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Ya, We Have A Clue…..

Space has a calming influence on me. Maybe it is because it so so vast, so endless, that it is beyond comprehension to most people. Most folks out there think they do but they have limited its true greatness in their minds as many humans do. You see, we tend to believe we have a much better idea of what is going in reality than we actually do. I mean heck, for all that we think we know about the universe outside of our planet, there are still parts of the ocean on this planet that we cannot even reach, for all our “advanced” technology. So with that being considered, let me provide you with a glimpse of our universe that I will hope will surprise you and give you a better perspective of something so wondrous that it will likely never be equaled by anything we perceive.

The above video is an amazing demonstration of how truly huge the universe is. To be honest, huge is a massive understatement. The limitations of the human brain make it nearly impossible to truly grasp something so large and never-ending. As said in the video, for all the stars you see each night, the one star closest to our Sun is 5 light years away, meaning that to get there you must travel at a speed of 186,000 miles per second for 5 years just to get there. Think about that for a second. For a perspective, 186,000 miles per second means you are moving at a speed fast enough to orbit the entire planet 7.5 times in the time it takes you to snap you fingers.Now, moving fast enough to orbit the Earth 7.5 times in one second, you must travel at that speed for 5 and a half years to reach the one closest star!! Unbelievable.

The next picture gives you but a small cross-section of how many stars there truly are in the universe. We all look up at the Sun everyday and think it is quite impressive, but as stars go, it isn’t actually all that big. In fact, the largest star known to us so far is VY Canis Majoris, a star so large that you could fit 9.2 million of our Suns inside of it. Think about that.9.2 million suns….wow.

Adding to the glorious aspect of space is the fact that virtually all of it is made of a substance we call “dark matter”. Now us having a name for it is quite trivial because we actually just assume it is there. We can not see it, detect it, measure it, or even prove it is there so we have given it a name under nothing but a theory. So like 90% or more of space is made of something we can only theorize about because we are so limited in our understanding of it.

These are just a few points and I’m sure you can find countless more on your own, I just wanted to give you a true reference of how small and insignificant our planet truly is, much less any of us “enlightened” people.


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