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Four More Years Of Obama

This may sadden some of my friends and my readers but I’m here to let you know that we are looking at four more years of Obama, guaranteed. Despite the unhappiness many people express at Obama, and their anger has been loud and apparent, I believe that many of those people forget how unhappy everyone was with George Bush. No matter what anyone wants to say, it is a proven fact that Bush was easily the least popular president in decades and Obama has not even come close to equaling that. Now with all that in mind, Obama is still doing a crappy job and is deserving of the ire he has received from the public. Sadly, for all those people, the source of their ire will continue to be there for another four years and here is why.

The republican field fighting for the GOP nomination, to put it mildly, is a clown-show at best. There is no one generating excitement, no one seizing the momentum, no one who even comes close to being skilled enough or strong enough to stand head to head in a national election versus Obama.

Yes Obama has a lot of what I would consider terrible ideas, from his wasteful spending to his pathetic healthcare programs, but c’mon, who’s gonna beat him? Romney? Santorum? Gingrich? I seriously doubt any of these people have a chance. if any of them had the power behind them to seriously challenge, they would be taking the nomination instead of all bickering over it.

I think it also speaks volumes, when looking at the current GOP lineup, at how weak the party truly is right now. They have no strong leaders and anyone they do have that is well-known is usually only known for being so polarizing. The one thing they all have in common is their delusion over how popular they actually are. You see, most of the republicans in the spotlight these days are backed by the ferocious yet transparent people who control media sources like Fox News and what has happened is that they have become extremely popular with those who follow those sources but not with really anyone else. On top of that, their followers are unusually loud, so many of these republicans in the spotlight think that the volume of their supporters voices is relative to how popular they are and that is just not true. Take Sarah Palin for example, she is greatly popular with her base and her base is very energetic in their support of her, but no matter how loud they are that doesn’t change the fact that there is not a large volume of them. So in the end, she looks good to her small group and they are very loud about their support, but she is a joke to everyone else and this is the phenomenon that is plaguing the republicans. Small support from people who are so overly energetic that they appear to be a larger group than they actually are.

I will finish up with one last thought. I do believe there is a republican option that could challenge Obama but I also believe the republicans are not ready for him. That man is Ron Paul. Paul has the one thing none of the other candidates do and that is youthful support from people who lean to the left a bit. This is true because Paul, despite being a republican, is anti-establishment in a way that seems to be a new type of politician. It is almost a “conservative liberal”  view in a sense, with small government and spending cuts coming from the conservative side and relaxed drug and war views that resonate with the left. Now, as I said, I do not think the party is ready to embrace someone like Paul but if they truly care about taking back the White House, I believe he is their only chance. If they won’t take the plunge, then get ready for a steaming pile of Obama for four more years.



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