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Fox News-Complete Lies And Total Bias(MSNBC Will Get It InThe Next Post!)

Lying has become all the rage in today’s United States. We teach our children that lying is wrong but as we age into adulthood we quickly learn that it is pretty much all people do in advertising, politics and the media. I thought I would take a minute to present a few examples of what I mean. To show that I am not bias to either political side, I will be writing two of these. One to show how Fox News is a bunch of freaking liars and anyone would be a real dope to believe they are getting accurate information from them. The second will show the exact same thing from MSNBC. The reason I have posted numerous videos is so that none of the brainless sheep who follow Fox can say I’m taking their behavior out of context. There are literally dozens of these out there.

Though the other news sources are hardly much better, Fox News is open and completely unapologetic about being 100% the opposite of their “fair and balanced” logo. The fact that they are willing to openly be everything that is the opposite of “fair and balanced” and not even try to look like they are is as shocking as the fact that people actually still watch them. A few examples; Bill O’Reilly who hosts his own show on the channel, lies on a regular basis. He misrepresents the position of his opponents, doesn’t allow anyone of an opposite view any equal speaking time and makes ridiculous excuses in order to make sure the agenda he wants appears to be the right one. He runs polls on his website that, when won by the people he prefers, are considered valid and when won by the people his is clearly against, then the poll is “broken”, somehow unfair and for “entertainment” purposes only. He is joined in his fabrication of propaganda effort by clowns such as Sean Hannity(LIAR), Sarah Palin(IDIOT) and countless other slaves, yes slaves, because that is exactly what they are. Bought and paid for, they have no opinion of their own, only an agenda their masters lay out. Look at a few examples below.

Glenn Beck-Right wing fear-monger, doing all he can to incite hate, separation and fear among people that they will be slaughtered?? What??

Sean Hannity boldfaced lie, never corrected by him.

Michelle Bachman being an idiot,Hannity only admits to it after Jon Stewart makes him look like an idiot…how is that an honest mistake?? Those are two separate rallies, which were two months apart, so how do they “accidentally” get merged into one misleading video?? WOW

hahahaah…ya he never said that….this may be the best one…

Bill enters this segment saying that he has bad news and that a poll on his own website must be skewed because too many Ron Paul and Herman Cain voters, voted in it so their names had to be removed so that Romney and Gingrich would win. How is a poll “skewed” by too many people voting for one of the options? Do we disqualify election candidates if too many people vote for them? Why not isn’t that skewing the poll?? WHAT A JACKASS……I proudly say F@*% YOU Bill!!!





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