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The Human Perspective Makes No Sense

Every great thinker of our time, any great philosopher, has a statement of their view. This writing, manifesto, whatever you would like to call it, typically expresses the depth and reason behind their point or thinking. Now, with me considering myself an average thinker at best, I figure that if I am going to continue to advance in my evolution as a human being, I am going to have to write me up one of these manifesto things, so here we go. I do not want to write the longest post ever, so I’ll be presenting this in parts. Welcome to the recess of my mind…

Human beings have an innate ability that truly separates them from the countless other species on this planet. Animals have personalities as we do, but the big difference is our separation from instinct. Even though a dog, or a lion may have a particular attitude or demeanor, they will still generally follow their instincts in almost every sense. Walking this mental path, a lion for example, will always hunt and will never have remorse, or feelings about the life they just took. It is food, nothing more, and there is no thought given to whether their prey had a family, had the same interests as they do, or was a nice guy or gal. Human beings on the other hand have a higher level of intelligence. We have emotional connections, reason and abstract thought but despite that it is arguable that the lion is still more intelligent than we are simply because it adheres to a more consistent pattern of logic than we even come close to.

Bear with me for just a moment. Human beings form opinions in our perceptions of reality and in doing so, I believe we show a fatal flaw in the workings of our brains. You see, we form these opinions often based off of meaningless, pointless and totally worthless facts and if that is true then how are we not smart enough to not do that? There are people who either like or dislike, and treat or mistreat, other people based on trivial things such as a person being black, or fat, or ugly, or short, or tall, or bald, or having blonde hair, or red hair. We treat people a certain way based off of what others do in their own homes that have no effect on us. Does a person being homosexual really affect anyone but those people who choose to involve themselves in the lifestyle?Do two homosexuals getting married have any effect on my marriage? Of course not, but we as a nation having been wasting tax dollars fighting over this point for years.

You see, by continuing to destroy all other life forms around us through our actions and lifestyles, especially when those lifestyles are often based in want as opposed to need, human beings are rapidly proving themselves to be a destructive and horrific race of creatures. Who cares if you are smart enough to invent a gun if you shoot yourself in the head with it moments later? Does that define intelligence? The way I see things, it actually supports the exact opposite of intelligence.

Now, I will continue to try to find some reason for the way we are but I have to admit I am somewhat discouraged the more I study us. Everything valued by the vast majority of us has pretty much no meaning, plain and simple. Flashy cars, video games, celebrities, television, name brand clothes, expensive jewelry, professional sports, all of these truly have no meaning in life. When a person lives their life then passes on, what good was the price of their car, the number of diamonds in their jewelry, when they are dead and gone? None, in my opinion.I came out of a restaurant with my wife the other day and there was an elderly woman waiting for a friend to pick her up at the door of the establishment she just left. As she reached for the car door, she tripped and fell. A man walking by jumped to her aid, to help her up and make sure she was ok and when I remember that man, I will remember what he did for another human being,and whether he was wearing a five hundred-dollar suit or a jacket he got from Goodwill will be completely irrelevant.

Now maybe after reading this you will think “what has this guy(me) done with his life?” Well, probably not a whole lot more than you have but to me, that is the point. I do not own a car, have a bank account, or own enough items to fit much more than a garbage bag and you know what? I couldn’t be happier. I need only love to be happy and even though I will not demonize an individual for having this or that, I wonder how many people will lie on their deathbed one day, surrounded by their items, and wish they had spent more time cultivating their relationships instead of their toys.


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