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The Imperceptable Nebulosity

Brilliance. Pure brilliance really, it may be the most ingenious and original yet simple masquerade ever perpetrated by any group of human beings. It is so amazing in its effect and creation that the true creators of it, and what their hopes for it were in the long-term are, arguably undetectable. I am, of course, speaking of the system of control that is currently in place that has literally enslaved the entire human race using shackles that cannot be seen and authority that is unknown yet fully effective. The process begins at birth really, with each of us being “registered” into the system by our assignment of a social security number. At this moment, we are “tagged” in a sense, forever connected to an identification number that will track each and every public movement we participate in for the rest of our lives. We are also registered by our finger prints and footprints, blood type and countless other medically unique facts about each of us. It all seems like common procedure but in truth this is the beginning of the tightening of the invisible shackles before you as a person are able to even begin to conceive your own existence.

The story continues as we grow. The more we are able to understand and ingest mentally as we grow, the more bombardment our brains receive from a society completely designed to program us much as an operating system is programmed onto a home computer. You eventually start school and as you do you begin your first few years being taught to conform, to follow rules that you are not yet old enough to question. Standing in line, praising the flag, these are just a few of the methods that begin to mold you into a drone of sorts, growing towards filling your required role in our society. As a youngster, you naturally are drawn towards the toys and activities that are constantly flashed across the screen during your favorite TV shows because the message they teach is one of materialism. Be “cool” like your friends and buy this or that, it is basically a way of ingraining a thought process into your young mind that your “worth” or “status” in society is directly related to having “things” and if you do not then you are “different” or even unacceptable. For those looking to mold your thoughts, it is really a simple barrier for them to implant in you. All little kids want to be accepted and want to feel like they are part of the group, so to speak, and these items marketed to them imply that you will be as long as you have the latest toy……and so materialism is born into your psyche.

The next phase of the process is much like the last one, just a little more in-depth. The toys that they use to placate your mind and gain you status amongst your young peers have started to lose their effectiveness but predictably, there is another wave coming at you. Reaching high school, status becomes a constant influence on us all. The clothing we wear, the music we listen to, these all continue the programming by again putting adolescents in a cloud of pressure to be accepted. They are taught the tools needed to go out and begin to become productive consumers and are also made to believe that anything less than that makes them “unusual” or “different”. Free thinking is rarely broached and true philosophical study is rare at the high school level, presumably because free thinking at such a young age would make the mental enslavement far more difficult to achieve. The thirst for acceptance at this stage has reached dangerous levels, which can be easily seen when looking at the increasing issues we are seeing in our schools as far as bullying goes. It has become a national issue in today’s world but it has always existed, I think it just gets more exposure because of the increased reach of the media, be it social or otherwise.

By the time most people have finished high school, they are pretty much completely immersed in the system. As adults, all their interactions can now be monitored, whether it be their email, their cell phone conversations or pretty much any technology they use. Most of these people have long since passed the time when they were able to go a single day without their phones and with the internal global positioning system embedded in virtually every cell phone on the planet now makes them no different from an easily monitored program running in a giant computer. Now at this point, people believe they make choices to go off into different directions but in the end they are all the same, driven by money, by possessions, distracted by lust and nationalistic pride and all the while, the most powerful and amazing aspect of the entire plan rears it’s head. The illusion of choice. We think we have a choice in our leaders, in our soda, in our fast food but in almost every case you instead are given access to a controlled and deliberate duality that really offers no choice at all. Burger King or McDonalds, Coke or Pepsi, Republican or Democrat, regardless of what choice you make that gives you a feeling of empowerment, in the end all you’re getting is burgers, soda, and people who gain wealth and power at the expense of your liberty. You never had a chance so don’t feel too bad…..


The Future Of The United States, Europe, And The Rest of The World.

I have a vision of the future of the human race. This vision isn’t what I want the human race to be, instead it is what I think it will be. Now I am far from being Nostradamus, but I am going to base these predictions on current trends that have existed for a while now and give you a scary glimpse into what we have in store for ourselves. I do believe that barring a major change in the thinking of man, many of these predictions are far from a stretch.

  • Based on current trends, the human population on this planet will reach a number in excess of 9 billion people by the year 2050. Considering that we have the hunger and water shortage problems we do currently with a world population just a little bit over 7 billion now in 2012, it can only be assumed that without major advances in related technology or a major change in human behavior, that the issues we have now will be significantly worse. It is reasonable to think that this will lead to far more people starving, far more military conflicts over rapidly disappearing resources, and far more pollution than we currently have. On top of that, it is likely that disease will have a far easier time spreading due to the massive overpopulation and likelihood that along with the increase in population will come a large increase in the number of people living in poverty worldwide. This greatly increases the odds of a worldwide pandemic that could rival the black plague in the number of deaths caused by it. Yes, more stable countries will have an easier time stopping the spread of whatever disease crops up, but the much larger number of people living in poverty will be a breeding ground for dangerous plagues.


  • The following animals are considered endangered and if there is no more value attached to the continuation of these species existence, it is quite possible that human beings may erase the following creatures from existence for the rest of time. Unbelievably sad to consider, people just don’t realize that once extinct we won’t be able to get them back, check out this list and remember that these animals extinction is pretty much completely caused by human existence. The African Elephant, The Asian Elephant,The Right Whale, the Blue Whale, The Fin Whale, the Golden Lion Tamarin, the Hybrid Spider Monkey, the Aye-Aye(a type of primate), the Gorilla, the Red Wolf, the Amur Leopard, the Anatolian Leopard, the Asiatic Cheetah, the Florida Cougar, the Iberian Lynx, the Snow Leopard, the Texas Ocelot, the Tiger, the Marine Otter, the Giant Panda, the Lesser Panda, the Cuvier’s Gazelle, the Western Giant Eland, the Wild Bactrian Camel, the Manipur Brow-Antlered Deer, the Black Rhinoceros, the Broom Pygmy-Possum, the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, the Short-tailed Chinchilla, the Giant Armadillo, the Crested Shelduck, the White Winged Duck, the Marquesan Kingfisher, the Rufous-lored Kingfisher, the California Condor, the Mauritius Kestrel, the Hawaiian Crow, the Cochabamba Mountain-Finch, the Gouldian Finch, Blue-bellied Parrot, the Whooping Crane, the Siberian Sturgeon, the Alabama Sturgeon, the Chinese Paddlefish, the Alabama Shad, the Great White Shark, the Silver Shark, the Clanwilliam Redfin,  and the Wild Common Carp. Many of these animals total population is less than 3,000 worldwide and some have fewer than 500 left. Fucking sickening.


  • It is likely that, with the increasing population in many countries that this will lead to more military conflicts. 40 years from now, when China has a few more hundred million people, do you think it is more likely that they will allow their people to starve or that they will militarily want to expand their borders in order to have access to more resources? On top of that, countries that have a more militant style of governing their people, such a North Korea, will be even more likely to find themselves in military conflict as their increasing populations and the poverty that goes along with it make it more difficult to control the populous. When these types of countries see this start to happen, their power-hungry leaders will do almost anything to maintain their control and in many cases, that will involve military action that will result in them being in control of more resources to appease their poor populations.


  • In the year 2050, it is highly likely that our constant toxification of the environment will lead to more and more diseases becoming active and prevalent in the world. Most countries water supplies are constantly recycled again and again and again and as they are, they pick up more and more of the chemicals we involve in our lives everyday. Even in today’s world, our water supply contains a literal laundry list of chemicals, both industrial and pharmaceutical, and the more times we recycle this very water through our bodies and our water system, the more likelihood that remnants of these chemicals will remain. As time passes and different combinations of these chemicals wind up combining over and over again in millions of different combinations in millions of people’s bodies over and over and over again, the more likely that we will see both new and mutated versions of the bacteria and virus population of the planet that affect us negatively.


  • Weird science. As time goes by, it seems our scientific goals become more and more bizarre. From cloning, to invisibility, to mind control, the science being done behind the scenes by our governments is becoming bizarre and in many cases dangerous. Much like the nuclear bomb, which releases a massive amount of energy from relatively small amounts of physical matter, as we continue to experiment with things we do not fully understand the likelihood that we will one day see a result we do not want or that is very dangerous becomes more likely. Factor in the additional population of the future with the possibility of widespread plague or destruction caused by science gone awry and you have a recipe for disaster.


A Ride In My Spaceship…

You might find this hard to believe but I actually own a spaceship. Yep, you heard me correctly and never you mind where I got it, that’s a whole different story. Anyway, the other night I was bored watching television and decided to go for a spin. As I hurdled through space at the speed of light I saw a planet that looked kinda cool so I thought I’d hover in the atmosphere and take a look. Below there were many life forms but I noticed one seemed to be the dominant one on the planet, covering virtually every square inch of the planet with their structures, their vehicles and just their presence in general. It was a little sad though, I noticed that in some of the less populated parts of the planet there were beautiful trees, rivers and other forms of plant life. Most of the vegetation was beautiful to look at but I also found it a little sad as it seemed the life forms there had pretty much overrun it planet wide. I was also only able to get a partial look because as I floated in the atmosphere and the planet rotated below me I realized there were very few places where I could see through the smog and pollution coming from these lifeforms buildings and vehicles. As the clearing I was looking through rotated away from me, I was a little taken aback as suddenly I saw two large groups of these lifeforms seemingly having a large battle, vehicles flying through the air, thousands of them mashing together in a collision that seemed to produce little more than leaving thousands of their corpses scattered across the landscape. I wondered what they were fighting about and how so many creatures of the exact same race could be so easily influenced to just kill each other….I wonder if they tried talking things over or if they just instantly resorted to violence. I had enough of the carnage so I lowered myself down below the smog to try to take a closer look at the rest of their society and again, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Outside of all the beauty I had seen, and those areas were few and far between, it seemed as if they were like robots of a sort. They scurried about, carrying various products from place to place, and it seemed if very few of them ever took the time to enjoy the beauty they were destroying. I also noticed another oddity that caught my eye. It seemed as if the beings on one side of the planet had massive buildings, areas of recreation, highways and other major developments but the people on the other side were living outside, as if they were less valuable or less capable than some of their brethren. I wondered aloud to myself why those that seemed so much more advanced just went about their business while their fellow beings seemed to be starving half a world away. I also noticed large banners flown over various areas, almost declaring themselves as different from the others and I also noticed these same banners on the vehicles involved in the earlier battles I saw. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me, they all seemed so much alike I didn’t understand their reasoning for segregating themselves from each other.

As the planet continued to rotate below me I suddenly saw a large flash, which I realized was an explosion after a second, and the shock-wave from it destroyed hundreds of miles of territory. I didn’t understand what had caused such destruction and if it was made by these beings, why they would even invent something like that in the first place. Either way, I decided it was time to go. These beings were interesting to look at but more than anything, I found them to be violent, self destructive, wasteful, hateful and generally ass backwards…..I was glad I didn’t live there…

Why Ron Paul Should Drop Out

First off, all you Ron Paul supporters relax and actually read this post before you go all Hiroshima on me. I am not saying that Ron Paul doesn’t have the right to be in the race or to try to further his political platform but he is contradicting his own message by remaining in the GOP race. More than any other candidate, Paul extols the virtues of reworking the system and also how the current system is ripe with corruption. I don’t think any of his supporters would argue that, but here’s the thing. If the system, and the Democrats and Republicans, are so corrupt and misled, then what does it say about Paul that he is seeking one of their nominations? In my view, it severely hurts his credibility because, in a sense, he is only trying to be a unique Republican in the view of the people and that right there is not a good thing. Even if he is trying to be a different version of the current Republicans in office, he is still aligning himself with the very people and the very system that he is constantly preaching against. It makes no sense. It’s like saying vampires are bad but you want to become one so you can suck blood in a better way!!

In my opinion, if Paul truly believes in changing the system then, logically speaking, he should be running as an independent because running in alignment with any of the current parties means that he is at least partly in line with that party’s representatives and that just cannot be looked at as a good thing, even by his most feverish supporters. Also, for anyone that says that him running as an independent is a waste of time has no ground to stand on, because if you are saying that then you are basically saying that the Republicans and Democrats are cannot be defeated and if that is your view, then why would you even be supporting a man who wants to “change” things in the first place?

The more I look at Paul’s candidacy, the more I lose respect for him. Not because I necessarily disagree with his views but more because the longer he stay in this race, the more it appears he values the nomination of a party ripe with corruption. On top of that, the more I look at him the more I realize that he has been part of that very party for over two decades, and to make the argument that he is a good guy but he just had to go along with all the misguided and often corrupt actions of the Republican party just doesn’t hold any water. Now I am certain that someone out there will come at me with the excuse that “he was in the party but voted against most of the stuff they’ve done”. Well, I’m sorry but again, that just isn’t going to fly and let me tell you exactly why. Morality knows no alignment and, in my personal opinion, if you are a part of a group and you completely disagree with 90% of that groups actions, then you have a moral obligation to separate yourself from that group on principle. If you are unwilling to then you are accepting said groups actions, even if you disagree with them. If you have a friend who constantly steals cars, even if you are against their actions, if you constantly and knowingly accept rides in the stolen cars then you are accountable and Ron Paul has been riding in the Republican car for over two decades.

I also did some research on Paul’s voting record and in many cases it is a perfect example of what I am talking about. While he has voted on many issues over the years there have also been countless votes that he just abstained from. This is what I am talking about. If you think what everybody else is voting on is wrong, why not vote against it? To me, as an elected official, abstaining from voting against something you publicly criticize is somewhat cowardly and definitely not the action of a man of principle. A man of principle would vote what he believes, not abstain just because he is sure to be on the losing side of the vote and in many cases, that is exactly what Paul has done, much as Obama did many times during his time as a senator. Everything I have written here adds up to one thing and that is Ron Paul being nothing more than a rebellious member of a corrupt party. Rebellious, but still a willing member and that, again, is not the actions of a man of principle.Sorry but that is the truth.

I didn’t write this piece to attack Ron Paul. I wrote it more to expose the truth of his candidacy and that truth is as follows. For all the talk coming from the Paul campaign about wanting liberty, truth and freedom, the bottom line is that this man, just like Newt Gingrich, just like Mitt Romney, just like Rick Santorum, has lived amongst and profited along with the Republican party for years. Yes, maybe at times he has opposed their views but opposing the views of a gang of criminals while remaining in the gang makes you just as culpable as they are for the crimes they commit. A true man of principle would have left the group he so passionately rallies against years ago, that is what being principled is all about and I’m sorry but Paul’s two decade long career as a Republican makes it hard to think he is anything but, well……a Republican.


Sacrifice Convenience, Help The Economy…

I was thinking today about the economic issues in this country and had a thought pattern that I thought made a lot of sense. Take a read and let me know what you think. In today’s America, we have serious job problems. Depending on who you ask, unemployment numbers vary from as low as 8% to as high as 20% and it seems as if it is only going to get worse. I believe, though, that I have a solution if people are willing to sacrifice a little bit of convenience. I know that asking Americans to sacrifice pretty much anything can be a stretch but in this case, I believe it would be worthwhile.

It’s really all about technology. Technology, for all it’s benefits, is the silent killer in this country when it comes to job creation, growth as well as maintaining the jobs we have. The point of technology is to help us but when that help takes jobs away from human beings that need the money, what good is it?? Let’s take a look at a few area of technology that our economy might be better off without. Keep in mind that many of the jobs these areas of technology destroy are definitely not the types of jobs that a college graduate would have but they are the type that the average high school graduate would look at when they have a family to feed.

  1. Automatic Retail Cashiers– There are countless retail outlets that use these automatic checkouts. From grocery stores to department stores, these auto-tellers have popped up in virtually every kind of basic retail store out there. They are installed in the hopes of adding convenience and speed to the average consumer but in the end, how many jobs have they destroyed? In most stores, such as Wal-Mart or your average grocery store there are usually at least two of these auto-tellers. Now there are over 600 Wal-Marts in the United States and an estimated 85,000 grocery stores. There are approximately 1,700 Lowe’s home improvement stores along with 2,200 Home Depot outlets. So, for argument’s sake lets say there is an average of 3 of these auto tellers(there is usually at least 3) in each of the close to 90,000 stores I mentioned above. That’s 270,000 auto cashiers taking jobs away from humans who could be doing the same thing. If you consider that one of these auto-tellers probably takes the place of two real employees(a person can’t work 24 hours), you are looking at half a million jobs, jobs that Americans need, that have been taken away. Yes, these aren’t the highest paying jobs out there but they are the jobs that many middle class people use to get through college so they can get a better job or use to supplement the income of their spouse who may already have a degree.
  2. Assembly Line Robotics– Assembly lines have long been a staple of American manufacturing. During the 40’s and 50’s, it was these very assembly lines that were the backbone of the United States economy, providing jobs that paid well enough for a worker to support his or her family and often that could be had without a college education. In today’s world, robotic arms have replaced literally dozens of human beings in every assembly plant, regardless of what they are manufacturing. Automotive, electronics, you name it there are robots building it somewhere. There are, in today’s world, tens of thousands of companies using robots to build what they used to use humans to build and that equals out to literally tens of thousands of jobs.
  3. Automatic Car Washes-Again, this may seem like a simple or low level job but the jobs that would be there for the middle class is where we are really struggling so even though this wouldn’t be a high paying job, it would still be a job. There are approximately 117,000 gas stations in the United States and many of them have an automatic car wash. I figure that if each of those automatic washers was replaced with either one full-time employee or two-part time ones, you would wind up with 200,000 jobs, almost a quarter of a million. Again, not very high paying but jobs that college students, a spouse looking to supplement their husband or wives income or somebody just trying to earn an honest buck.
  4. Automatic Movie Dispensers-These machines have forced companies such as Blockbuster to not only cut jobs but also to close stores nationwide. Companies like Netflix and Redbox, though free to grow their business, have again shown an example of a technology designed to provide convenience for consumers taking jobs away from people. Yes, a clerk at Blockbuster doesn’t make a ton of money but it is still a job and these jobs could be enough to put a family in a better position by supplementing an income.
  5. The Internet– This one may seem a little far-fetched but bear with me. Online shopping has become huge in today’s world and the internet is the main culprit. There are literally millions of purchases made every week online and every one of these is a purchase that could have been made from an actual human being in a retail location. It is difficult to estimate how many retail jobs this has cost the country but I feel it is safe to say that the number is in the hundreds of thousands. I’m not saying completely eliminate the internet by any means but at the same time, the convenience that is provided by online shopping creates an environment where human jobs are replaced by an online program for the same purchases that were once made in stores.

In summary, I know some of these ideas may seem dumb to some people but I often wonder why people don’t look at the technology out there replacing human jobs as an area that we could manipulate to help our struggling economy. I hear these politicians claim they have the secret to job growth but even if they come up with good ideas, they will be hard pressed to compete with the advancing technology that takes away human jobs almost every day. I understand convenience but if it comes at the expense of jobs it is kind of pointless and, in my opinion, counterproductive.

An Example Of American Cowardice

Yesterday in the news I saw an example of something that really made me shake my head. You see, when people think of America in today’s world, they think of a country that always seems to be the first one to step up when countries are in strife or people are in need. There is rarely any hesitation by our government in trying to spread democracy, even if by force, when we see a country with people crying for justice. With all this being basically true, this is why I am somewhat ashamed of my country today.

Yesterday, Russia, in support of the brutal crackdown taking place in Syria, sent an anti-terror battalion from their military along with one of their warships to Syria in support of said crackdown. Russia makes billions of dollars each year selling arms to the regime that controls Syria and in addition to vetoing any action against them by the United Nations, Russia is now sending military support as well. For something so serious, you would think the United States would instantly react but there has been little more than a whimper, neither by our government or by the media sources they control. In my opinion, this is both shameful and cowardly and let me tell you why.

Whenever other countries commit acts such as what is going on in Syria, the United States never hesitates to lean on these regimes with the full weight of the United States military. Yet in this case, with a country like Russia, a country with equal military might to us  being involved, our leaders have been surprisingly quiet and in my opinion, it makes us look like cowards. We are so quick to want to show other countries governments that are taking part in actions against humanity that they better stop or else, so why when a huge country like Russia supports such action why are we suddenly silent? In my opinion, it makes us look like bullies who are afraid of anyone the same size as them. If the United States is going to hide it’s head in the sand every time Russia or China takes part in an action the rest of the world is against, then I can’t help but feel we are going to quickly lose any respect any of these countries have for our strength.

We as a nation are so quick to stick our noses in other countries business, countries such as Libya or Egypt, when there are revolutions or uprising against dictators so where are we now? Is that the true colors of the United States? Always ready to stand with the meek unless their enemy is the same size of us? I also find it equally shameful that we have seen basically no media coverage of this situation, most likely because the government controls the media and is trying to maintain it’s image of superiority even in the face of cowardice. It’s just sad. I’ll finish by simply saying this….If Iran moved troops into Iraq or any other country to support a regime in power, we couldn’t get our military there quick enough so if the United States takes no actions against Russia for doing the same thing in supporting state sponsored murder in Syria, it can be classified as nothing short of complete cowardice.

Care About You, Ignore Everyone Else

Human beings think the following things are acceptable….

  • Slaughter animals so they may look “cool” or “elegant” wearing their skin or teeth for fashion and style.


  • Treat other humans differently because of the color of their skin.


  • Kill each other to decide which country is right on a certain topic.


  • Kill each other over belief in all powerful beings that there is absolutely no proof of.
  • Worship of people based off their ability to portray fictional stories.


  • Treat other humans differently or more often, badly, based off of their sexual preference.


  • Having the right to verbally cause pain and suffering to others as a “God given right”.


  • Having the right to end the life of an unborn child just because they don’t feel like raising it.


  • Having leaders that show no fear, and pay no penalty for blatantly and proven instances of lying to the public.

Now most of this might seem obvious but it is shocking to me to see how many “obvious” examples of idiocy we accept every day. To be honest, I’m running out of both breath and motivation to continue to point out what should be obvious to any decent person……if there’s any left….


They Watch You. You Are Their Pet

If you have ever read the book “1984” by George Orwell, then you have had a chance to be somewhat disturbed by the constantly monitored world he presents in the novel. Well wake the fuck up people, you’re living in that world right now! Think about it for a second…..every email you write is monitored by the federal government through one agency or another and if you think I am wrong then I dare you to jokingly write an email to a friend and mention you are going to commit acts of terror, even if you aren’t….I’m betting that even if you disagree with me you won’t have the nuts to do it out of fear. There are cameras everywhere….at bus stations, at malls, at pretty much ever public place you can imagine and they are just getting started, wait another ten years and today’s monitoring will seem like a dream compared to the future reality. Cellular phones? Monitored constantly and in addition to that, most cell phones have GPS devices embedded in them at the time of production, allowing people you don’t know to know where you are, who you’re calling and where you are going in real-time. If you have ever been in the military, then the United States government has your DNA on file, kept without your permission or knowledge, using it as they see fit for God knows what purpose.

It goes on and on. There are government labs doing experimentation on both humans and animals that are usually reserved only for science fiction, and that’s only counting the information that has been released or leaked over the years. What is being done at the most secretive of these labs, such as Area 51, can only be imagined and not in a good way. There are satellites circling the planet that can literally locate and watch you at any given time, looking at you as closely as if they were 20 feet over your head as opposed to 5 miles. Reason after reason after reason, a person could go on for days.

It’s very scary to consider all this. It’s even scarier to realize that for some reason, society seems to accept measure of control after measure of control. We, as a country, have become so weak-minded that all our leadership needs to do is imply that without constant control we are all doomed and we seem willing to give up privacy after privacy when it comes to our personal lives.

There is no happy point to make in contrast because it is not getting better, it is getting rapidly worse. Before too long you can guarantee you will see retinal scanners and other ways of knowing exactly where every person is at every time and the days when you had the freedom to have privacy will have disappeared. You’ve been warned, act accordingly.

Modernize The Constitution

Recently, due mainly to the excessive nationalism that permeates this country, there has been a lot of talk about the United States and it’s Constitution and how the country needs to go back to it. Let me clue you in on something. It is time for the United States to rewrite the Constitution. Now that may seem shocking but before you jump all over me, give me a fair shot to explain why I feel this way.

Our Constitution was written over 200 years ago. That should be the first red flag when considering this topic. The world has changed so much over that time that I believe it is fair to say that some aspects of this document have become outdated. Think about it, what aspect of society still operates in an even remotely similar way to the way it ran 200 years ago? Not in the sense that the values and ideas presented aren’t good in principle, but more in the sense that the legal foundation of our society needs to be reflective of the current world, country, and most importantly, the thinking of modern-day people that is so different from that of our forefathers. For example, the right to bear arms. Now I am not even trying to remotely imply that each and every citizen shouldn’t have the right to own a firearm, but at the same time, 200 years ago the firearms they were speaking of were not even close to as powerful and damaging as back then as our modern-day guns are. A person walking around in public with a gun 200 years ago was carrying a weapon that might fire 5 rounds per minute, that’s it, and that was only if you had the most cutting edge weapons of that time. So for example, when Seung-Hui Cho went on the shooting rampage at Virgina Tech in which he killed 32 people, he was able to get off 203 rounds in the time before he took his own life. Looking back, if he had a weapon that fired 5 rounds a minute, it would have been much easier for someone there to have stopped him and the chances of him killing as many people as he did would be greatly decreased, but modern-day guns are literally weapons of mass destruction when put in the hands of the wrong people. Again, I am not saying gun rights should be revoked or anything but it is clearly time to have the base law concerning them be relative to the power of modern-day weapons. I’m not sure that our forefathers, when writing about your right to bear arms, never imagined that we would have handheld guns capable of firing off dozens and dozens of rounds in less than a minute.

Speaking of our forefathers, the people they were is the biggest factor in my belief that we need to rewrite the Constitution. Think about this; the people who wrote the Constitution were slave owners. People who believed it was ok for them to enslave, physically abuse and buy and sell OTHER HUMAN BEINGS! What kind of person would ever believe that? Personally, when I look back at them I am ashamed that people who were clearly immoral, horrible people are the ones who authored a document we now look at with such pride and base so many of our decisions off of. Do you own research and enlighten yourself but if you do you will find that our forefathers were really no different from the white, rich people who are currently the elitists working behind the scenes to make most of us nothing more than money producing drones. Their motivation in the growth of this country was no different from the modern-day leaders, and that is to gain more money, more power, and more control over other human beings while forcing their beliefs upon them.

I could go on and on but I’ll leave you to dare to research these people, these forefathers, who authored the Constitution.If you truly care about the country, as most people claim they do, then you will accept what is fact and what is merely propaganda. If you are willing to do this you will see that the real story of who these people were instead of the bullshit fairytale they teach us as children. These men were elitist, racist , slave owners who were the original versions of the people we are all rallying against this very day.

Writer’s Block

Hey gang. I just wanted to write a quick post and apologize to the few people that read my blogs on a regular basis. It’s been awhile since I have posted anything worthwhile and to be honest, It’s been the worst case of writer’s block I’ve ever had. I’m coming out of it though and have some interesting thoughts Ill be starting to share again, but I just wanted to say sorry, because even though I only have followers, I value each of them reading me…cya guys and gals!!