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Ranting At The Major Issues

There are many issues facing us each day, and just as many opinions as there are problems. Though anyone who knows me knows that I can be quite emotional, I really try to connect reason and logic when I am considering public issues. The reason I say that is because the problems of the public affect so many people with so many different beliefs and views that I often find myself thinking that the only way we can see our society move forward in a positive way is to use reason and logic to dictate a happy medium for these issues. That being said(my catchphrase), I wanted to share a few reason/logic related thoughts concerning the following issues that constantly plague our country; Abortion, Education, Foreign Policy, Healthcare, Taxes, and The Role Of Government….let the fun begin!

Abortion-Seemingly a never-ending issue, abortion is one of the toughest issues to find an acceptable policy that can be recognized and universally embraced. The process in itself is one of sadness because whether you believe life starts at conception or somewhere farther down the line, the bottom line truth is that this action prevents the eventual growth of a human being. The obvious debate is whether we are stopping life during its growth or stopping it before what inevitably will be growth farther ahead in the biological process. To me though, I do not see one or the other as truly mattering because whether it is murder, as some people see it, or an action that prevents life before it starts, as others see it, the common factor in both views is that a life is prevented from happening. When I look at it that way, one question always comes to mind….shouldn’t we, as a supposedly “advanced” race, be responsible enough to never put ourselves in a position to have to choose in the first place? It isn’t like it is possible to trip on the sidewalk and have your penis just land in someone, just as it isn’t really possible for a woman’s vagina to just suck in some random penis walking by. Pregnancy can only happen as a result of intercourse and if you choose to take part in that action then shouldn’t you expect that result??     

Yes, I am aware of the cases where the pregnancy is the result of a rape, but that is far less common and to be honest, that should really be the only time where a person even has to be concerned about it because if you had sex, the natural process for getting pregnant, then how can you make the statement “I didn’t mean to get pregnant!”….what? You were having sex!!  Now I know many will jump me and say that we as people should have the right to have sex if we want, and I don’t disagree with that, I just find it highly illogical that the known result of sex has become such a problem. The vast majority of abortions are the result of unprotected sex which means that in the end, the need for an abortion could have been prevented, but human beings would rather be lazy and then have a way out of facing the consequences that we were well aware of before we took part in the activity.

The Krom Solution-Quit getting pregnant if you don’t want to have a child!! If people did this, abortion would not be an issue!

Education-Education in the United States has really fallen off in the last 20 years. We used to be consistently striving to be the best but that attitude seems to be fading faster than the Voyager satellite as it passes out of our solar system. Between overcrowded class rooms, lower standards and general apathy towards an education, we have seen our country fall to an educational position in the world where countries like China have more honor students than we have total students. What is the solution? Well first off, it would seem logical that the position of teaching should be valued by the public a whole bunch more than it is in today’s world. There are parts of the country where teachers are underpaid, overworked and being laid off and that shows a real lack of reason. If the future leaders of our country are sitting in classrooms right now supposedly getting an education, if they all turn out to be taught poorly and as a result, are a bunch of morons in twenty years, then what do you think is going to happen when these same people grow into the ones who control this country in the future?

The teaching position is one of many that is a huge reflection of the illogical nature of our country’s priorities. Those who teach our children have more value to our societies well-being than a tall man who throws a ball through a hoop but we as citizens do not support this with our financial actions. Instead we enable the athlete, the actor, to live a life of luxury while our teachers are treated as if they are no more important to our populous than a pizza delivery driver. This is not the fault of taxes, or of the government, it is the fault of the people and there is no excuse for it, we are just foolish and anyone who would argue otherwise is ignoring reality, plain and simple.

The Krom Solution-Start prioritizing those people we need in society as opposed to those that we want!

Foreign Policy-Whenever I think of foreign policy I always am reminded what many of our parents told us as children. Treat others as you would like to be treated. It seems like a simple enough statement but I have to admit it is rare to actually see it applied to today’s society. Every country out there needs to realize that we all SHARE the same planet. No one country has proven that its way of life is perfect and every time one nation decides it is going to boss another around, we see the reason for our ridiculously bloated defense and military budgets. Are we really all so different that we must constantly kill each other over our differences? I will never feel the need to justify military action in the case of genocide, it is just the right thing to do, but to have wars based on one people’s judgement of another s lifestyle will always lead us into a vicious circle of conflict. We, as nations, must look at the logic of compromise. If we have only this planet for all of us to share then it stands to reason that there are going to be times when, for the greater good of our race, we need to be willing to be flexible on our beliefs and be willing to work together.

The Krom Solution-Countries need to spend as much time and money as they do on weapons,on working together instead. Any country that strives for dominance over others, by definition,is refusing to accept the logic of working together.

Healthcare-As I am going through these issues, I am definitely seeing why these problems have gone unresolved for so long. It seems each of these issues has two sides that, in most cases, are so far apart it’s hard not to wonder if they’ll ever get fixed. Healthcare is an interesting one because if you hope to get to the bottom of what system would be best, you first have to find agreement on a very important aspect of it, that being the following question; Is healthcare a right or a privilege? I have heard solid arguments to both sides of this question. Some feel it is a privilege, earned through taking care of one’s personal financial responsibilities so that one is prepared to be able to financially afford the healthcare one needs. Others feel it is a right that should be available to any citizen of this country.

Now, a few points on each of these opinions. First off, if it is a privilege, I wonder what those of that belief would say should be done with someone who is poor and sick. Should that person just be left to die in the street? If so, who pays to clean up the bodies? That may seem like a sarcastic question but think about it. We universally decree that it is a privilege so those that can not afford care are left to their sickness. That sickness then spreads to innocent people, some of them without the ability to cure themselves, so it spreads even further. The next thing we know, we either have an epidemic that endangers everyone, privileged or not, or in the case of a less infectious sickness, we just have sick people lounging around in public places or rotting in their apartments contributing nothing to society.

The other side of this isn’t really any better. If it is decreed a right, then we will predictably see some people taking advantage of it. Those who have this physical problem or that one will receive free treatment but the responsible among us will foot the bill. When it becomes apparent that no effort is required to have medical care, those that are lazy will feel entitled to something earned by others. This strain on the medical community will encourage fewer people to have an interest in medicine and those who do will have their wages reduced as more and more people cannot afford to pay. In turn, this will reduce the quality of care received by people who have already put in the work to earn a fair shot at quality treatment and in doing so will encourage strife between those that can afford their treatment and we’re right back where we started, the rich versus the poor.

The Krom Solution–Once again,personal responsibility.People need to realize that healthcare costs money and as an adult in this country, you have a responsibility to ensure that your health doesn’t become someone else’s problem. Also, for our country to remain strong we need to not be so averse to compassion but that compassion should not be forced. We cannot exist with each other if we are not all doing ok. If we attempt to do so, those who deserve help through no fault of their own will drag down those who do not want to give it. Unity is strength.

Taxes-Well, I’m sure to start some fights with this one but here I go. Taxes are necessary.If you want roads to drive on, a military to protect your country and countless other tax driven programs, everybody has to contribute. Now, with that fact in hand, the problem we are seeing is who should contribute how much. Obama has lately been pushing the “higher taxes for the wealthy” angle but let’s be honest, is it really fair that the most successful people in this country who make up the top 1% of incomes pay 40% of the taxes?? Many people who read this will give a resounding YES but, at least to me, that’s an unfair and bias opinion. The top 1% don’t use 40% of the tax services so why are they responsible for it? I’ll tell you why, because people in this country, not all of them but quite a few, have grown to feel entitled to the freedom we have. They think, having been born in America, that they automatically deserve a level of living not seen anywhere else in the world and that is the problem. Just to clue you in, IN NATURE YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING YOU HAVEN’T EARNED. Our forefathers, so often referenced by our citizens weren’t handed anything, they earned it!

Now, as far as corporations that get rich through exporting jobs and damaging the economy, I am all for us as citizens putting a stop to it but at the same time people need to learn to be happy with the reality of what they have earned in their life. If you dropped out of high school, or didn’t go to college because you didn’t want to, or spent your 20’s bar hopping or partying in any other way because you didn’t want to put the effort in to start a business or get a degree then too fucking bad for you if you are broke. You are getting what you’ve earned so quit being a crybaby and change your life if you don’t like it, you live in one of the few countries where you actually have the opportunity to do so and there are people who live on less in a week than our McDonald’s employees make in an hour so wake the fuck up and quit blaming everyone else for you being broke.

The Krom Solution-I think I was pretty clear on that above. Follow the law, let’s hold those to task that don’t but accept the fact that you will live the financial life you’ve earned. If you were born in America, you have nothing to cry about as far as opportunities considering how the rest of the world is so give it up.

The Role Of Government-Government is not there to run your life for you. They are there to protect and enable people to exercise their freedom and liberty without infringing on it. They are not there to tell you who to worship, what lifestyle to live, or what beliefs are right or wrong. They are not there to invade your home with their morals. They are not there to tell you what you should eat, how often you should exercise or where you should shop. The definition of capitalism actually states that the government should have no role in the economy and the economy should have no role in the government. It is the violations of this definition that is causing so much issue in this country right now and it needs to change. At the same time, those of the Libertarian belief(not all of them but the extreme practitioners)need to realize we cannot have no government and allow complete anarchy to rule because if we do, the taint of it will infect society to a point where violence rules all. That may seem extreme but you wouldn’t even believe some of the Libertarian views I have heard, such as selling cocaine and heroin publicly. To me at least, that is beyond ridiculous. What’s after that? Selling automatic weapons at grocery stores to anyone who has the money? There has to be a level of civilization.

The Krom SolutionThe easiest solution is to find a balance between too much government and not enough. I truly wonder though if that will ever happen with all the intolerance and hate we see spewed between ideologies these days.


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