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Make The Penalty Fit The Crime

Sometimes extreme solutions are needed to solve extreme problems. In this era of political correctness and every action imaginable being fair game for lawsuits, people love to act as if we are so civilized but when you look at the facts of the world, humans are really the same savages we have always been, the only difference is now we have technology to be savage with. We still kill each other is disputes between countries, still have some countries living in a state of chaos, still have people willing to kill each other over belief, over race. With all that in mind, I want to present a few ideas that put both our political correctness and our need to appear “civilized” aside and deal with issues in a way that might actually get people to change their behavior. I know they’ll sound brutal but when you have problems like the ones I present, that have plagued us for decades with little change, it is time to start making accountability a more seriously respected issue. I’d love to hear what some of my readers think.

1.Public Executions– For years we have seen people commit horrible crimes, be sentenced to death, and then sit on death row for a decade before their sentence is even carried out. When it is, it usually is no more than another news story to all but the dozen people or so who actually witness the criminal receive a punishment meant to send a message and act as a deterrent to everyone. I believe if these executions were to have the layer of political correctness removed and be carried out as they were many years ago, it would send a much stronger message to potential criminals in the future. Since attending such a thing would be completely voluntary, the only people who could really complain are the people who complain about the death penalty now, so there wouldn’t be much change there. On the other side though, if a man who raped and killed a woman, or someone who murdered a child, was hung in a public square for all to see, I do believe that it would send a powerful message to anyone considering such an act in the future. In the current system, these people know that, even if convicted, they will still spend the rest of their life with a place to sleep and three meals a day, free medical and dental care, and many years of living before their sentence is even carried out, if it even is before they die naturally. While that probably isn’t something these people want to do, if they had to consider that if caught they would spend only months in jail before having their necks snapped like a twig to the cheers of those demanding justice, I would like to think a few more of them would think a little longer knowing such a harsh punishment could be in their future.

Rape a woman? Murder a child? Get What You Deserve!!

2.Political Corruption/Treason– I feel very strongly on this issue. While I believe that we should all be treated equally, this is one situation where I think the treatment should vary. When holding a position in the government, whether it is a governor, a senator or a mayor, you have been given a position that not only compensates you very well, but also expects you to work for positive change for a large amount of people. When a person takes this kind of position, they take with it a large amount of responsibility, and in my opinion, voluntary breaking of the law while in this position is far worse than if some random individual committed the same crime. When a politician steals tax dollars, or makes money off of illegal actions, they are affecting literally thousands of people and betraying the trust of an entire voter populous. On top of that, they commit these crimes knowingly, it is impossible to “accidentally” steal from the people. With all this in mind, I believe that politicians who commit these types of crimes should be charged with treason and sentenced to life in prison. It may seem harsh but only by making it such a severe penalty for ripping off the public can we ensure that it stops happening. If you are a member of congress, and you steal tax dollars, then you have stolen from every one of your constituents and should be charged as such. There is no argument against this. You can’t accidentally slip on some water and embezzle money and when these guys commit these crimes, they hurt the whole country. We need to demand, as a populous, a higher level of ethical behavior so that we ensure only true leaders, men and women of honor, are the ones running this country.

Destruction of our Government Is Treason.Treat it as such...

3.Rape=Castration–Plain and simple, if you are convicted of forcible rape of a woman, in my opinion, you should be castrated. Both testicles removed for good. If you think it’s unfair then guess what?? Quit raping women!! From some of the interviews I’ve read, I get the impression that being raped is almost worst than being killed, because you have to live with the horrible memory of it. Again, you can’t slip and accidentally rape someone and any man who chooses to voluntarily commit this horrific crime should permanently lose part of his manhood. Additionally he should be happy we don’t chop off his johnson as well. I guarantee if this was the penalty for a rape conviction, you would see the number of them go down.


Shoulda thought twice huh?


Now those are just a few ideas and I am certain there are other areas we could adjust as well but I hope those three examples give the reader an idea of the direction I am talking about. I cannot see any scenario where these changes would do anything but benefit society, but that is just my opinion. Thanks as usual for reading!!



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