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Obama, Iran and the GOP

So I was reading the news today and saw that President Obama released his 2013 budget and it is going to have a deficit of 900 billion dollars. Unbelievable. Why is the government the only entity that is allowed to decide to spend more money than it has? Think about it, at the end of the month can you imagine being able to say “I’m gonna spend three times what I make this month and just run a deficit”? Pure insanity I tell you. The people of this country need to start holding politicians to a higher standard of success in their jobs. I mean, if you go to work tomorrow and for the next three or four days just completely fail at your job, you get fired so why should elected officials who have jobs that affect the well-being of an entire country be any different? If anything they should be held to an even higher standard than the rest of us due to the massive impact their performance has on so many people. Also, for anyone who thinks that constantly replacing politicians would be too troublesome, could it possibly be more troublesome than the government collapsing under the weight of its own incompetence?? I just never understand why we continue to put up with their behavior. I know people have the logical opinion of “what can we do? we can’t break the law!” but when the people in control of your lives are breaking the law, how long will we follow the laws written by criminals, rules written by thieves? I am not condoning violence or even crime, but it is a question that today’s situation fairly warrants.

In other news, Iran has announced it is very close to revealing several significant nuclear achievements that it’s scientists have accomplished and that is sure to increase tension in the region. Personally, I don’t really care because anyone that thinks Iran would actually sign its own death warrant by nuking someone else has been drinking waaay to much of the Fox News kool-aid. Think about it for a second. Even if Iran builds a nuclear warhead, their military is so far behind the United States and most likely Israel that the chance they could even hit one of those countries with a nuclear bomb is miniscule. On top of that, their leadership has to know that if they nuke anyone it is a foregone conclusion that the United States, Israel and their allies would wipe them from the slate of existence.Does anyone really believe that a leadership obviously thirsting for more power would take an action that would lead to their destruction? I doubt it but just in case, why not start yet another war?? Sickening.

The GOP race moved onto their next primary in Maine, a state that while being located basically in the backyard on Mitt Romney is far from being an easy victory for him. Ron Paul has put a lot of time in Maine and some pundits think he has as good a chance as Romney of taking home the delegates. This further illustrates how truly divided and unstable the GOP effort to unseat President Obama truly is. While still considered the frontrunner, Romney has clearly shown that he is far from easily electable nationwide. If he was to lose in Maine that would be four straight losses and five out of six if you count the Gingrich victory in South Carolina. This inconsistency in support clearly demonstrates the lack of a solid candidate and also is a good example of why i think Obama will be re-elected. While each of the candidates posses qualities prized by their conservative base, they also each posses huge weaknesses and in those weaknesses lies what divides their followers. While there is still a long way to go before the convention later this year, I believe it will be difficult to choose a candidate who can stand against Obama on the national stage. Let’s look at what could be the undoing of each of the candidates.

Mitt Romney-Romney, while the frontrunner, has obvious flaws. He has a consistent record of not being consistent and appears to the GOP base as too moderate for a Republican. On top of that, despite his best efforts, he seemingly cannot separate the health care plan his state instituted from the national plan of Obama and with that being one of the main chinks in the Obama armor, that is a serious problem.

Newt Gingrich-Seriously, is this guy still running?? I feel mean saying so but I am thoroughly enjoying watching Gingrich’s chances collapsing under the weight of his obvious faults. I probably wouldn’t enjoy his suffering so much if he wasn’t still running on pure ego. To listen to him speak, his smug and often narcissistic attitude shines through as he continues to speak of every one of his opponents in a condescending tone, as if his morality is anywhere near theirs. No matter how fiery his speeches, Newt cannot hide the fact that he is a career insider, having profited off the current economic struggles of the country. He regularly invokes the great Ronald Reagan, even as it is proven Reagan both barely knew and didn’t respect him. Life will be better for all our ears once this serial adulterer and hypocrite drops from sight once again.

Rick Santorum-Santorum, despite his recent three wins, still seems to be a little too conservative for the national spotlight. He has had numerous, unattractive and documented conversations with voters on the road that show his bias against both homosexuals and women in the military and sorry, that may fly in a few closed-minded states but never will on the national stage.

Ron Paul-Though the mainstream media continues to show it is nothing but a propaganda machine as it exercises extreme bias against Paul.Even if he isn’t going to win, there is an obvious and calculated effort by our so-called “news” outlets to avoid generating any momentum for him, even when he clearly earns it. Paul’s ideas are definitely different but sadly I do not think our country’s thinking has evolved enough to be ready for the change his policies would implement. A win in Maine would help his cause but I still am hesitant to believe the GOP would be smart enough to nominate the only candidate left, in my opinion, that can beat Obama.


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