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Credibility Is Required To Boss Around Other Nations, Regardless Of Their Actions

In the last six months or so I have been told numerous times that the biggest reason we cannot allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon is because they have threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” This really got me thinking, mainly because I hear countries threaten other ones all the time but it only seems to be a big deal when certain countries do it. For example,

“Your days are numbered,” U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said in comments directed at the Syrian leader. “It is time and past time for you to transfer power responsibly and peacefully.” This statement was in the news yesterday. Here we have a very direct threat to the leader of a sovereign nation from the United States. Obviously, I do not have a problem with us attempting to intervene in the murder of innocent people, as is currently the case in Syria, but on the other side of the coin,one has to wonder where the United States received the authority to decide when other countries must change their leadership. As sad as the situation in Syria is, the only people being harmed are Syrians and though this is tragic, it is far from the only situation worldwide where a leadership is directly responsible for the death of its citizens. North Korea is a prime example. Every year countless North Koreans starve to death under an oppressive regime that barely supplies enough food to its people to live. This has literally been happening for years, unlike Syria’s situation, which has only intensified in the last year, so why aren’t we threatening their leaders saying things like “You’re days are numbered”?

It seems that, with consistent accuracy, that we only seem to be in the “replacing governments” business if the country in question is of Arabic or Islamic decent. This is a problem and I can guarantee that other nations are getting tired of what has become a constantly invasive foreign policy by the United States in matters concerning these types of countries. A perfect   example of this was the statement concerning this matter from Russian U.N. ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, said Moscow had been trying to work with Western countries, including the United States, to stop the killing in Syria.

“Unfortunately, from the outset they decided that it was a regime-change opportunity, so from the outset they were announcing that Assad has lost his legitimacy,” Churkin said. This statement clearly shows disappointment with the constant, “let’s install who we want to govern other countries” attitude from the United States.

This cannot continue. As their opposition votes show, China and Russia do not see the United States as having the right to decide other sovereign nations style of government. Russia is so opposed to it that it continues to openly supply the very Syrians doing the killing with the weapons to do so. They, like the Chinese, have become more aggressive over the years in opposing the United States position in these sort of situations and as they surpass us, as China is slowly but surely doing, you can almost bet one of these times that confrontation between us and them is almost assured.

The United States needs to realize it is not as dominant and they use to be and as these other countries continue to equal, or even surpass us as superpowers(which China will do eventually if things keep going the way they are) there is going to be less patience for our interference in the personal issues of other countries.

I agree, people should have rights and be helped when being slaughtered, but the United States is rapidly losing credibility on the world stage. Our motives have been too questionable, too many times. The rest of the world is getting sick of us…this can only get worse.


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