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I’m Back And Bitching

After a short hiatus, I wanted to come back with a post that truly reflected the thinking I have been doing lately concerning not only our country but the world. I spend many hours each day just pondering these topics as I go about my day and though I do consider myself at least somewhat intelligent, I am a little disappointed in myself for taking so long to come up with the realization I’ll be speaking about today, that being human nature.

You see, I often spend time writing these blogs in an effort to get people to look past the unbelievably high amount of opinion and propaganda they are bombarded with each day in an effort to open a few eyes to the seriousness of the problems facing both us and our children. I have come to a sad realization though, concerning this topic, that being that it no longer matters what we do, humanity is doomed to suffer, plain and simple, until something significant forces us to act otherwise.

If you find that belief depressing, or defeatist, or all I can say to you is that I’m sorry you haven’t learned how to open your eyes to the truth yet. Wake up for God’s sakes and look at the facts of the country you live in and the world we all share. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is getting worse, more corrupted and morally skewed as the days go by. I dare anyone to show me any aspect of society that isn’t either getting worse, completely corrupted in a moral sense as well as a legal one, or that has become so divisive that the very discussion of it always generates more hate than it does any type of solution.

Religion is a topic debated to the point that wars are fought over it, regardless of the fact that NO religion is proven to be true. Healthcare has become a huge issue here, with some people believing it is a right while others refusing to burden even a penny’s worth of cost for someone else who needs care. Gay rights are supported by some and hated by others. The political spectrum has become so negative, misleading, and dishonest that even those out there lying are getting angry when their opponent “outlies” them.

The following issues are, at best, in complete turmoil…….Economics, abortion, gay rights, healthcare, energy costs, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, racism, sexism, civil liberties, accountability from politicians, personal responsibility from citizens, immigration laws, treatment of the millions of illegal immigrants here already, world hunger, world war, world disease, slave labor, pedophilia from priests, schools lagging behind, school shootings, sex addiction to the point where porn sites dwarf most others in their amount of visitors, drug wars that aren’t working, a pharmaceutical RX addicted country, massive national debt, constant defense spending as if we are at war with everyone, governments around the world that support terrorism, that support dictatorships, the oppress women, that enslave children, it goes on and on and on. Want some more? Just look at the intolerance each group shows towards the opposing view, how nationalism will make people believe their life is more valuable and precious because of the country they were born in, how we live on a planet made almost entirely of water yet almost a billion people drink water with dirt in it each day. The leaders of the countries of the world do nothing but argue with each other, scheme, plot, manipulate and deceive each other. Our media sources are not only bias, they are factually proven to be liars and this point has been proven time after time after time after time yet their viewers are so mentally weak that they will truly believe anything their source of choice says, no matter how many times their words are proven to be false.

These are all aspects of what has happened to human nature. To be honest, it is just sickening. We, as a race, are envious, prideful, greedy, hateful, lustful creatures concerned with nothing but what is immediately available to satisfy our urges. Anyone who doesn’t think so is most likely one of those people, sorry.


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