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Freedom Of Speech Needs To Be Reconsidered

Right now, in humanity, freedom trumps morality. I am not talking about morality based off of any belief system but instead the areas of morality that are universal. It is wrong to steal, no matter what your belief system is. It is wrong to murder, no matter what belief system. It is wrong to lie, to hurt others, to oppress others, to discriminate against others and no matter what your belief system is, if it endorses any of those things being right, then IT IS WRONG. If you endorse any of these ideas, I do not care what you think, YOU ARE WRONG.

The reason I have stated the previous facts, and they are facts, is that human beings lust for freedom has taken us in a dangerous and illogical direction. It has put us in a place where we allow things to infect our environment that are wrong just because of our need to allow people to have the freedom to do so. How much sense does that make? Should not the goal of our society be one that achieves the best life for all of us? If your answer is no then you are an idiot and I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you. Nothing about my previous statement says that we must be socialists or that the hard-working must support the lazy, instead what I am saying is that there should not be things allowed that are universally agreed to be wrong in our society. We have already understood this point in the case of murder, no matter what, it is not allowed, but why do we draw the line at physical things? For example, if I walk up to a random African-American in public, look him right in the eye and call him a nigger, and he in turn punches me in the face, why should he be the one arrested? Why should he be the one who has committed a crime? Should we not be holding ourselves to a higher standard in our advancement as a race?

I just can never fathom why we, as a race, choose to allow freedom of speech to the point that it damages society as a whole, it just does not make sense. Another example of this is the Westboro Baptist Church. These people are the hate mongers who protest outside the funerals of noble soldiers with signs saying “thank God for dead soldiers”. Them being allowed this freedom does nothing but hurt other citizens, just because it is emotional as opposed to physical does not matter. You may think I am insane, but if one of these soldiers family members walked up to these lowlifes and shot one of them outside a funeral, if I was on the jury I would refuse to find that person guilty. Them shooting someone who willingly attempted to emotionally harm them was self-defense in my mind because the protestor actively tried to harm that person. Them being allowed their freedom of speech does nothing but harm the country.

I am certain few people will read this and think I’m a fascist, a communist or any number of other things but there is one thing I am not and that is someone who will fight for people’s right to hurt each other. It is illogical and damaging to us all in the end, and whether the damage done is emotional or physical, it doesn’t change the fact that there are some rights and wrongs that cannot be justified.I am not saying people should lose their freedom of speech, I’m saying it is long past time that humanity realized that some of the views we have been attached to for so long need to be reevaluated to more reasonably fit our advancement as a race.


2 responses

  1. I do not think you’re a fascist or a communist.

    I do think your intentions are noble.

    I think you are misguided and not realizing the dangerous situation you would invoke. Because it will not be the “universal morality” that is the judge. It is those with the power and the numbers to enforce their will upon others unless barred by that freedom you say need to be rethought.

    Because the ones you speak against are the ones most willing to do what it takes to silence others if given a chance.

    I think that it is easy for you to say “We need to silence these horrible people.”

    I think it’s a lot harder for you to admit that you probably are on the list of people who would be silenced.

    February 18, 2012 at 12:00 am

    • Well written friend and you are probably right. I am realistic in the sense that I know I am a dreamer but I wonder if I will ever see us act as advanced as we think we are. I will say that if my dream came to fruition though, it would be the morally right who silenced those who hurt us all. Not the religious morals but instead those that are universal, a.k.a. harming others etc. but I think you make very valid points in you comment. Thank you for taking the time to read.

      February 18, 2012 at 12:16 am

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