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The Race

We are the race. The race that created abortion. The race that created nuclear bombs. The race that invented the gun, sarin gas and chemical weapons. We invented racism. We invented bigotry. We embrace pride. We embrace greed. We embrace lust. We embrace envy. We created genocide. We cause cancer. We cause AIDS. We cause heart disease. We cause emphysema. We hate each other because of our skin. Because of our belief. Because of our appearance. Because of our money. Because of our jealousy. We profit from the other living things around us. The other living things around us all suffer because of us. We destroy the animals. We destroy the plants. We destroy the planet. We pollute the seas. We pollute the air. We pollute the earth. We value wealth over truth. We value wrath over justice. Some wear thousands of dollars on their skins while others sleep in boxes. Our laws are subjective. Our policies are hypocritical. We recognize the rich more than we do the noble. The family is disintegrating. Children have become adults.

The good is worth noticing but the bad is more significant. Good enables and creates life. It grows happiness. It spreads joy. It harvests love. Bad destroys all of that. We are the race. Look in a mirror,we are all born of this….



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