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Why I Blog…

I’m no Albert Einstein but I am smart enough to know there a lot of blogs out there. The ones just on this site cover everything from food, to music, to government and I do enjoy reading a variety of different topics but I wanted to give my few readers an idea of why I feel the need to write my blog. I try to be an open book to people, I feel we each have our positive and negative experiences in life, our own share of accomplishments and mistakes, and even a few decisions in there that make you look back on your life that make you wonder “what the hell was I thinking?”. I am no different. I have my good points and my bad ones. I am Bipolar, manic-depressive and take a fairly significant amount of medication each day to manage those issues. As a result of those problems, and also because I tend to be an emotional person, I always have a lot of trouble not letting what goes on in society have an effect on me, in many cases a negative effect. There was a time when I seriously considered taking my own life as a result of the constant intrusion of thoughts that always kept me down.

Today, things are much better for me. I have come to terms with allowing myself to realize that I shouldn’t feel bad about myself for the mental issues I struggle with. I have an amazing wife, three wonderful stepchildren and my first child of my own on the way. I spend my days doing my best to try to contribute a positive attitude to the children I often care for and more than anything, just want them to be stronger, more confident, and more driven than I was as a youth.I know now that there are things about me that aren’t going to change so now I try to use the emotion that washes over me every day as a positive tool through my blogging. I do not want to tell people how to think, or what to believe, instead I just try my best to show people how I perceive the issues around us in the hope that I can maybe show them the perspective I see things from as well as learn something from my readers through their perceptions of the very same topics I write about. I do not want fame, admiration, or even money, I just want the emotion that intrudes in my mind to be more positive and the only way I think that is going to happen is if things improve in the world around me. I do not necessarily think my words will change it, but if I can provide a new perspective on an issue that makes even one person challenge what is wrong in the world, it makes me feel good about myself and what I have to offer to society.

I also love the chance to discuss the world’s good and bad points with people of different perspectives, generations, and belief systems as I feel looking at things from perspectives other than your own is the only way to continually improve the depth of one’s wisdom. I learn a lot from my readers..all 6 of em’ he-he, and much like any life form, I try to ingest logic and reason from those that are kind enough to share their passions and thoughts with me. I will continue to write my blogs because it is a good outlet for me and even though I may not have the strength to challenge some of the things that bug me, maybe my writings will be a seed that helps someone grow, as many of the discussions I’ve  had have helped me.

Thank you so much to everyone and anyone who entrusted me with five minutes of their life to read this or anything else I have written. I write for me and for you and I appreciate the writings of others as much as I appreciate those who take the time to read me. Thanks again and keep blogging everyone, you never know who you may help or who you may change for the better.


3 responses

  1. I agree. Writing blog can be a good method to share our emotion. Good idea from you!!

    February 7, 2012 at 1:43 am

    • Thanks, it means alot to me to hear someone say that. I can’t take credit for the idea but thanks, ill make sure I check out your blog as well.Together we can do anything. The world is so divided, of course it’s so hard to get things done when everybody is against each other from the start ya know? Thanks again!!

      February 7, 2012 at 2:04 am

  2. You`re very welcome. Your blog shares my smile and knowledge!! I found what you wrote is critical and sophisticated. I may follow you, I think.

    February 7, 2012 at 2:10 am

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