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Humans Are getting Worse…If That’s Possible…

I believe that to truly judge humanity you must look at the worst examples of them.Not because you should focus on the negative but because to apply a rating of quality I believe it shows the most truth when you look at what the worst people in society are doing. If you know a race or community would never stoop to a certain level, I believe it shows the true quality of their character. There will always be good examples of what people will do but only by considering how bad of an example you can find can you realize the truth behind how far we allow ourselves to fall. Take a look at a few examples.

Mark Berndt, 61, is in jail with a bond set at 23 million dollars after he was discovered to be in possession of over 400 photographs showing children, ages 10 and below, in positions of bandage. These included these children being blindfolded, gagged and having their hands and feet bound. It also included photos with the female children having spoons near their mouth as if they were about to ingest what was on the spoon, in most cases a clear, white-ish liquid believed to either be or represent semen. There are 23 children that have been identified in these pictures and another 10 yet to be identified.One of the worst parts of this story is that police were actually notified months  earlier by a CVS pharmacy employee that Berndt had photos developed showing young blindfolded children but police allowed him to continue teaching, in a classroom full of children, until his recent arrest saying they “had their eye on him.” This initial contact happened in October 2010, but he was not removed from the classroom until January of 2011. Oh and for the record, police found the spoon in the pictures and it tested positive for Berndt’s semen….”sigh” a picture of this godless lowlife is posted below.

Ya know what? I can’t think of a worse story than this…sorry, shortest blog ever but it makes my point. Yay humans…



2 responses

  1. How disgusting. You would think the police would swoop in IMMEDIATELY!!!!! Whats the point of letting this behavior cointinue so you can get “more evidence”…..Thats absolutely RIDICULOUS…Boy, that makes me mad.

    February 2, 2012 at 11:01 pm

    • Ya it really is sickening…if they had arrested him when they should of there wouldn’t be more crimes to have evidence of.

      February 3, 2012 at 1:12 am

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