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Where Did I Go?

Hey gang. Sorry my posting rate has dipped off, the in-laws are in town and were doing some house remodling. I should be posting at my usual rate by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience!!!


Make The Penalty Fit The Crime

Sometimes extreme solutions are needed to solve extreme problems. In this era of political correctness and every action imaginable being fair game for lawsuits, people love to act as if we are so civilized but when you look at the facts of the world, humans are really the same savages we have always been, the only difference is now we have technology to be savage with. We still kill each other is disputes between countries, still have some countries living in a state of chaos, still have people willing to kill each other over belief, over race. With all that in mind, I want to present a few ideas that put both our political correctness and our need to appear “civilized” aside and deal with issues in a way that might actually get people to change their behavior. I know they’ll sound brutal but when you have problems like the ones I present, that have plagued us for decades with little change, it is time to start making accountability a more seriously respected issue. I’d love to hear what some of my readers think.

1.Public Executions– For years we have seen people commit horrible crimes, be sentenced to death, and then sit on death row for a decade before their sentence is even carried out. When it is, it usually is no more than another news story to all but the dozen people or so who actually witness the criminal receive a punishment meant to send a message and act as a deterrent to everyone. I believe if these executions were to have the layer of political correctness removed and be carried out as they were many years ago, it would send a much stronger message to potential criminals in the future. Since attending such a thing would be completely voluntary, the only people who could really complain are the people who complain about the death penalty now, so there wouldn’t be much change there. On the other side though, if a man who raped and killed a woman, or someone who murdered a child, was hung in a public square for all to see, I do believe that it would send a powerful message to anyone considering such an act in the future. In the current system, these people know that, even if convicted, they will still spend the rest of their life with a place to sleep and three meals a day, free medical and dental care, and many years of living before their sentence is even carried out, if it even is before they die naturally. While that probably isn’t something these people want to do, if they had to consider that if caught they would spend only months in jail before having their necks snapped like a twig to the cheers of those demanding justice, I would like to think a few more of them would think a little longer knowing such a harsh punishment could be in their future.

Rape a woman? Murder a child? Get What You Deserve!!

2.Political Corruption/Treason– I feel very strongly on this issue. While I believe that we should all be treated equally, this is one situation where I think the treatment should vary. When holding a position in the government, whether it is a governor, a senator or a mayor, you have been given a position that not only compensates you very well, but also expects you to work for positive change for a large amount of people. When a person takes this kind of position, they take with it a large amount of responsibility, and in my opinion, voluntary breaking of the law while in this position is far worse than if some random individual committed the same crime. When a politician steals tax dollars, or makes money off of illegal actions, they are affecting literally thousands of people and betraying the trust of an entire voter populous. On top of that, they commit these crimes knowingly, it is impossible to “accidentally” steal from the people. With all this in mind, I believe that politicians who commit these types of crimes should be charged with treason and sentenced to life in prison. It may seem harsh but only by making it such a severe penalty for ripping off the public can we ensure that it stops happening. If you are a member of congress, and you steal tax dollars, then you have stolen from every one of your constituents and should be charged as such. There is no argument against this. You can’t accidentally slip on some water and embezzle money and when these guys commit these crimes, they hurt the whole country. We need to demand, as a populous, a higher level of ethical behavior so that we ensure only true leaders, men and women of honor, are the ones running this country.

Destruction of our Government Is Treason.Treat it as such...

3.Rape=Castration–Plain and simple, if you are convicted of forcible rape of a woman, in my opinion, you should be castrated. Both testicles removed for good. If you think it’s unfair then guess what?? Quit raping women!! From some of the interviews I’ve read, I get the impression that being raped is almost worst than being killed, because you have to live with the horrible memory of it. Again, you can’t slip and accidentally rape someone and any man who chooses to voluntarily commit this horrific crime should permanently lose part of his manhood. Additionally he should be happy we don’t chop off his johnson as well. I guarantee if this was the penalty for a rape conviction, you would see the number of them go down.


Shoulda thought twice huh?


Now those are just a few ideas and I am certain there are other areas we could adjust as well but I hope those three examples give the reader an idea of the direction I am talking about. I cannot see any scenario where these changes would do anything but benefit society, but that is just my opinion. Thanks as usual for reading!!


A Day In My BiPolar Life..Or Is It? Am I Here?

I wake each morning slowly. My medication makes me feel like I am waking from a coma each day instead of a nights sleep. It would probably bug me, but before the medication I would wake up screaming and thrashing about from the graphic, violent and disturbing nightmares that I would have each and every night. You’d be surprised how poorly you sleep when every time you drift off you see graphic images of you killing and eating other people, and that’s on the more mellow nights…..anyway, now that I have a good combination of medications, the dreams are a little less frequent. I still have them but they “feel” more passive if that makes any sense.

So, after I get up, it usually takes at least 3 or 4 cups of coffee before I really start to feel like I haven’t taken a Valium in the last 20 minutes. The more awake I become, the more I start having secondary thoughts to every thought that goes through my head. I see a bird outside, and in my head I see it dead and rotting. I see a neighbor walking her dog and I get a flash of an out of control car crashing into her, smearing her all over the sidewalk. This secondary train of thoughts pretty much goes through my head all day every day, the medication just makes it a little easier to ignore them. If I don’t hear from my wife when she gets to work, all types of scenarios involving her death track through the back of my mind until I hear from her. I try to ignore them but some days they bug me more than others, I love her so much i don’t know how I could go on without her. I usually close all the blinds in my house every morning. My neighbor is in the military and I think he watches me sometimes. I rant a lot about the government online and I wonder sometimes if I’m on a list somewhere and if I’ll be found drown in my bathtub one day. I try to get things done around the house that my wife needs done….some days I do better than others. One day I’ll get a lot done, the next I tend to drift off into visions when I look at things. I lose minutes most days, here and there, and I don’t always remember what was in my mind at the time. On the days when I go out into public, to run errands or go to school, I look down a lot. I don’t like people looking in my eyes. I feel like they’ll see my anger, my hate for all of them. I feel it bubbling like water starting to boil the more time I spend among them and, depending on the day, I have at times snapped at people angrily who have asked me for the time, or to borrow a cigarette.

I usually get home before noon and am exhausted. The medication is time release and by noon each day I am so wiped out that if I don’t nap for an hour or two I appear to have not slept in days by 5 or 6 o’clock that evening. I pick up the kids from school around 3:15 most days(I also drop them off in the morning around 8). I love my kids. They are my stepchildren but they are the light of every one of my days. When I’m spending time with them I feel happy, much more easily able to block out my thoughts. Many days, the rush I feel when helping them with their homework, making dinner for them and my wife, leaves me in a euphoric state, almost hyperactive. This “up” can last for minuets or days, it’s hard to tell sometimes. Once my wife gets home, her love is like a blanket for me. A peaceful hum that drowns out the voices, at least until i fall asleep.

There are days though, when the voices, the thoughts, are so bad that nothing blocks them out. I feel so angry those days, not at anyone I know but rather the rest of the reality around me. Those days, I always hear the voice but unlike other days, I see them in my mind. They come in the form of me, my doppelganger. He is everything I hate. His eyes are dark, his thoughts are evil and full of hate. He sees all my fears, all my failures. He laughs at me, tries to bring me down but fuck him, that’s what I usually think, but some days he really gets to me. He takes the blackness in my soul and rams it in my face, forces me to wonder whether I am really him, or really me. I want to kill him but I can’t without killing me first. I was going to at one point but love has kept me from that, it has become a wall that constantly rebuilds itself every time he knocks bricks out of it.Thank God for Renee…I love her far more than i love myself, but I think if I can always make her happy that will always make me happy and my life will have a purpose instead of being the vile pit it is, lying at my center.


Freedom Of Speech Needs To Be Reconsidered

Right now, in humanity, freedom trumps morality. I am not talking about morality based off of any belief system but instead the areas of morality that are universal. It is wrong to steal, no matter what your belief system is. It is wrong to murder, no matter what belief system. It is wrong to lie, to hurt others, to oppress others, to discriminate against others and no matter what your belief system is, if it endorses any of those things being right, then IT IS WRONG. If you endorse any of these ideas, I do not care what you think, YOU ARE WRONG.

The reason I have stated the previous facts, and they are facts, is that human beings lust for freedom has taken us in a dangerous and illogical direction. It has put us in a place where we allow things to infect our environment that are wrong just because of our need to allow people to have the freedom to do so. How much sense does that make? Should not the goal of our society be one that achieves the best life for all of us? If your answer is no then you are an idiot and I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you. Nothing about my previous statement says that we must be socialists or that the hard-working must support the lazy, instead what I am saying is that there should not be things allowed that are universally agreed to be wrong in our society. We have already understood this point in the case of murder, no matter what, it is not allowed, but why do we draw the line at physical things? For example, if I walk up to a random African-American in public, look him right in the eye and call him a nigger, and he in turn punches me in the face, why should he be the one arrested? Why should he be the one who has committed a crime? Should we not be holding ourselves to a higher standard in our advancement as a race?

I just can never fathom why we, as a race, choose to allow freedom of speech to the point that it damages society as a whole, it just does not make sense. Another example of this is the Westboro Baptist Church. These people are the hate mongers who protest outside the funerals of noble soldiers with signs saying “thank God for dead soldiers”. Them being allowed this freedom does nothing but hurt other citizens, just because it is emotional as opposed to physical does not matter. You may think I am insane, but if one of these soldiers family members walked up to these lowlifes and shot one of them outside a funeral, if I was on the jury I would refuse to find that person guilty. Them shooting someone who willingly attempted to emotionally harm them was self-defense in my mind because the protestor actively tried to harm that person. Them being allowed their freedom of speech does nothing but harm the country.

I am certain few people will read this and think I’m a fascist, a communist or any number of other things but there is one thing I am not and that is someone who will fight for people’s right to hurt each other. It is illogical and damaging to us all in the end, and whether the damage done is emotional or physical, it doesn’t change the fact that there are some rights and wrongs that cannot be justified.I am not saying people should lose their freedom of speech, I’m saying it is long past time that humanity realized that some of the views we have been attached to for so long need to be reevaluated to more reasonably fit our advancement as a race.



Wars Are No Longer Just….

I had a thought today I wanted to share about the whole Iran situation. I know I have commented on things over there a few times before but the more I look at the whole scenario, the more pointless it seems to me. Consider the following, first off, Iran is all over the news because they came out and revealed the progress they have made on their nuclear plant. That would be their first nuclear plant. The United States has 104 commercial units operating at 64 different sites. There are also 34 units operating at various universities as well and this doesn’t count any “unreported or secret” units that the Department of Justice or any other agency operates, and trust me there are a few of those out there. Gee, why would another country be mad because we tell them they can’t have something that we have 140+ of??

I’ll get back to that in a second. I wanted to make a point how truly far these countries are behind us in order to make a point that this is exactly the reason why they feel so threatened by us. Think about it, Iran is so excited by the progress they are making on their nuclear plant that they have their president loading fuel rods into a reactor?? Really?? Can you imagine seeing Obama, Bush or Clinton actually handling nuclear fuel rods?? This example gives me a perspective on why these countries feel so threatened by us. I mean, everything they are trying to accomplish even once to advance their country, things we have been accomplishing for decades, have to be approved and inspected by us? Why? Who gave us the right to run other countries governments?

Now don’t give me that “they are dangerous” bullshit. Iran has attacked no one. Don’t give me the “their people aren’t free” bullshit either because they are no less free than China’s people are and we aren’t doing anything about their nuclear programs. To me, the more I look at the nuclear debate with Iran, the more I think it is purely based on racism and bigotry against both their culture(Arabic) and their religion(Islam). When you look at it that way, and I do not have any way to just “put it”, that’s the way it is, then the United States is moving dangerously close to the internationally fascist attitude that the Nazi’s had.

Im sure that last statement will get a few people angry at me but I truly do not care. Before you attack me, just for one second, try to free your mind and take an overview of this situation. Iran, whether you agree or disagree with their culture and style of government, is one of hundreds of countries that do not live the same way we do. Admittedly, we live at a higher level than the majority of them but that does not give us the right to conquer them and take away their right to religion or whatever way they have chosen to live.

Our disagreements with these countries that we interfere with are religious in nature, and aren’t we supposed to have a separation of church and state? Do you really think for a second that if Iran was a Christian country trying to build nuclear plants and weapons, that we would have any problem with it? Of course not, if we did we would have already confronted countries like North Korea and even Israel, who happens to be a non-declared nuclear power.

The bottom line is this, if you support military action against Iran, then you should be able to look at your children and tell them America owns other countries. With a straight face, you should be able to look your daughter in the eye and say that you are ok with the murder(war or not that is what it is) of innocent civilians, innocent women and children, in order to force another sovereign nation to do what we say they must do, without any authorization from anyone but ourselves.

Some will attack me for my above statements. If you do, know that I can sleep at night with a clear conscience over the international murder of innocents by this country. If you can sleep anyway, that speaks volumes about what type of person you truly are.

Fox News-Complete Lies And Total Bias(MSNBC Will Get It InThe Next Post!)

Lying has become all the rage in today’s United States. We teach our children that lying is wrong but as we age into adulthood we quickly learn that it is pretty much all people do in advertising, politics and the media. I thought I would take a minute to present a few examples of what I mean. To show that I am not bias to either political side, I will be writing two of these. One to show how Fox News is a bunch of freaking liars and anyone would be a real dope to believe they are getting accurate information from them. The second will show the exact same thing from MSNBC. The reason I have posted numerous videos is so that none of the brainless sheep who follow Fox can say I’m taking their behavior out of context. There are literally dozens of these out there.

Though the other news sources are hardly much better, Fox News is open and completely unapologetic about being 100% the opposite of their “fair and balanced” logo. The fact that they are willing to openly be everything that is the opposite of “fair and balanced” and not even try to look like they are is as shocking as the fact that people actually still watch them. A few examples; Bill O’Reilly who hosts his own show on the channel, lies on a regular basis. He misrepresents the position of his opponents, doesn’t allow anyone of an opposite view any equal speaking time and makes ridiculous excuses in order to make sure the agenda he wants appears to be the right one. He runs polls on his website that, when won by the people he prefers, are considered valid and when won by the people his is clearly against, then the poll is “broken”, somehow unfair and for “entertainment” purposes only. He is joined in his fabrication of propaganda effort by clowns such as Sean Hannity(LIAR), Sarah Palin(IDIOT) and countless other slaves, yes slaves, because that is exactly what they are. Bought and paid for, they have no opinion of their own, only an agenda their masters lay out. Look at a few examples below.

Glenn Beck-Right wing fear-monger, doing all he can to incite hate, separation and fear among people that they will be slaughtered?? What??

Sean Hannity boldfaced lie, never corrected by him.

Michelle Bachman being an idiot,Hannity only admits to it after Jon Stewart makes him look like an idiot…how is that an honest mistake?? Those are two separate rallies, which were two months apart, so how do they “accidentally” get merged into one misleading video?? WOW

hahahaah…ya he never said that….this may be the best one…

Bill enters this segment saying that he has bad news and that a poll on his own website must be skewed because too many Ron Paul and Herman Cain voters, voted in it so their names had to be removed so that Romney and Gingrich would win. How is a poll “skewed” by too many people voting for one of the options? Do we disqualify election candidates if too many people vote for them? Why not isn’t that skewing the poll?? WHAT A JACKASS……I proudly say F@*% YOU Bill!!!




The Human Perspective Makes No Sense

Every great thinker of our time, any great philosopher, has a statement of their view. This writing, manifesto, whatever you would like to call it, typically expresses the depth and reason behind their point or thinking. Now, with me considering myself an average thinker at best, I figure that if I am going to continue to advance in my evolution as a human being, I am going to have to write me up one of these manifesto things, so here we go. I do not want to write the longest post ever, so I’ll be presenting this in parts. Welcome to the recess of my mind…

Human beings have an innate ability that truly separates them from the countless other species on this planet. Animals have personalities as we do, but the big difference is our separation from instinct. Even though a dog, or a lion may have a particular attitude or demeanor, they will still generally follow their instincts in almost every sense. Walking this mental path, a lion for example, will always hunt and will never have remorse, or feelings about the life they just took. It is food, nothing more, and there is no thought given to whether their prey had a family, had the same interests as they do, or was a nice guy or gal. Human beings on the other hand have a higher level of intelligence. We have emotional connections, reason and abstract thought but despite that it is arguable that the lion is still more intelligent than we are simply because it adheres to a more consistent pattern of logic than we even come close to.

Bear with me for just a moment. Human beings form opinions in our perceptions of reality and in doing so, I believe we show a fatal flaw in the workings of our brains. You see, we form these opinions often based off of meaningless, pointless and totally worthless facts and if that is true then how are we not smart enough to not do that? There are people who either like or dislike, and treat or mistreat, other people based on trivial things such as a person being black, or fat, or ugly, or short, or tall, or bald, or having blonde hair, or red hair. We treat people a certain way based off of what others do in their own homes that have no effect on us. Does a person being homosexual really affect anyone but those people who choose to involve themselves in the lifestyle?Do two homosexuals getting married have any effect on my marriage? Of course not, but we as a nation having been wasting tax dollars fighting over this point for years.

You see, by continuing to destroy all other life forms around us through our actions and lifestyles, especially when those lifestyles are often based in want as opposed to need, human beings are rapidly proving themselves to be a destructive and horrific race of creatures. Who cares if you are smart enough to invent a gun if you shoot yourself in the head with it moments later? Does that define intelligence? The way I see things, it actually supports the exact opposite of intelligence.

Now, I will continue to try to find some reason for the way we are but I have to admit I am somewhat discouraged the more I study us. Everything valued by the vast majority of us has pretty much no meaning, plain and simple. Flashy cars, video games, celebrities, television, name brand clothes, expensive jewelry, professional sports, all of these truly have no meaning in life. When a person lives their life then passes on, what good was the price of their car, the number of diamonds in their jewelry, when they are dead and gone? None, in my opinion.I came out of a restaurant with my wife the other day and there was an elderly woman waiting for a friend to pick her up at the door of the establishment she just left. As she reached for the car door, she tripped and fell. A man walking by jumped to her aid, to help her up and make sure she was ok and when I remember that man, I will remember what he did for another human being,and whether he was wearing a five hundred-dollar suit or a jacket he got from Goodwill will be completely irrelevant.

Now maybe after reading this you will think “what has this guy(me) done with his life?” Well, probably not a whole lot more than you have but to me, that is the point. I do not own a car, have a bank account, or own enough items to fit much more than a garbage bag and you know what? I couldn’t be happier. I need only love to be happy and even though I will not demonize an individual for having this or that, I wonder how many people will lie on their deathbed one day, surrounded by their items, and wish they had spent more time cultivating their relationships instead of their toys.

U.S.A. Outsourcing Itself To Death

I wanted to comment on what I see as an interesting and dangerous phenomenon I see developing in today’s world. It shouldn’t be too long but I feel like if you take the time to read this post and really think about it, you will understand what I mean. you see, today’s world is really full of a lot of problems in a lot of different countries. These problems range from issues affecting individual governments to those that are being felt on an international level by groups of countries all over the world. Now when we are discussing the following issues, we have to realize that while there have always been problems, both in single countries and in the international community, it needs to be recognized that there has been a subtle yet significant change in the overall dynamic of what we are seeing. I believe that these changes are a direct result of one thing and one thing alone…technology, more specifically, the internet.

You see, many years ago the world had problems just as it did today. Internal conflicts in governments, economic or health related issues, these have all been here for decades worldwide. The difference between those issues 40 years ago and the issues facing us today is the connection of them all. Predictably, years ago these issues tended to be more separate, less connected to each other. Yes, the international aspect of our society always influenced things but there was far less interconnection of what was going on. In today’s world, every little issue, no matter where it originates, is beamed all over the world. Cellphones, internet videos and broadcasts have made it possible for any individual in any country to be closely and emotionally there when it comes to this or that going on halfway around the world. 40 years ago, if there was an uprising going on in another country, you would hear about it is the news, maybe see a few photos or hear an interview from an embedded reporter but that was the extent of you access. Today, we see story after story so quickly communicated that it feels as if you are right there, sharing the pain and the struggle as if you yourself were a citizen in said country.

What this has done is set the beginning of what I refer to as an “even out phase” of humanities history. The economic situation is the easiest place to see this. Think, back in the 1970’s for example, how much more dominant the United States was when compared to other countries. Sure, we would have our own ups and downs but the distance between us and most other countries was significant. Today, we are seeing our dominance slip away, little by little. I believe this is a direct result of the connections that have been made possible by technology and, more specifically, the internet. For example, let’s assume for one second that you were going to rank each country’s economic status or success on a scale of 1-10. Comparatively the United States used to be the top of the food chain, easily ranked as a 9 or 10, but as the use of the internet and technology has advanced our economy has become far more intertwined with the economy of other countries. Economics has evolved into a much more globally driven mechanism, with the economy of one country having far more influence on the economy of another. It is easy to see why. Companies have ventured into global markets more easily and in doing so have connected themselves to economies that while sometimes profitable, are less strong and stable than ours is. I believe this has had an affect in the sense that by merging our economy with less successful ones, it brings ours down while raising theirs up. If we are ranked as a 10 for example, but with technology we begin to merge our economic system with a bunch of countries who we would rank as a 5 or a 6, we see the law of averages start to come into play. Ours is ranked a 10 but we combine with a 6 and a 5, and we wind up with an average of a 7 (10+6+5=21, 21/3=7).

So in essence, our quest to expand is putting our economy is markets that are much less successful, stable, and for lack of a better word, as strong as ours is and while doing so, even if the country we intertwine with is doing well by their standards, their best standards are below what ours is used to running at and because of that, drags us down a notch or two. Don’t believe me? Think about this, in the last 15-20 years, pretty much since the advent of the internet and it’s use as a global business tool, we have seen more and more American jobs outsourced. This happens because now, with the effort to make your company international far easier because of the use of the internet and other technologies, it is much easier for a company to expand its production to a country where labor is cheaper and profits are better for them. The thing that is often ignored though is that the jobs they outsource, while helping them profit, have a significant negative effect on our overall economy, hence us being dragged down a notch on the overall scale. the company may benefit but their benefit is small compared to the negative effect the lost jobs have had on our economic status.

The United States has long been a global leader in many areas but thanks to technology and our effort to intertwine ourselves on all levels with countries whose overall “rank” so toi speak is much lower than ours, we are seeing the development of a world economy that it bringing up the low, while dragging down the high. I am not saying we cannot do business `outside our borders but if we continue to combine our once strong economy with weak and unstable ones, no one should be surprised when we even out down to the level of our new partners.


Four More Years Of Obama

This may sadden some of my friends and my readers but I’m here to let you know that we are looking at four more years of Obama, guaranteed. Despite the unhappiness many people express at Obama, and their anger has been loud and apparent, I believe that many of those people forget how unhappy everyone was with George Bush. No matter what anyone wants to say, it is a proven fact that Bush was easily the least popular president in decades and Obama has not even come close to equaling that. Now with all that in mind, Obama is still doing a crappy job and is deserving of the ire he has received from the public. Sadly, for all those people, the source of their ire will continue to be there for another four years and here is why.

The republican field fighting for the GOP nomination, to put it mildly, is a clown-show at best. There is no one generating excitement, no one seizing the momentum, no one who even comes close to being skilled enough or strong enough to stand head to head in a national election versus Obama.

Yes Obama has a lot of what I would consider terrible ideas, from his wasteful spending to his pathetic healthcare programs, but c’mon, who’s gonna beat him? Romney? Santorum? Gingrich? I seriously doubt any of these people have a chance. if any of them had the power behind them to seriously challenge, they would be taking the nomination instead of all bickering over it.

I think it also speaks volumes, when looking at the current GOP lineup, at how weak the party truly is right now. They have no strong leaders and anyone they do have that is well-known is usually only known for being so polarizing. The one thing they all have in common is their delusion over how popular they actually are. You see, most of the republicans in the spotlight these days are backed by the ferocious yet transparent people who control media sources like Fox News and what has happened is that they have become extremely popular with those who follow those sources but not with really anyone else. On top of that, their followers are unusually loud, so many of these republicans in the spotlight think that the volume of their supporters voices is relative to how popular they are and that is just not true. Take Sarah Palin for example, she is greatly popular with her base and her base is very energetic in their support of her, but no matter how loud they are that doesn’t change the fact that there is not a large volume of them. So in the end, she looks good to her small group and they are very loud about their support, but she is a joke to everyone else and this is the phenomenon that is plaguing the republicans. Small support from people who are so overly energetic that they appear to be a larger group than they actually are.

I will finish up with one last thought. I do believe there is a republican option that could challenge Obama but I also believe the republicans are not ready for him. That man is Ron Paul. Paul has the one thing none of the other candidates do and that is youthful support from people who lean to the left a bit. This is true because Paul, despite being a republican, is anti-establishment in a way that seems to be a new type of politician. It is almost a “conservative liberal”  view in a sense, with small government and spending cuts coming from the conservative side and relaxed drug and war views that resonate with the left. Now, as I said, I do not think the party is ready to embrace someone like Paul but if they truly care about taking back the White House, I believe he is their only chance. If they won’t take the plunge, then get ready for a steaming pile of Obama for four more years.