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Priorities….No Longer Based On Truth….

The freedom to do what one wants. In American society it is arguably the most important value we have, but is it fair to ask if freedom is important enough to trump the well-being of us as a race and a country? Is it possible that our continued advancement as a race, in some cases, should be more important to all of us than some personal freedoms? I’m sure that these questions will immediately turn some readers against me or bring forth the typical accusations of a socialist or fascist attitude, but I hope my few readers will have enough faith in me to at least consider the entire writing before demonizing me for it.

Human beings have been on this planet for a very, very long time. We have gone from beings savages, wandering the countryside in search of food, living in caves and discovering fire to beings capable of amazing things. While we once painted on cave walls to express ourselves, we are now able to clone people, land rovers on other planets and achieve scientific feats so far from our original conquests that it is barely conceivable. As society has advanced, along with human beings, over the centuries we have bested challenge after challenge, and accomplished goal after goal and in doing so we have always relied on one thing. The achievements of those before us. From Albert Einstein to the most accomplished among us in the modern-day, we have historically built our goals and achievements on the backs of those before us. Like links in a chain, we string along under the power of the success and failures of people of similar thinking before us.Sadly though, even though science continues to advance, I feel we as a race have reached an impasse in our development.

The freedom we value in America, arguably the most free country on the planet as far as personal rights are concerned, is tearing us apart bit by bit.Please take the time to consider the following with an open mind and in turn I will happily approve any comments attacking me afterwards. In America freedom trumps everything in the minds of the citizens. It trumps logic, reason and in most cases, any sort of moral right. We all know if we see a crippled grandmother crossing the street and struggling to do, the right thing to do is to help her, but we would rather have the freedom to do the wrong thing than be forced to do what virtually everyone agrees is the right thing. To me, this is a problem and here is why. As our population gets larger and larger we will continue to face more and more problems as a race. We may attempt to separate ourselves through man-made borders and systems of government but in the end, as we grow and the room on this planet grows smaller, we will be forced to have each others presence intensify in its effect on us all. As this happens, our differences will continue to become major points of contention between us and will surely lead to even harsher confrontation between nationalistic and belief systems. This is where the freedom issue starts to really matter.

If you look at a large part of the American populous, you see people so addicted to the freedom to be greedy, to be prideful and to just generally act like elitist minded jerks over their right to do whatever they want as often as they want. Right or wrong never enters into the conversation. People are starving to death? Who cares I want my Xbox. Children are drinking water filled with dirt? Who gives a shit, I want a $60,000 car even though one that costs $15,000 will serve the same purpose. This attitude can do nothing for our children in the future but ensure a world ready to bury each other so that each country can have luxuries while others don’t have basics that have been around since the beginning of time. Is that what we teach our children these days? That the right to do the wrong thing if you want to is more important than making sure we, as a race, are moving in a good direction for everyone?

For those out there who would attack me, imagine this. Your 16-year-old daughter or son comes up to you and tells you they want to smoke marijuana and have sex on the weekends. You tel them no. They say why? You say, because it is wrong to do so and not good for you. They say, but isn’t it my choice, you’re taking away my freedom! So the parent, often obese and wasteful, tries to impart a viewpoint on their children that they clearly don’t follow themselves, and then we wonder why kids are having so many problems these days?If something is right, or the best way to live our lives, wouldn’t we have that be the lessons we teach our children? Not here, instead we expect the children to follow viewpoints and rules while growing up that all go out the window when we become adults. Obesity? Who cares, I eat what I want to and no one is going to take that right from me and I don’t care if it is wrong. I smoke and I want poisonous, addictive cigarettes sold on every corner, it’s my right!…..But I’ll tell the children they shouldn’t do it because it’s bad for them. It truly is the height of hypocrisy.

I’ll wrap this up with a final statement. I am not saying you shouldn’t be free, or that the government should tell you what you can do with your own body, but am I the only one that is bugged by human beings lust for the right to do wrong?Regardless of your view, look at the issues that plague our country. Healthcare? Riddled with totally preventable issues that to a tee, are caused by our own actions. Heart disease, every type of cancer, emphysema, AIDS, strokes, respiratory diseases, every one of these, while possible to contract just through living, is massively contributed to by our desire to have the right to destroy ourselves through obesity, smoking, drinking, a sedentary lifestyle etc. The Economy? Ripe with corruption, companies screwing Americans by outsourcing jobs from here so they can make a couple million more dollars than the millions they already make. Companies screwing the taxpayer by being bailed out of problems they created with their greed, bailed out forcibly by the very people they are fucking over. Abortion? An invention created so that if a person makes a conscious decision to have unprotected sex, they don’t have to take the responsibility for the results they are fully aware nature is going to put on them before they take part in it. Foreign Policy? We want to install democracies all over the world and claim we want to protect people’s rights but we are only interested in doing so if there is a potential for a financial windfall for our country. Perfect example, there is widespread murder taking place in Syria right now and all the United States will do is to verbally “express disgust” because there is no money to be made in interfering physically, while Russia won’t do anything because they sell so many weapons to the Syrians. Again, right is trumped by dollars. That’s enough for now. I’m often embarrassed to be a human being….


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