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Perspective For Americans

This is a time in our country when there is more conflict and disagreement than there has been in a long time. There is fighting over abortion, government spending, the government’s role in our lives, gay marriage, who is paying enough taxes, healthcare,education,foreign policy, freedom of speech, personal rights and liberty, racial issues, gender issues, the list goes on and on and on….but we have it better than anyone else.Let’s look at some disturbing numbers concerned with food throughout the world. I won’t even get into all the other crap.

1.Today, approximately 25,000 people died of hunger in the world.-That’s right, 25,000 and virtually none of those were United States citizens. I find it staggering that this many people are starving to death in 2012, a year when we will continue to receive information not only from technology on Mars but also a satellite that is currently leaving our solar system. How can we be so great yet so horrible at the same time?Oh ya I forgot, the space achievements are American. The starving to death are not. Also in the time it took you to read this, about 6 people died of hunger.


2.This year, somewhere in the vicinity of 1,000,000 people will starve to death in the world. I live outside St. Louis, so for a perspective, at this pace the whole city of St. Louis would be gone in 4 years….sad.

3.Today, in the United States, citizens will spend about $400,000,000 on obesity related diseases. $400 million dollars. Wow.

4.Today, in the United States, citizens will spend approximately $96 million dollars on food they will then wind up throwing away. Man, I’ll bet some of those families in Chad that live on a dollar a week would happily eat that from the trash.:(

5. Today, Americans will waste approximately 107,000 TONS of food. Meanwhile there will be about 25 tons, total, of global food aid dispersed.

6. Check this one out because it’s messed up. 90% is the percentage of hungriest nations on earth that are net exporters of food to rich nations (36 out of 40). Meaning that 36 of the 40 hungriest nations export more food to rich nations than they take in, total.Wow. Slavery…alive and well just not using chains.

The whole point of this post is this. We have the right to have so much more than we need but that doesn’t mean we should. We are greedy and those who are proud of their greed are the exact souls that will have to pay for their actions when their time comes. I don’t care if you believe because you will when karma puts you where you belong. We overeat and overindulge every minute of every day and we laugh off starving children and families every day without a moments guilt. Americans believe we keep the world stable and running but if a huge part of that world either fears us, hates us, or is starving to death and dying of thirst then what is our presence doing??





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  1. yeah thats a pretty eye opening and very true article..The even sadder part is that most of the divisions and debates you talked about are manufactured by politicians for personal gain and are not even real major issues..For instance,on the gay issue,only a minority of our population is even gay in the first place,and i venture to guess that if the media did not highlight the “civil union” debate DAILY nobody in the community would even care..Same deal with illegal immigration..They rouse up the “white man” and tell him that his country is being “taken away” or some shit by immigrants when in reality the white man remains EASILY the most wealthy and well off in the world,specifically in America…The abortion debate is the same way.It is a personal and state to state issue that should be dealt with and legislated through far different means than media or congress….

    Again these are MANUFACTURED fake issues that politicians use for personal gain..They have ZERO interest in really solving these problems because the divisiveness they create enables these politicians to use them endlessly..If they ever had to truly solve issues such as hunger or corruption every one of them would either be in jail or being sued until they were flat broke…Most of these congressman come into office with a net worth of a million or so dollars and within five years are worth like 100 million!! And nobody ever seems to ask why…It is crony capitalism at its worst…..The essence of your article is also true,that Americans still have it the best in the world with relation to living standards..They are woefully ignorant to the real problems of the world..They think what their tv tells them to think,so they never see the man behind the curtain.

    February 3, 2012 at 5:00 pm

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