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Would A Unified World Be So Bad?

(Please keep in mind the following is a hypothetical scenario meant to provoke thought and nothing more. It is not an endorsement of one system of government or another.)

A unified world. Often that very statement is instantly attacked as socialism or communism, but I believe human beings are capable of so much more and reducing it to one of those very general classifications is demeaning to our abilities as a race. Can you imagine a world where everyone had food, had clean drinking water, had access to healthcare? A world without war based on religious ideologies because we each respected the others right to their belief system? A world where your neighbor could live a lifestyle of their choice and as long as it did not prevent you from doing the same thing, we would be ok with it?

The saddest part of today’s world is that so many people would instantly dismiss such a possibility as impossible,but in reality it is quite possible if everyone wanted to put the well-being of everyone including themselves before their need for excess. Imagine the bliss of a world working together towards its goals, a world where we looked in the mirror with pride as part of a race that cared so much about each other that we left no man, woman, or child behind. The only thing that holds us back from this is the greed with which we grip every little piece of comfort and excess as a race. People have become so entitled, so lazy, that the concept of working hard every day, side by side with their fellow-man towards a unified purpose, is looked at as weak, and as a joke.

In such a world, the right to achieve excess, to have so much more than another person for no other reason than just to have it, could instead be channeled into a powerful level of pride in the part of a great race we would all be. Individuality would remain in our personalities and there would be some needed to contribute greater things than others, but the overall results we could accomplish as a race would be without equal. Think, in today’s world, with all the poverty, all the war, all the killing and all the death, how many potentially great minds are being snuffed out before they even begin to realize their potential. Think how many great achievements will never exist because we allow war, religion, politics, racism and hate to stop the development of so many people before they even have a chance to grow into the greatness we know human beings are capable of.

Imagine, our technology, keeping its focus on space travel, medicine, food growth, fuel production for all, and clean drinking water instead of biological weapons, nuclear bombs, stealth drones that do nothing but kill, and ways for each country to defend itself from those very things created by other countries. Imagine all children having the chance to be children, to be raised without the influence of abuse, the influence of hate all around them every day. They would grow together, ignoring differences between them, recognizing things like race, gender, and belief as the trivial things they truly are.

I imagine this world every day, and every day am reminded that, as illogical as it seems, most people would never want to give up their excess to make that world possible. It is ridiculous to state that it could never happen, it clearly could but it is plainly obvious that most people do not want a world so happy, so peaceful, so serene. Instead they would sooner hold onto pride, greed, lust, and dominance. Those traits are those of selfishness, not an ounce of caring towards anyone as long as they can live a life of luxury. Especially here, in the United States, the average citizen, whether they accept the fact or not, does life a life of luxury compared to a large percentage of the rest of the world and they are willing to die fighting for their right to have excess as others starve, or are killed by our governments constant quest for control and dominance of the world.

The thing is, those that would say I am against liberty or against freedom never bug me, because in defending a life where they waste more food in a week than many families worldwide have in a month, their actions show that their only concern is themselves and that they have no sense of unity for the race they are part of. That is fine, and well within their rights, but because they are free to do so does not make it the right thing to do, it only means humans accept the freedom to do the wrong thing. I am not telling you to change, because if you don’t want to, if you do not care if most of the world suffers while a smaller percentage lusts for excess, then you have shown me all I need to see about the type of person I am talking to.


4 responses

  1. sean

    Friggin hippies always wanting peace for everyone! How dare you dream greater? You got some balls man. Do you wanna get shot? Remember King? Kennedy? They evil fucks will pop you too! Love you bro, wear some Kevlar if you’re going to keep on blogging like this

    February 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    • I would rather die than be afraid to rant as I see fit. Love you too old friend…..I could use some Kevlar though…

      February 9, 2012 at 9:53 pm

  2. I do truly enjoy reading your posts. Most of your material is identical in regards to the subject matter I like to cover in my blogs; however, you do a very good job of nailing the key elements of a story, and wrapping it up nicely.

    Keep spreading the truth my friend!

    February 10, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    • Wow, thanks a lot!!I blog because it seems so much truth is ignored and I love trying to expose it but I really appreciate the kind words from the few readers I get. Thanks again!!

      February 10, 2012 at 9:54 pm

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