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Conspiracy Encyclopedia…Can They ALL Be False??(Part One)

There are so many conspiracy theories out there. This blog is not designed to assign truth to any of them but instead, just to get readers to think about the possibilities. I have written a few related posts before but this one is more designed to be deeper and to provide starting points for anyone who wishes to pursue avenues of research that may lead them to a truth previously not realized. Remember….while many of these may be much less true than their supporters claim, you have to wonder if there aren’t a few that  are true. Most of the leaders of the world have proven time and time again to be perfectly comfortable with lying to their citizens so logic would dictate that just by considering natural odds there almost has to be one or two that are completely true.If there isn’t, you have to then believe that paranoia is becoming a worldwide epidemic. I have also provided a 1-10 scale of likelihood in my personal opinion. I urge you to research any of these that interest you to see if you feel there is any validity to any of the claims as I will provide only general information. The likelihood of truth is just my view and I admit only doing cursory research designed to give you a starting point.

The New World Order-Most people, whether they have a lot of interest in the government or not, have heard of the New World Order. This group is implied to be a number of international elitists, embedded in both governments and industries all over the world. They are said to have been controlling virtually every aspect of the world over the past few hundred years, including but not limited to,manipulating the beginnings of wars, influencing both inflation and depressions among societies worldwide,controlling the media propaganda to drive societies to support their goals and placing their operatives in the top of government and industry worldwide. They are believed to mainly be in control of the banks of the world, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, The United Nations, The European Union, The International Monetary Fund, and the proposed North American Union.

Likelihood Of Truth Rating-8—-There are obviously, right out in the open, many individuals who strongly resemble what was described above. From members on the Bush family to financial juggernauts such as George Soros, there are a number of individuals worldwide using their financial clout to significantly influence the actions of the world. For example, if you do some research on George Soros, you will see that he alone, as one man, single-handily crashed the British pound a few years back with his massive investment power and did the same to Germany’s currency not long after. There are other power players easily seen with just a little research so this whole scenario is far from some nutty idea cooked up by paranoid people.The only thing I would add is that I feel the power players operate more independently than in an organized group but again that is just my opinion.

Clinton Body Count-This refers to the many unusual and suspicious deaths of associates of former President Bill Clinton both before and during his presidency. Those who support this theory claim that many of these individuals had connections to the Clintons and many of their land and other dealings including the “Whitewater” investigations and also sexual harassment claims made against the former president. There are quite a few people on these lists with varying levels of connection to Bill Clinton.

Likelihood Of Truth Rating-5—-The deaths connected to these claims are, in some cases, very suspicious. That being said, almost all of them have been documented as having innocent circumstances behind them but considering Clinton’s behavior with Monica Lewinsky, it is not totally out of the realm of possibility that he had sexually harassed before that point in his life. A few of the “suspicious” deaths are as follows; Susan Coleman, rumored in Arkansas to have been having an affair with Bill Clinton, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head and her death was ruled a suicide. At the time, she was 7 1/2 months pregnant and Bill Clinton was her law professor at the time. Some sources claim the rumors were unfounded.Don Henry and Kevin Ives;These two teenagers we hit by a train in 1987 that they were lying in front of. The engineer saw them on the tracks but couldn’t stop in time. The medical examiner, a Dr. Fahmy Malak ruled that they had smoked 20 marijuana cigarettes and passed out on the tracks(sorry that’s ridiculous, I know some heavy smokers but 20 joints at one time??LOL). Their parents didn’t buy this excuse and had a second autopsy performed. The second examination revealed that Henry had been stabbed in the back and that Ives skull had been crushed before they were hit.There were local rumors that they had stumbled up a drug trafficking operation that Clinton was rumored to be looking the other way on. This isn’t the only time we will hear about Dr. Malak, which does add some credence to the claims. He was also involved in determining the cause of death of one James Milam, an individual rumored to have information about the Henry and Ives deaths. He was found decapitated, but the same doctor, Dr. Malak, ruled his death of natural cases…what??  Look into these cases and other related ones and you’ll find a lot of….odd scenarios.

HAARP- This government technology is called the “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project” It’s stated use is to study physics in the ionosphere and the science of radio waves. There are conspiracy theorists who believe this technology can be used to either alter the weather or create earthquakes. Some theorize that HAARP was used to cause the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 as a means of wiping out an overpopulated poor populous.

Likelihood Of Truth Rating-2—There is little evidence that HAARP can be used for the purposes it is sometimes accused of. Personally I also believe if it was possible to use it to cause seemingly natural disasters that countries such as Iran and others would have been targeted before Haiti was. There are government aspects that have spoken publicly of climate modification and related topics but it has generally been very vague statements that do not provide a ton of truth.

The Creation Of AIDS-This is a very heavily discussed conspiracy. There are countless rumors and accusations that the AIDS virus is a government experiment gone wrong or, even worse, a CIA designed virus created to target members of the homosexual community in an effort to eradicate the lifestyle. You can find countless websites and message boards with all sorts of different accusations and information to support one of the views mentioned above.

The Likelihood Of Truth-3—Most members of the scientific community believe that AIDS, or the HIV virus, is the result of a simian virus, called SIV, that made the jump from humans to monkeys sometime as early as the 1930’s. That being said, it is far from concrete that the government had nothing to do with it. Our leadership consists mostly of rich, white men who often, regardless of public perception, are complete racists and homophobes so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Also, the origins of the disease are not proven, instead they are theory.

Roswell-In June or July of 1947 something crashed in the desert near Roswell New Mexico. The Air Force responded and announced that they had recovered a “flying disc”. Later they changed their statement and claimed what they had recovered was, in fact, a weather balloon. This event, along with the extreme secrecy of Area 51, a military base not acknowledged byt the United States government, has led many to believe that an alien craft crashed that day and that subsequent experimentation takes place at the nearby base. To this day pretty much anyone who has made claims of knowledge to support this has either been discredited or ignored and there remains little concrete proof of anything.

The Likelihood of Truth—-The proof that something both went on, and is going on, in this area of the country is both obvious and solid. Let us look at a few very interesting things even the government hasn’t been able to hide from us. First, am I the only one that finds it odd that the first agency to respond to a weather balloon crashing is the United States military?? The very fact that the military was so quick to be on top of this issue, even back in the day, shows that they saw something that they immediately wanted control of. Second, how does the initial statement of a “flying disc” turn into a weather balloon? Last time I checked a disc and a balloon are not very similar in shape so it seems odd that this mistake would be made. Third, and this point, at least to me, is another glaring one. What are they doing at Area 51? This is a military base so secret that you can’t even step on the empty ground for miles outside of it without all manners of extremely technologically advanced monitoring equipment sending armed troops right to your position. I live near an Air Force base myself and I find it hard to believe that the level of security at Area 51 is there to hide nothing.

There are many other theories and I will be adding a second installment of this post very soon. Thanks for reading!


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  1. > In The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara Walker relates:

    The discovery that the Gospels were forged, centuries later than the events they described, is still not widely known even though the Catholic Encyclopedia admits, “The idea of a complete and clear-cut canon of the New Testament existing from the beginning . . . has no foundation in history.”

    No extant manuscript can be dated earlier than the 4th century A.D.; most were written even later. The oldest manuscripts contradict one another, as also do even the present canon of synoptic Gospels.

    Repeating what would appear to be utter blasphemy, in the 11th and 12th centuries the “infallible Word of God” was “corrected” again by a variety of church officials. In addition to these major “revisions” have been many others, including copying and translation mistakes and deliberate mutilation and obfuscation of meaning. <

    – Acharya: “The Christ Conspiracy”

    February 9, 2012 at 6:56 pm

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