently passed the seven billion mark and continues to grow each day. This population issue is one that really doesn’t receive much attention but it is simple mathematics that a seven-year old could understand. Our planet is a certain size with a certain amount of resources. As time passes, there are more and more people using more and more of these resources. As the population continues to increase, the rate at which we consume these resources continues to increase as well. All these facts lead us to a grim conclusion, that being  we are rapidly moving to a point where there will be no resources left. The United States aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East, an area rich in the valuable resource of oil, is a shining example of what this issue will lead to. In the future, as resources dwindle, we will continue to see countries that use the largest amount of these resources become more and more aggressive towards making sure they are in control of what is available, and this aggression will only lead to further military conflict as each country tries to make sure it has what it needs, even if it is at the expense of others.

Nationalism- People’s pride in their country can be an extremely scary thing. Often, especially in the more stable and successful countries, we see that citizens who are intoxicated with their way of life have no problem with their country acting immoral as long as it enables them to have what they want. Only 50 years ago, we saw a Nazi Germany try to take over most of Europe and while there were many Germans opposed to their genocide and war mongering along moral lines, there were also many who were fine with it because of their nationalistic support of the growth of what they considered their “superior” country. In today’s world, as a citizen of the United States, I have to say that this nationalistic pride is alive and well today. When our country involves itself militarily in other parts of the world, a sure sign of said nationalism is how quickly anyone who does not support a military action is “unpatriotic” or “doesn’t support the troops”. Just because a person doesn’t support the reason for a war doesn’t mean they want our noble troops to die but because of the effect of nationalism, those people are often accused of that. This prideful feeling forcing people to ignore morality, truth or reason is growing in many countries other than ours and is a very scary phenomenon.

Human Rights– Living in the United States, we are not exposed to human rights violations very often but we are in the minority. There are countries all over the planet that torture their citizens, oppress religious belief, restrict their citizens from being able to freely leave their country, and punish people for lifestyle choices such as homosexuality. The reason this is a worldwide problem is that with today’s world being so much more globalized than it was in the past, these violations cause instability inside the countries that perpetrate them and also leave countries that are more free with the moral issue of whether they can stand by as these people are abused. These human rights violations create worldwide tension and often are the driving factor behind total revolutions that regularly affect many people outside of the country they take place in.

Sure, there are many more issues that face the modern-day world, but the ones I’ve just discussed, at least to me, seem like they trump smaller ones such as material gains, or the lifestyles of people living like kings in one country while another country starves. Just my opinion and I welcome any comments about any topics I may have missed.


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    February 4, 2012 at 3:24 am

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