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Quit Blaming Others.

This has been quite a few year span in the United States. The housing bubble burst, the economy in the toilet, the poor against the rich, none of this is good for our country. I just wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things about my thought process on the current issues in our once great country. More than any corporation, any overpaid CEO, I blame the people of this country for virtually all the issues currently hurting us. Now, after reading that you are probably getting bent out of shape, thinking “what about all the banks, all the companies getting bailed out with their huge CEO bonuses and such?” Well, yes that did take place, but to truly understand what the real problem is in this country, you need to stop doing yourself a disservice by not thinking deeply enough and look at the real problem.

The people. That is the real problem in this country and people need to wake the hell up and realize it. Think about it, yes the banks made a lot of bad loans but when a person who makes $2,000.00 a month walked into a bank and was offered a mortgage that cost $1500.00 when they knew they had a car payment, utilities, groceries, car insurance, health insurance, child care costs and a plethora of other bills, they had to know that they did not make enough money to cover a mortgage that large, yet they signed on the dotted line anyway, is that the banks fault? There are bad financial deals all over the place out there, and when considering those deals, who is responsible for your finances and the decision on whether you can afford something?? You are!! If someone tries to sell you a cheeseburger but they tell you they want $200.00 dollars for it, is it their fault if you willingly say “yes, I will pay you far more than I can afford for your product?”

The same thing goes for people who were so angry that their elected officials made bailout deals with some of these business entities. Consider this fact, despite the reality that people in this country, to a person, believe that our government is doing a bad job, and are not properly representing the views of the people, we elect the same people again and again and again! The House Of Representatives in this country is more than half full with people who are in their 10th year or more of serving, having been reelected over and over again. If we are so against the decisions these people are making, so irritated with the way they are doing things, then why the hell do we keep electing the same people? There are literally over 200 people in the House who have been there for 10 years or longer….why? If we continue to just whine and cry as we give the responsibility to people who aren’t representing us over and over again, how is that anyone’s fault but the people? If you think your representative is a moron, is an idiot, or is just incompetent, then quit reelecting him!!

The rich versus the poor has become another issues. We see so many people in this country making ridiculous amounts of money for “jobs” that make little difference in the well-being of our country. Again, think about it. Everybody is up in arms over CEO’s getting huge bonuses but nobody has a problem with the entertainment sector raking in billions of dollars that, if things are so tough, people shouldn’t be spending. You don’t like how much athletes make for nothing more than a pointless game? The quit filling up the fucking stadiums every day, night and weekend. You’re sick of actors making hundreds of time what our teachers make? Then quit packing every movie theater in the country every night. It isn’t as if you need professional sports, movies, or television shows to survive but these activities continuing to rake in the astronomical dollars that they do during a time when the whole country is crying poor is a complete contradiction. You think gas prices are ridiculous? Quit being obsessed with driving SUV’s that are closer to tanks than they are to cars. Maybe if the amount of gasoline sold suddenly started dropping you would see these oil and gas companies realize they need to lower prices.

In the end, I love America and wouldn’t willingly live anywhere else, but to hear this constant whining from the middle class as they fuel pointless endeavors such as sports, television, pornography(3rd most visited type of website) and just personal excess in general with their dollars, it is just so obvious what must be done, it’s just no one is willing to do it.


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