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Racism, Death, and Politics

When I look at the issues facing the world, I consider them problems and problems are supposed to be a precursor to solutions. The thing is, it seems in may cases, the obvious answer is right there but as a country we either refuse to accept them or, even worse, we are just too politically correct to grasp an answer that is obvious. Those are the situations that cause me to go crazy. I want to present a few scenarios and what I believe is the obvious answer to these issues and also provide why I think we avoid, as a country, grasping what seems to be an obvious solution in each case.


Racism-To me, this is one of the dumbest, most illogical issues that continues to plague our country. I feel so strongly about that because the whole concept of racism is just dumb and both those who oppress and those who are oppressed both contribute negatively to a phenomenon that is so easily solved. First, the oppressors. How stupid do you have to be to treat someone differently because of the color of their skin? I mean, if you go out and get your family a pet, a new dog or cat, do you treat the dog better or worse because it is brown as opposed to blond? Of course not. Only in the case of humans does the appearance of the person have anything to do with the color of their skin. When we see a dog walking down the street we say “hey, there’s a dog”. Yes we may use a physical description to further describe which dog you’re referring to if there is more than one but rarely do people say “hey here comes a brown dog”. If you really want to be technical, even people classified as Caucasians are not all the same color, yet no one says “hey here comes a kinda white, kinda tan Caucasian” so why would you need to see a difference in an african-american or other racial skin tone?? It is just beyond stupid.

On the other side of the same coin, if you are classified as a minority, why would you embrace the racist aspect of it? If I hear one more hip hop song with a guy repeatedly calling either himself or his friends a nigger, I’m gonna vomit. That term represents a time when african americans were treated as possessions instead of people but we see the term embraced by a whole generation of people. You know who calls african americans niggers more than anyone else?? AFRICAN AMERICANS!! Why?? Why would you embrace such a derogatory and inappropriate racial term such as that? It’s the same thing with divisive commercials I see on television. B.E.T.? Black Entertainment Television? You can’t use a less divisive title than that? If there was a television station called White Entertainment Television, people would be up in arms, so why is it ok for those who are oppressed to glorify it but expect the other cultures to never dare do the same thing?

All these facts point to one thing-Universal stupidity. Quit identifying humans any different from the way you would identify any other living thing on this planet. We are all people you idiots! A fish is a fish, a turtle is a turtle and a human is a human, despite their outward appearance. We treat bears like bears, the color of their fur has no bearing, and as the most advanced creature on this planet why would we choose only ourselves to separate by appearance??? STUPID, PLAIN AND SIMPLE, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

Death Penalty– this can be a tough one because not everyone is in support of the death penalty but I think the points I’ll make can apply to either the pro or anti death penalty view. First off, if you are a state that is pro death penalty, such as Texas, why would the penalty not be carried out immediately? I understand the appeal process, but are we so stupid as a country that we have to have a conviction appealed FOR 10 YEARS before we can decide one way or the other? Also, if a person is convicted and given the death penalty where there is no doubt whatsoever they are guilty, or have pled guilty, then why do they sit there for ten years before their sentence is carried out? Here’s a scenario, Joe Scumbag walks into a convenience store and, WHILE BEING VIDEOTAPED, rapes and kills the female clerk before robbing the store. He is convicted, 100% guilty by the evidence of the live video taken by the security system. He is sentenced to death. In this scenario can you give me one good reason why his sentence should not be carried out within a week of his conviction? If the state he is convicted in is pro-death penalty and hands out the sentences matter of factly, then there is no reason other than not having the courage of your convictions to have this person sit in a room for a decade before he pays for his crimes.

If the state in question does not apply the death penalty for such cases, what good is a penalty of life in prison/ We deem you have committed this horrible crime so we are going to give you three meals a day, medical and dental care and living quarters, even if they are poor, for the rest of your life as punishment? It makes no sense at all, especially considering that in times of conflicts with other countries we seemingly have no problem with innocent people dying as collateral damage. So those innocent people can die for nothing but criminals couldn’t possibly be treated that way? 100% illogical and, to be frank, STUPID!!

Politicians-I’ll tell you, looking at the job of a politician these days, it’s hard to understand why every person in the country wouldn’t aspire to be one. No other position allows you to fail, fail again, publicly state you’re not going to try for a while and then follow that up with failing again. Even better, after doing this for a year or two, everybody wants you back for another few years. Additionally, since 1998 there has been between 50 and 100 congressmen stopped for DUI only to be released after claiming “congressional immunity” so you can obviously ignore drunk driving laws, among a few others such as writing bad checks. It is hard to blame them though because we are the morons who keep giving them their jobs back and ignoring their crimes. Wouldn’t you think that people who make decisions for the whole country should be held to a little higher standard? I mean why would they try to accomplish things for us when we are willing to compensate them if they don’t?

Personally, I think that anyone elected to public office should have additional penalties for both doing their job and for breaking the law. I say this because we are a country that, for all our greatness, is not going in a good direction and you need only look at those in office to see why. They do not care, plain and simple, about how the lives of the people they represent are effected as long as they look good enough to keep their cushy, overpaid positions. Only we can do anything about it and if we do not, then get ready because the penalties we pay will continue to get worse.

There are more issues out there I could go on about but I think these three are enough for now. If we as a country, cannot see the obvious answers to these problems then we are truly doomed.


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