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Childhood Lessons, Adult Hypocrisy

Over the years there have been many philosophies published by men so great, I feel awkward even trying to talk about them. Their ideas have become permanently imprinted on the psyche of an entire race of beings and while this is true, it also is true that the rantings of many more have passed over us all, much like a cool breeze on a summer’s night, noticed but just as quickly forgotten. While I would be honored to be in the first group, I cannot help but think I am more qualified for the second one. My mind, rocking like a ship on rough seas, goes back and forth between wanting to reach a higher, philosophical enlightenment and trying to find a way to use the systems we have created for ourselves as a way to reason towards a greater achievement. The more I write, the more I study, the more I realize that I can no longer strive to have an effect on a system designed to encourage power, materialism and in many cases, hate. No matter how old I get, I cannot separate from my mind the lessons we are taught as children. These lessons, while simple, are supposed to be the foundation of human beings being decent people but it seems as if society has now accepted them as little more than a sweet coating for children designed to lessen the blow of the truth they will receive as they grow into adults.

Think about, even if for a second. We teach our children it is right to share with others, but as we age, suddenly that sharing being suggested by someone suddenly comes with the label of socialism, or communism. We are taught that lying is wrong, but then watch our youth grow into a world where everything is about context, and what you can convince others someone else’s words meant, regardless of what they were meant to. You need look no further than the current GOP presidential debates going on for an example of just that. Not that the Democrats are any less guilty of the very same thing but in these debates, simply fact check what the candidates say and you will see an entire stage of men purposely misquoting their opponents and misrepresenting their opponents positions by taking words and actions out of context. This is no mistake, it is done intentionally because these men know that half the people watching will simply take them at their word, thereby damaging another candidate in the minds of voters by being intentionally untruthful. Is this what you teach your children?

When we are growing up, we learn in school about the justice system and everyone having a right to a fair trial, but as adults we accept and condone the fact that money buys a different sentence for a crime than if the accused was poor. The worst part of it is that we shake our heads, and say “that’s just the way it is”. With reaction like this, why would anyone in positions of responsibility feel the need to change? It is the same with race. I would be very, very scared to be a poor, African-American on trial in this country for the same crime committed by a white, wealthy or famous individual because anyone reading this knows the trials and punishment would be very, very different.

I guess the general point I am trying to make is this. When we are children we are taught right from wrong, taught about accountability and taught not to lie, cheat, steal,or hate based on race, sexuality, or gender. With that being said, and I don’t think anyone out there would argue that we  teach our children to cheat, steal and lie, or to be racist, or sexist as they are growing. Sure there are poor parental examples but generally, those things are taught to be universally bad, so why when we become adults are we slowly indoctrinated to believe these things are OK? Have we become so immoral as a race, so evil, so selfish that we honestly, as a society, will just continue to allow our world to be poisoned by these behaviors?

Just for the record, while pessimistic, I also tend to be a realist, so do not even attempt to argue that everybody in this country doesn’t know that the rich are treated differently than the poor, it is right there in front of our faces every day. It has become so obvious that TV shows, comedians, and late night talk shows literally joke about it on a daily basis. As they do, we the people just sit there and laugh, we eat it up…..what the hell is wrong with everybody?

Caucasians are treated better than minorities in almost every aspect of society an, even worse, this has fueled an entire generation of minority comedians and musicians who actually profit from making light of it, joking about it. Don’t believe me? Go watch a Chris Rock special, a Carlos Mencia standup routine, listen to the majority of African-American hip hop artists out there. If you do you will find them embracing this unjust, immoral treatment based off of their race, and even worse than accepting it, profiting from it. All this does in the end is make it easier to be justified and that is just sad.

In the end, maybe it is just me bugged by all this. maybe I am the only one who sees it this way and if I am, well then I suppose this wasn’t worth your time, but I hope at least a few people see where I am coming from.


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