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Wars Are No Longer Just….

I had a thought today I wanted to share about the whole Iran situation. I know I have commented on things over there a few times before but the more I look at the whole scenario, the more pointless it seems to me. Consider the following, first off, Iran is all over the news because they came out and revealed the progress they have made on their nuclear plant. That would be their first nuclear plant. The United States has 104 commercial units operating at 64 different sites. There are also 34 units operating at various universities as well and this doesn’t count any “unreported or secret” units that the Department of Justice or any other agency operates, and trust me there are a few of those out there. Gee, why would another country be mad because we tell them they can’t have something that we have 140+ of??

I’ll get back to that in a second. I wanted to make a point how truly far these countries are behind us in order to make a point that this is exactly the reason why they feel so threatened by us. Think about it, Iran is so excited by the progress they are making on their nuclear plant that they have their president loading fuel rods into a reactor?? Really?? Can you imagine seeing Obama, Bush or Clinton actually handling nuclear fuel rods?? This example gives me a perspective on why these countries feel so threatened by us. I mean, everything they are trying to accomplish even once to advance their country, things we have been accomplishing for decades, have to be approved and inspected by us? Why? Who gave us the right to run other countries governments?

Now don’t give me that “they are dangerous” bullshit. Iran has attacked no one. Don’t give me the “their people aren’t free” bullshit either because they are no less free than China’s people are and we aren’t doing anything about their nuclear programs. To me, the more I look at the nuclear debate with Iran, the more I think it is purely based on racism and bigotry against both their culture(Arabic) and their religion(Islam). When you look at it that way, and I do not have any way to just “put it”, that’s the way it is, then the United States is moving dangerously close to the internationally fascist attitude that the Nazi’s had.

Im sure that last statement will get a few people angry at me but I truly do not care. Before you attack me, just for one second, try to free your mind and take an overview of this situation. Iran, whether you agree or disagree with their culture and style of government, is one of hundreds of countries that do not live the same way we do. Admittedly, we live at a higher level than the majority of them but that does not give us the right to conquer them and take away their right to religion or whatever way they have chosen to live.

Our disagreements with these countries that we interfere with are religious in nature, and aren’t we supposed to have a separation of church and state? Do you really think for a second that if Iran was a Christian country trying to build nuclear plants and weapons, that we would have any problem with it? Of course not, if we did we would have already confronted countries like North Korea and even Israel, who happens to be a non-declared nuclear power.

The bottom line is this, if you support military action against Iran, then you should be able to look at your children and tell them America owns other countries. With a straight face, you should be able to look your daughter in the eye and say that you are ok with the murder(war or not that is what it is) of innocent civilians, innocent women and children, in order to force another sovereign nation to do what we say they must do, without any authorization from anyone but ourselves.

Some will attack me for my above statements. If you do, know that I can sleep at night with a clear conscience over the international murder of innocents by this country. If you can sleep anyway, that speaks volumes about what type of person you truly are.


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